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Cameron Wrestler - Double-Crossed

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DescriptionMarko vs. Maverick vs. KARN
Total Run-Time: 20 minutes

Maverick and KARN are having a boys’ night playing poker, shooting dice and drinking some alcohol. Marko stumbles in. It appears that he has been partying, too, and he isn’t the happy-go-lucky drunk we all like to be around. To be straightforward, he is the guy at the bar that you want to punch. He’s spilling drinks and knocking over things. He needs to be put in check and who better than KARN & Maverick to do so?

Marko sets things off when he decides to throw a drink in the face of Maverick. It is an immediate dash to the ring. KARN & Maverick decide it is better to walk away, as they do not wish to cause further harm to their friend. He would just become another victim that crossed paths with the pair. Marko is belligerent. He shoves Maverick into KARN and things set off. To quote Maverick: “you fucked up.”

The pair take turns playing with the third friend. Maverick and KARN pass the piss-drunk Marko back-and-forth to each other. Although, Marko is drunk, he knows he must do something to avoid a massive hangover tomorrow. He offers the only thing he has: CASH! He gives all his money to Maverick to save his own hide.

Maverick quickly turns on his long-time partner. Tying him in the ropes dominating the tall, lean and tattooed KARN. Marko is loose cannon and Maverick is forced to do the heavy lifting, which he doesn’t mind in the slightest.

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