dirtycouchsx experimental mess

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DescriptionFull disclosure:  some one I met on the internet was experimenting with a program and these were going to be thrown away as learning curve failures.  Not wanting to see such a spectacular specimen of stupendous manhood wasted due to a few technical errors I salvaged what I could from the trash heap.  So yes, these files are rough around the edges as I imagine I might be if I stumbled on this guy in a dark alley.  One man's trash is another's re-purposed furniture find.  Chaturbater dirtycouchsx's dick is so fine he sucks it himself!

I repeat, these were headed for landfill before I diverted them due to my ability to see the larger picture, I guess.  Speaking of size the files aren't that big at all so not much of a tax on bandwidth if you're interested.  As mentioned all are experiments but generally some thing like this:

Resolution: 1152 x 720
Aspect ratio: 1.6
Format: H264
Bitrate: 516 kbps
Frames per second: 20.000
Selected codec: ffh264

With plenty of hiccups in the video like a couple of seconds of desktop or video moving out of the frame.  I wanted to see more so thought sharing is caring.
Added2016-06-25 23:53:22
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