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Replete with gang bangs, bathroom trickings, sex club prowlings, cum dumpings galore, and of course the ever-present bison cock attached to our potty-mouthed hero, Jeff Stryker's Underground is still one of Stryker's best and biggest sellers to this day.

3 Reasons To buy this film
• With his trademark shlong and potty-mouth, Jeff's the ultimate straight-trade top.
• The gay porn star of the 1990s, Jeff Stryker is in the AVN Hall of Fame and the Hustler Porn Walk of Fame.
• Wanna get fucked by Stryker? Get yourself the Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock and Balls and his humongous dick will always be ready for action.
Average User Rating: 35 Stars

TLA Rating: 3.5 Stars
Cast:  Jeff Stryker, Derek Cameron, Logan Reed, Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, J.C. Carter, Paolo Centori, Brent Cross, Eduardo, Luke Edwards, Hugh Scott, Rusty Scott, Kurt Stefano, Peter Wilder, Bret Winters, Anthony Gallo, K.C. Hart, Andrew Long

Director:  Gino Colbert, John Trennel

Producer:  Gino Colbert

Composer/Score:  Michael Ninn

Videographer:  Max Ferrari, Ryan Block

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 27 min

Year: 1998

Studio :  HIS Video


The Internet has been my go-to place for porn as far back as I can remember. When I first started jerking off, I certainly wasn’t old enough to go to the local Playtime Boutique and purchase a few VHS tapes for myself, much less did I have the cash. I did, however, have a computer with dial-up internet. Wham-o. Whack-It Central. As such, I - like many guys in my general age group - have a really difficult time picking out any clear, generation-defining porn star of the last 10, maybe 15 years (stretching). Sure, I can name a whole handful whose cocks I’d absolutely love to suck, but to pick just one as the biggest heartthrob of them all? Impossible. There was a time, however, when one man stood above them all; when one cock rose to the occasion in a more pleasing manner than all the rest. It was time before Mayor Giuliani cleaned up the good, wholesome sex clubs in New York City’s Underground (thanks again, prick). It was the time of Jeff Stryker.

“Well, I think you’ve got enough for your story, but I don’t have enough for my burning desire. I can shoot movies, I can fuck the hottest fucking men around, but I can’t stop this desire. This insatiable appetite. Oh, I like it hard.” The closing line from this gay porn classic pretty much sums it all up. Jeff Stryker likes to fuck. He just can’t get enough, and that’s the bottom line. It sounds corny, it sounds oversexed, and I expected it to be both of those things. Somehow, it was neither, and while I’ve already came twice today (it’s before noon), the film managed to keep my dick at some enjoyable state of erection throughout.

We start out in an all-star, sex club orgy featuring Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, J.C. Carter, Paolo Centroni, Brent Cross, Eduardo, Luke Edwards, Anthony Gallo, K.C. Hart, Andrew Long, Scott Lyons, Kyle McKenna, Dino Phillips, Eddie Ramone, Hugh Scott, Rusty Scott, Kurt Stefano, Pete Wilder, and Brett Winters. Yes, seriously. It’s great. Big dicks, hot asses - I can’t speak highly enough of this one. Next up is a men’s room scene with Paul Carrigan and Christopher Zale, followed by Chris Dano and Corky Adams in another sex lounge-ish type of scene, the latter of which is probably the film’s least satisfying.

We’re back to scorcher-level though when Jeff Stryker meets up with Derek Cameron in a barn of some sort. Stryker’s cock is amazing, as always. And who could forget the absolutely awesome gloryhole scene featuring second turns from Blake, Centroni, Edwards, Gallo, and Lyons, with the addition of Robert Lawson. It’s a dream-come-true, all those cocks on the wall. And finally, Stryker joins Logan Reed and Paul Morgan in the billiards hall for another beautiful display of man-on-man lust fucking.

There are a number of reasons that Stryker became such a big star. He really could act quite well. He narrates the entire film, and though it is cliché and quite ridiculous at times, you never believe it’s not Stryker, himself, talking. As a viewer, you’re fully invested in the fact that you’re watching a sort-of autobiographical account of his life. He also had an impressive penis. It really was something to behold. And watching him, you can easily spot his special brand of charisma. His name might not be the billboard it used to be, but Jeff Stryker’s Underground is still quite capable of holding its own against the newly released titles of today.

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