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DescriptionAss Slammers :
The crazy gangbang party is still going even if these horny frat dudes in the bathroom. Watch Stone, Luke and Mickey take turns barebacking Tyler until they fuck the cum out of Tyler and creampie Tyler with three big loads. Stone, Luke and Mickey drink and smoke in the bathroom while Tyler sneak into the shower without courtesy. So three frat dudes decide to teach him a lesson. Mickey and Luke take turns fucking Tyler in the shower before they take Tyler out, face fucking Tyler down his throat. They fuck Tyler in doggy and missionary style until the main even comes. Stone creampies Tyler with a big load before Luke fucks the 2nd load in Tyler’s hungry hole. Mickey pounds Tyler’s cummy hole until he fucks the 3rd load in Tyler’s sloppy hole.

Ass Trashing, Bro!:
Horny college dudes Damion, Tyler, Tom and Orlando make a big mess at the frat house. Watch Damion, Tyler and Tom take turns barebacking Orlando before they fuck three thicks load in Oranlo’s hungry hole. Orlando becomes one of my favorite bottom bitches at Fraternityx this year. Big-dicked jock bottom like Orlando and his painful look always turn me on. Three tops have a lineup, barebacking Orlando in doggy style before they face fuck Orlando. Soon they put Orlando upside down and drill Orlando in pile-driving style. Damion is the first one who fucks his creamy load in Orlando’s worked hole. Tyler then take over, fucking another load in Orlando’s ass. Tom rams Orlando for a bit before he fucks his sticky loads in Orlando’s sore ass.

Bathroom Bitch :
Hot college dude Orlando becomes a bathroom bitch. Watch Tyler, Alex & Blake take turns fuck Orlando’s both holes until they make Orlando eat their big loads one by one. Orlando made his bareback bottoming debut last month (Check my post: Tyler, Alex and Blake Creampie Orlando). Now he gets gangbanged again by same horny group, but this time Orlando gets fucked in the bathroom. The three tops take turns face fucking Orlando before they bareback Orlando’s eager ass. They have Orlando watch his painful look in the mirror as they fuck him hard and deep. Last time they breed Orlando’s ass with three big loads. This time they want to do something different. So they shoot their big loads in Orlando’s open mouth before they force Orlando to eat their hot cum.

Bound Frat Bottom Boy :
Hot frat boy Tyler becomes the bottom bitch in the house. Three horny brutal fuckers Stone, Jessie and John take turns barebacking Tyler’s both holes before they give Tyler a hot cum shower. John and Stone already appeared in previous updates. but here we have two hot newcomers. One is Jessie (the guy in white shirt wearing Adidas hat), another is the cameraman in cover picture (the guy in black shirt, standing next to Stone). OMG, he is the most handsome cameraman that I’ve ever seen. I will ask the site owner if he can put this hottie in the roster in the near future. Stone, Jessie and John take turns fucking Tyler’s both holes withour mercy. They get annoyed by Tyler’s screaming, so they get the fuckboy gagged. Tyler ends up getting a hot bakkake from three tops.

Bro GangBang :
Four horny frat dudes Alex, Blake, Orlando and Tom are watching UFC while having beers. Watch Alex, Blake and Orlando take turns barebacking Tom’s ass and mouth until they fuck three hot loads in Tom’s hungry hole. Blake (aka Blake Barnes, with a tattoo on his right chest) is my favorite guy in this group. Blake has never bottomed either at Fraternityx or at any other studios. I hope Blake could push his limits soon. Alex, Blake and Orlando take turns pounding Tom’s bubble ass in the bathroom and living room before they face fucking Tom. Tom blows his hot loads as he blows Orlando. Three tops relax on the sofa while Tom starts to ride their hard raw cocks one by one. Alex and Blake breed Tom before Orlando seeds Tom’s cummy hole. Tom ends up having three hot loads in his sore ass.

Buzzed and Fucked :
One afternoon with nothing to do, three of my room-mates and I got as stupid as we could. With a good buzz going, Krys and I fucked these two horny bottoms, swapping them back and forth. I fingered Ayden's butt hole until he shot his load, then Brenden jizzed with Krys. I pumped my spunk all over Ayden while Krys and Brenden kissed until Krys spewed.

Cum-Filled Frat Boy :
Four hot college dudes Danny, Alex, Tom and Tyler have some beers in the house. Watch Danny, Alex and Tom take turns barebacking Tyler’s both holes before they fuck three thick loads in Tyler’s sore ass. Danny is aka Troy. I have no idea why he changed his stage name. Alex and Tyler still look as fuck. Tyler gets drunk first, so the other three make Tyler a bottom slut. They face fuck Tyler while they still drink beer. Then they relax on the couch and let Tyler ride their hard cocks one by one. Moments later, they take turns barebacking Tyler’s itchy hole in an air missionary style. Tom fucks his creamy load in Tyler’s ass before Danny takes over. Danny seeds Tyler’s worked hole with his juicy loads before Alex fucks the 3rd load in Tyler’s cummy hole.

Dirty Spit Hole :
Hot college dude Tyler gets drunk in the house. Three horny frat dudes Tom, Damion and Troy take turns fucking the hell out of Tyler until Tyler take multiple big loads in his both holes. Tom and Tyler already bottomed up before. Troy (aka Donny Forza) made his bottoming debut at Dallasreeves (Check my post: Dallas Reeves Barebacks Donny Forza). I am still waiting for dude Damion’s bottoming debut. Tyler bends over on the couch and gets his tight pink hole fingered. Tom, Damion & Troy then take turns fucking Tyle’s both holes in a variety of positions. Tyler takes a hard raw dick in the ass before he tastes that dick in the mouth. Three tops slam fuck Tyler without mercy until Tyler takes their creamy loads in his both holes.

Drunk Bitch :
Drink up bitch, you’ll probably need to be drunk for this shit! Me and my boys decided it’s Marc’s turn today! Little homo is way to happy all the time, we need to give him something to cry about! We got the fucker drunk and tied his ass up. Bitch didn’t even know what was happening! Too funny man!

Drunk, Lit and Gangbanged :
Five horny frat dudes Tyler, Tom, Orlando, Blake and Alex drink beers while watching UFC match on TV. Watch drunk Alex get gangbanged by the other four tops until they fuck their hot loads in Alex’s sore ass. It’s nice to Blake (aka Blake Barnes) come back. He has never got fucked, either at Fraternityx or at any other studios. I am still waiting for his bottoming debut. Tyler, Tom, Blake and Orlando take turns face fucking Alex while they are joking around, drinking beers and watching TV. Moments later, they bareback Alex’s hot ass in doggy and missionary style mercilessly. Tyler, Tom, Orlando and Blake take turns fucking their hot loads in Alex’s hungry hole until Alex gets his worked hole filled up with four juicy loads.

Drunken Frat Gangbang :
Cock hungry frat dude Tyler can not get enough of big dicks and big loads. Watch horny college dudes Danny, Alex, Tom and Damion take turns barebacking Tyler until they have the bottom bitch eat their hot loads. Without a doubt, Tyler’s become one of most popular bottoms at Fraternityx recently. I hope Danny and Damion could also get gangbanged in the near future. Tyler gets his mouth and hands taped, so four brutal tops can slam fuck Tyler without hearing his loud screams. Moments later, they rip off Tyler’s tapes and pound Tyler’s both holes mercilessly. They take turns bareback Tyler in doggy and missionary style while they are laughing, drinking and smoking. After Tyler gets his both ends thoroughly used, cum slut Tyler ends up taking four hot loads in the mouth.

Frat Bro Fucked :
It’s nice to see hot frat dude John finally get fucked. Watch college jock Tyler, Mickey and Jessie take turns bareback John’s tight virgin ass until John takes two loads in the ass and one load in the mouth. This is a hot bottoming debut I am waiting for. John has been a top only frat dude in all of his previous scenes. It’s a surprise that Fraternityx could convince John to bottom up. Tyler, Mickey and Jessie take turns barebacking John’s virgin ass in doggy and missionary style. They face fuck John for a bit before Mickey and Tyler tag team John. Mickey fucks a big load out of John before he seeds John’s worked hole with his hot cum. Soon Tyler blows his hot load in John’s mouth. Jessie mounts John from behind until he fucks another load in John’s cummy hole.

Frat Bro Gang Bang :
Five frat dudes Alex, Damion, Danny, Tom & Tyler have some beers and watch wrestling on TV before they get horny. Watch they take turns barebacking Tyler’s both holes before they fuck four creamy loads in Tyler’s sloppy hole. Tyler’s become a cock hungry slut recently. In last update, Tyler got gangbanged by hot frat dudes Jessie, John and Stone. This week Tyler becomes a cum dumpster again for horny frat dudes Alex, Damion, Danny and Tom. Tyler bends over and gets hands and mouth taped. Four tops takes turns slamming Tyler’s fuck hole without mercy. Then they flip Tyler over, face fucking this bottom bitch down his throat. Moments later, they bareback Tyler in missionary style until they fuck their thick loads in Tyler’s worked hole one by one. Tyler ends up having four big loads in his fuck hole.

Fratboy Gets It :
When fratboy Tom Faulk gets fucked up he starts to act all gay and shit which is perfect because his long-ass hair reminds me of my girlfriend. So we waited until he was extra fucked up and then fucked that filthy hole hard. Bitch sucks dick better than most chicks, he must really love cock!

Fratboy Punishment :
It’s nice to see hot frat dude Jessie finally gets fucked for the first time on camera. Watch Mickey, Luke, Stone and John take turns barebacking Jessie’s super tight virgin ass before they give Jessie 4 hot facials. This is a bottoming debut I’ve been waiting for for a while. I introduced Jessie last year (Check my post: Bound Frat Bottom Boy). Jessie has been a power top in all of previous scenes at Fraternityx. It’s hot as hell watching this cocky straight jock get fucked. Mickey, Luke and John take turns barebacking Jessie’s tight virgin ass in missionary style on the bench press. Then Stone, Luke and Mickey pound Jessie in doggy position. Moments later, Luke, John, Mickey and Stone take turns face fucking Jessie down his throat. Stone, Luke, John and Mickey shoot their hot loads all over Jessie’s face before they have Jessie suck their dicks dry against his will.

Fuck That Ass :
It’s a raw gangbang starring hot frat dudes Gauge, Rod, Damien, Seth and Caleb. Watch four horny tops take turns barebacking Caleb’s hot ass in a various of positions before Caleb takes 4 creamy loads in his both holes. We have some new guys in the house. Rod is the muscle jock wearing a red hat. He is aka Rod Pederson at Men.com. He also goes by names like Elder Miller at Mormonboyz, Alec at Corbinfisher and Alec Hudson at Randyblue. The blond jock bottom is Caleb. He is aka Ken at Realitydudes (if I am right). Damien (aka Damien Hyde from Jasonsparkslive) has a lion tattoo on his right shoulder). Seth (aka Seth Knight) is the guy wearing a black hat backwards. Anal sex is intense as always. Four tops gangbang Caleb in several positions before they have Caleb take two loads in the mouth and two loads in the ass.

Fuck Toy :
Blond muscle jock becomes a bottom bitch the house. Horny frat dudes Damion, Orlando & Tyler take turns fucking Tom’s mouth and ass before they fuck three creamy loads in Tom’s eager ass. Damion (curly hair) and Tyler (wearing striped shirt) are my new crush at Fraternityx. They are very good-looking jocks with nice thick cocks. Tyler has been gangbanged in previous updates. Now I am waiting for his Damion Bottoming debut. Three tops take turns face fucking Tom’s mouth before they bareback Tom’s muscle ass. Damion fucks his hot cum in Tom’s ass before Tyler fucks another sticky load in Tom’s ass. Orlando is the last guy who breeds Tom’s worked hole. Slutty Tom ends up with three hot loads in his sore ass.

Six Load Gang Bang :
My frat buddies like to kick back with some beer and see what happens. I invited over a cocksucker and we all took turns fucking Rad's ass. With three cams rolling, we all boned this butt boy's ass. Then we covered his face in spunk and squirted gobs of cum in his hungry mouth. What a night!

The After Party :
April 27, 2011 - After a night of partying, one of my dorm-mates, Dayton decided to bang the hell out of this horny dude. They fucked right there on the floor while two other dudes were passed out on their beds. My buddy really plowed this guy’s ass hard and eventually all his wailing and crying woke up the others. They joined in the fun, fed both his mouth and ass with their big dicks. All three of these dudes plastered their loads all over this cum-hungry guy’s face. And he guzzled back every drop.

Britney :
We were sitting around watching cartoons and drinking beers. Dayton and Krys were getting serviced on the couch by this hungry cocksucker, Brenden. They started boning this guy, but he couldn't take my pal's niner. They pinned him down and took turns boning his squirming ass. They were really rough with this dude, they even put a blonde wig on him and called him Britney as they porked him. As Krys blew his load all over this dude's face, Dayton sat back on the couch and squirted out a huge load.

Tag Team :
May 25, 2011 - Down on his knees, cocksucker Ayden services a couple of my fratboys. They got two nice, huge dicks and they swap this dude back and forth, manhandling him, holding his head, and fucking his throat hard. Zach starts working this stud’s fuck hole; then my buddies take turns fucking his ass. This butt boy is having a hard time because these are two pretty big dicks, but the guys pin him to the mattress and fuck him relentlessly. They finish off by each spraying their jizz all over this dude, one load across his belly and chest, the other all over his face.

Who's The Bitch :
One afternoon we were drinking beer in the rec-room, I grabbed my cam and told a couple other fratboys, Krys and Zach, to start making out. They rolled around the couch for a couple of minutes then ended up on the bean sack where Conner joined them. Zach lied across the bed and his two buddies went at both ends with their hard cocks. Man, did I ever get some good close-ups of those bones sliding into his ass. Zach jumps Conner and starts riding his cock and after a couple of minutes he splatters his load. To show his ass’s appreciation, Zach sucks Kry’s and Conner’s balls while they jerk off. He does one, then the other, and gets two juicy loads.

The New Guy has a Big Dick :
When a new guy, Jackson, joins our frat, we decided to throw him a little welcome party to show him how things go down at Fraternity X. Dayton and new guy, Jackson, feed their big dicks to this hungry cocksucker, Ayden. Dayton’s got a big cock, but this new guy isn’t just big, he’s thick. This poor butt boy whimpered and squirmed while my buddies boned his ass and throat. And Jackson literally fucked the cum out of this cocksucker, then he shot his thick load of spunk all over him. Dayton jumped in and sprayed his watery load all over Ayden. That’s how it’s done.

Hang-Over Gang Bang :
May 11, 2011 - We’re all sitting around the house nursing hangovers. When Zach walks in and finds us comparing morning woods. Jackson and I (I’m Dayton, btw) take turns getting our dicks sucked and fucking Zach’s ass. Eventually Zach is riding Jackson’s cock and I slide mine in, too. This sends Zach over the edge and he shoots all over Jackson. We grab the cameraman and take turns on Sebastian’s ass and mouth. With Sebastian lying across the workout bench, we splatter him with our big, creamy loads. My cumshot is so strong that it sails across Sebastian and jizzes all over the cameraman’s track pants!

Sketchy Sex :
Nothing beats a big line and two rock hard cocks in your ass and mouth. After an insane weekend of partying a bunch of us piled into the basement for some sketchy sex. Cody and Tyler started on my ass. Then Tyler wanted us to take turns fucking him. I fucking love the weekend!

Blue Balls :
The morning after a night of partying, Angelo had a real bad case of blueballs. He was jerking off for hours! Luckily, Anthony and Roman showed up looking for a nice hole to plow. Angelo was so hungry for cock, he could barely contain himself.

Pee Bitch :
We love beer almost as much as cum, and we don’t like to waste it. So after Anthony dropped his beer onto the kitchen floor, the boys decided to make an example of him. They tied his dumb ass to the toilet bowl, and some of the guys took turns pissing on him and fucking his hole. He was a human toilette bowl for the day. Soaking up all that dirty frat boy cum and piss.

Pays The Rent :
This week Fraternityx has a new bareback orgy release. This is a hot foursome orgy starring bottom boy Jose and Bently. They say its just for the money but we all know its cause they love cock. Jose and Bently takes turns sucking the big dick, then get fucked in doggy and riding style. The ending is fabulous: the two tops cum and seed it into Jose and Bently’s hungry hole. Obviouly they enoy taking it! :d

No Means Yes :
Anthony has been with this Frat for almost a year. When we first met this kid, he was selling weed on campus. Ever since he moved in, he can’t get enough of our cocks. This dude is sucking dick 24/7, and he pretends to not like it. Occasionally he gets fucked too. Such is the case in this video. Come on Anthony, we know you like it! Anthony is ok, but I prefer one of the top guys – the guy in white t-shirt and sunglasses. He is so hot. I find he is a cool guy in Fraternityx videos. Check my previous post “Fraternityx – Big Dick Fucks Little Dick” in which he wears a yankees’ hat and sunglasses. I just hope he will get a gangbang sooner.

8 Dude Gangbang :
During a recent binge we got word Benny, this kid from ASU was talking shit about our frat. We decided to grab him off the street, and take him back to the house. At first we thought he was a total pussy, and we would have to tie the bitch up. But this kid, was so cock hungry! He ended up taking all of our dicks, and that wasn’t even close to enough. We fucked him FOREVER. The video is over an hour of pure hot fraternityx gangbang action! Frankly saying, this is a very hot scene featuring handsome college dudes and bareback gangbang. And the bottom guy looks so manly while taking dicks up his ass. It’s one of best bareback scenes this year, IMHO.

Big Dick Fucks Little Dick :
During a recent mixer, we had big dick contest. Obviously Jackson won with his big fat ten inch piece of meat. Someone invited this Trevor guy to the party. Dudes got a cock the size of my pinky. Hey if you got a little dick – you’re getting fucked! It’s another hot gangbang from Fraternityx. Benny also in the cast, but this time he tops. Besides him, I also like other two guys: One is a guy in the cover picture, in short military hair style, who is fucking the bottom. Another is a guy with yankees’ hat. Hope to see they get fucked in the later update. :d

A Hole is A Hole 2 :
I found Grant shirtless and hammered outside our local 7-11. He was slurping on a Big Gulp and yelling obscenities to hot chicks leaving the store. Someone called the cops, so I told him he should chill at our place for a bit. The kid was so trashed. This dude was definitely into fucking around, he kept checking out my ass. I knew if I could just keep him drinking, he would fuck my ass. Because when you’re that wrecked, a hole is a hole. Another very hot scene featuring hot college dudes and bareback gangbang. And our masculine and handsome the bottom guy Benny shows up again. He got gang bang fucked before(Check my post: FraternityX – 8 Dude Gangbang) It looks so hot to watch  Benny taking the big cock up his ass. Fraternityx is so lucky to find him.

Breed Pretty Boy Hole :
Finally, one of my favorite fraternityx stars, a cool guy in sunglass all the time, big-dicked Ethan gets his tight ass fucked bareback and bred! It’s been almost a year since Ethan lost his virginity. At that time I did not even know fraternityx, so I missed his bottoming debut. I just hope he gets fucked one more time. Today handsome Ethan not only gets fucked bareback, but also gets his tight hole bred by Jackson and Benny. It’s way beyond my expectation. Like always, fraternityx is famous for the intense bareack hardcore. Jackson fingers Ethan’s tight hole while Ethan blows Benny. Then they switch the positions. Ethan gets his beautiful ass rimmed by Benny while he sucks Jackson. Now they are horny as hell and are ready for a bareback fucking. Benny mounts Ethan from behind. He slams Ethan no mercy. Then it’s Jackson’s turn. Jackson fucks Ethan doggy and missionary. The sexy look on Ethan’s face while he gets pounded hard turns me on right away. Jackson is too horny though. He also fucks Benny’s muscle ass. The cumshot is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Jackson fucks a huge load out of Ethan before he shoots his load onto Ethan’s butthole. He shoves his raw dick inside Ethan, breeding his sweet hole. Then Benny follows. He dumps his load onto Ethan’s ass and squeezes his big cock into Ethan for a second breeding. Holy Cow! See Ethan’s worked hole is fully covered by thick creamy loads. What a spectacular ending! Ethan has done a few hot scenes at fraternityx besides this one. You can check my post for more details, such as  “Hungry Hole” and “Double Penetration University“. This dude is hot as hell.

Double Penetration University :
The colledge boys are playing a “dropping the ball “game. A football is tossed around and whoever drops the ball first gets fucked. Our power bottom boy Grant loves cocks 24/7. He missed a very easy ball on purpose. As Grant wishes, he gets bareback fucked by two big cocks all the time. The sandwich fucking chain and cowgirl double penetration are pretty hot. After a long and sweaty fucking, boys take turns breeding Grant’s worked hole with their white jizz. I really like two guys in this video: a guy in sunglass and a guy in black T-shirt. I hope Fraternityx can let them bottom up someday. That would be damn hot.

Party Foul 4 :
My favorite Fraternityx dude Kyle is back for another hot bareback scene. This cool buzz cut dude gets his big dick worshipped by Grant and Carter before he barebacks and breeds their muscle asses. Cater hit the Vodka bottle hard last night. Grant and Kyle are too horny in the morning. They find Carter passed out on the couch. So they decide to take advantage of this hot drunk dude. Grant forces Carter to suck his cock before he sits on Carter’s face and gets his manhole eaten out. Grant returns the favor by rimming Carter’s butthole to make it wet inside. Then Grant and Kyle take turns pounding drunk Carter missionary. Kyle is still too horny. He gets Grant and Carter kneel down to suck his hard cock for a while. Grant and Carter get on all fours on the couch. Kyle take turns fucking them doggy. Grant also gets a chance to slam Carter’s muscle ass. Carter busts his nuts while getting pounded. Kyle keeps ramming Carter till he can not hold back any longer. Kyle dumps his hot loads in Carter’s manhole before Grant repeats the same thing. Now Carter learns the rule hard way – you pass out then you get fucked. Kyle looks hotter than ever. This big-dicked brutal top is sexy from head to toe. I hope Kyle will bottom up. Thinking of Kyle’s hot ass getting penetrated by a big raw cock makes me hard. If Kyle gets his virgin hole creampied, that would be even better!

Throw That Dick In :
I am excited about this update. Not only the handsome muscle bottom Benny gets bareback fucked again, but the cute camera man gets fucked and bred for the first time. I am not very sure, but I think this hot camera operator appeared in other Fraternityx videos before. Check my previous updates: In “A Hole is a Hole 2“, he looks like a guy in brown Tshirt with a mini camera at hand. In “Big Dick Fucks Little Dick“, he is the short hair guy fucking the bottom in cover picture. (Correct me if I am wrong). In this scene, Jackson pounds Benny’s hungry hole with his 10 inches manhood in several positions. During the break, they noticed the hot camera man standing by. Then they force him to join the fucking fun. Benny and Jackson take turns fucking this handsome camera operator bareback. The cum shot is pretty hot. Jackson fucks the cum out of the camera man, then Jackson dumps his thick creamy loads on camera man’s butt and breeds him. Finally, Benny shoots his big loads in the camera man’s mouth. The camera man gets his two holes satisfied. What a hot scene!

Scarface :
Sexy tattooed Al Pacino is so drunk at the party. His beefy muscle buddies take advantage of that. They take turns bareback fucking Al’s sweet ass. Al gets both of his holes filled with two huge dicks in a long fucking run till all these college boys reach the climax and shoot their big loads all over the slutty bottom boy.

Half Time :
Ethan and Benny are two popular stars at Fraternityx. Benny is fans-favorite muscle bottom who is cock hungry all the time. Today Ethan slams our slutty muscle bitch in every way in this hot bareback scene.

Payback :
Fraternityx released another hot bareback threeway this week. Both blond muscled college dude Carter and short hair cool guy Trevor get fucked hard. Carter and Trevor not only cums getting fucked, but also gets bred. Carter plays house heavy in the dorm, which gets other dudes pissed off. So they decide to teach inconsiderate Carter a lesson. Big-dicked Jackson fucks Carter’s mouth before he pounds Carter’s muscle ass. Carter can not help but curse. Then he gets his mouth taped as well. Trevor blows Carter as Jackson slams Carter. The cumshot is awesome. Trevor sucks the cum right out of Carter first. The feel of Carter’s ass engulfing his cock sends Jackson over the cliff of desire. Jackson dumps his hot wad onto Carter’s ass before he shoves it into Carter again. In second round, Carter finds a victim to release his anger. Handsome Trevor bends over and Carter mounts him doggy. Jackson then replaces Carter and slams Trevor. The second orgasm is as hot as the first one. Trevor shoots a huge load as Jackson still pounds him. Then Jackson and Carter take turns shooting their loads onto Trevor’s ass and breeding Trevor’s worked hole.

Hungry Hole :
Handsome muscle bottom Benny gets bareback fucked again. It’s hot to see Grant fucks Benny with a fuse-ball machine! I know the butt-machine fucking, but I don’t know they can use a fuse-ball machine, lol. You can imagine how slutty Benny is. I like Ethan, the guy wearing a black sunglass. Ethan fucks both Grant and Benny. Grant also gets a chance to bang Benny’s muscle ass. They take turns fucking the brain out of Benny and seeding Benny’s hungry hole at the end. Awesome! I just wish Fraternityx could put Ethan bottom in the future. He is fucking hot!

.....  and many more .....
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