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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-15 |
Gay Leather Bear into kinky role-play scenes in leather, rubber and uniforms. Have a huge gag fetish and collection. OPEN WIDE!
Torrent includes these 15 scenes (each scene - one picture from 4 to 18):

BAD & BOUND (06:43)
Part 1. Jim Grrowl is knocked out and tied to the bed of a truck. His raunchy captor Bearfeedr wants "something" from him. Will he give in to his demands? Contains bonus footage at the beginning.

Blow Gagbear BLOW! (01:22)
There's a tissue soaked with poppers inside the balloon that is attached to the ball gag. The faster i blow up the balloon the faster I CUM! This time my bear friend decided to go slow with the blow commands and umm, err, well watch and see. en-JO-y!

Caught in the Act (02:42)
Repairman, Jim "Gagbear" Grrowl goes on a service call to the house of Sheriff Bill Butch, a Hot muscle cop, to repair his broken air conditioner in the back room. Unfortunately, he goes into the wrong room...

Dirty Biker & Cop Strung Up (09:29)
Officer Grrowl and Biker WetinSF are bound back to back in the basement of a perverted captor. Someone ratted on him and he wants to find out more information.

Gagged and Jacked off in Straightjacket (03:18)
Jim GAGBEAR Grrowl gagged and bound in leather straightjacket and jacked off by his buddy Bondgebear

Grrowl Captured by Sir Behr (06:14)
Our hairy victim is struggling in tight ropes on a St. Andrews Cross. Teased and tormented by Sir Behr, Jim Gagbear Grrowl endures heavy rope bondage, paddling with leather gear and hot gaggage.

Hog-tied Wrestler (10:49)
Jim Grrowl just finished a Wrestling match and it's time for him to relax. Little did he know he had a "Peeping Tom" lurking outside.

Horny Gag Pig (07:13)
Compilation clip of Jim "Gagbear" Grrowl getting bound, gagged and jacked off from several different videos. It also features a couple good friends, Bearfeedr, Master Phil and his late partner Paul Boss Sr. (RIP).

JO Bathroom Scene from Repair Bound (07:38)
This is the JO scene from Repair Bound... a video I did a while ago with BOSS Paul (RIP). He eventually catches me, knocks me out and ties me up and teaches me a lesson for being a "slacker whacker". This is when I was much heavier and I had more hair on my head... enJOy!

Kinky Cabana JO (03:51)
Me jacking off with my fleshlight in a cabana room in Palm Springs. I'm using a newer version of the popper balloon gag. This time it's a rubber cock gag with a breather tube. It works much better than the original ballgag one. My orgasms are much more intense when I use it. en-JO-y!!

Kinky KO Gas Balloon Test (00:31)
I have this kinky obsession with balloons. I am greatly aroused by their look, feel, smell and taste! I remember masturbating to an old episode of Batman from the 60's while seeing the Dynamic Due tied up in a room filled with balloons by the Penguin. (Fine Finny Fiends Part 3... Batman Makes the Scenes). My longtime fantasy (and hopefully, next video) would be to recreate that scene, except "darker" more "kinky twisted". For example, instead of the balloons popping because of no air... I would have the balloons POP with air, errr, i mean some "KO GAS" (faux) inside. Making it harder for me to CUMMmm! ( I also have this "thing" for fake Knock-Out gas.) This is a SHORT VID TEST to view the CLEAR balloons (that will be filled with cigar or colored smoke next time) attached to nipple clamps. Imagine more balloons... Black balloons.. more gas... more teasing and tormenting by a leather clad bear with executioners hood!! Tell me what you think!! When I get enough responses telling me you have seen the 60's clip (so they know what it looks like). I will upload my first attempt at this fantasy scene I did a while ago with a good bear friend.

Officer Grrowl Take-Down (02:41)
Part 1 of series. Officer Grrowl is called to check out a complaint at a lower level bar. When he arrives... no one is there... is this a set-up? (this is the never-seen before rehearsal edit) More to cum...

Punishing Officer Grrowl (05:23)
Part 2. After getting KO'ed, Officer Grrowl is handed over to a sadistic henchman to extract some information. This perverted captor however, extracts something ELSE from the helpless officer.

Taking Care of Some Business (13:52)
Jim Gagbear Grrowl is taken against his will by a sadistic cop who wants more than just a confession.

Wet Rubber Kink (20:58)
Wearing a slick black rubber suit and hood, Jim Gagbear Grrowl greases up his cock with silicone lube and get his kink on in the shower with a rubber cock gag and some black latex balloons

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