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BG East - Mat Scraps 3 - Z Man vs Jake Ryder

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Pretty Boy vs. Brute: Undagear Galore

Jake told a lot of people at BG East that he wanted to get his hands on Z-Man, and BG East listened. We could think of no one better to put Z's muscles to work on the mats than Jake, who belongs to a pack of wrestlers who have come to us to demonstrate that wrestling is not just a sport but also aggressive sex play, overtly and subvertly. From the start, he has more or less handpicked his opponents, and it's difficult to fault him for his choices, and so we have denied him almost nothing. This time he sets his sights on Z-Man, the supremely photogenic and hugely popular male model turned wrestler, a wrestler known for his sophistication as much as Jake is known for his primal sensuality.

Z-Man is pretty, but he has not taken the easy road to success by any means. He has faced and stood his ground against, with varying results, the toughest bad-asses on the BGE roll: guys like Kid Karisma, Tyrell Tomsen, Eli Black, and Lane Hartley ... "wimps" by NOBODY's definition. He and Jake hit it off as soon as they met, proving that opposites do attract. They eye each other with a mix of admiration, respect, curiosity, and wariness. They can't wait to see what the other guy has to show for himself in the BGE mat room.

Jake grabs the cover boy in a full-nelson scissors hold that looks unbreakable, but after a long struggle Z-Man powers loose, the payoff for years of physical training and conditioning. Both wrestlers huff and puff, their taut chests heaving, as the strenuous scrap forces them to take their breaths in gulps. "Having trouble, little guy?" Jake facetiously asks his opponent, currently languishing in a figure-four choke hold.

Z-Man is in a hard place, but he isn't easily discouraged or deterred. "I'm gonna get you," he threatens ... and he does, in one of many miraculous escapes and surprise reversals that crowd this crowd-pleaser. Z-Man then traps Jake in a full nelson scissors, "the same hold you put me in," he gloats. "Except I did it BETTER," Jake replies.

Fans of hair-pulling, rejoice! Jake can't get enough of Z-Man's $200 haircut, finding it hard to resist the impulse to muss it up. The usually even-tempered model gets redder in the face each time Jake yanks his hair or calls him "pretty boy." It looks like Jake's messing with the guy's head, both literally and figuratively. But Z-Man is not done.

"You want more?" Z-Man asks about twenty minutes into the fight. "I want more," Jake responds. "We're just getting started," Z-Man says with a smile, baring his teeth. It's an intense and exhausting fight all the way. In the last five minutes, cheap shots and payback fly in both directions. The action skyrockets to a final choke-out. Then the victor plants a foot on his conquest's shoulder and strikes a double bicep pose.
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