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[Raging Stallion] The 4th Floor [720p]

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Description[Raging Stallion] The 4th Floor [720p]

Starring:Roman Ragazzi, Logan McCree, Aaron Action, Jake Deckard, Jack Ryan, Antonio Biaggi, Billy Berlin, Steve Cruz, and Scott Tanner

Scene 1: Roman Ragazzi, Logan McCree

Down a long dark hallway Roman Ragazzi is being followed by LoganMcCree. A chase ensues, ending with a confrontation. Roman slamsLogan against the wall and as they rough each other up all thetension melts away. These two stunning men kiss and the chemistrybuilds. The kiss leads to undressing and soon Logan is on his kneesmouthing at Roman's large erection through his Calvin Kleins. Loganpeels back the underwear and reveals Roman's hard dick. As soon asLogan gets a taste Roman stands up to get his hands onto Logan'sbelt and quickly strips him. Roman goes down with his mouth openand fills it with Logan's large, tattooed cock. With pants around theirankles, both men's massive hard-ons rub against each other as theykiss aggressively. Logan flips Roman around for a chance at his ass.With Roman's cheeks spread he reaches in with his tongue andteases Roman's asshole. But Roman wants more cock and returns tohis knees to swallow as much of Logan as he can manage. Thesetwo men with raging erections take the action upstairs where theyreturn to body worship, kissing and touching, and more cock sucking.But the main event is still to come. Roman bends over and allows alittle more ass- eating before Logan suits up and starts to fuck him.When Roman's ass is full of dick Logan really starts to pound away,splitting his hairy ass with his long dick. Once these two start fuckingthe energy builds. As the camera follows Logan's tattooed andmuscular body down his chest to his dick, we find Roman's ass full ofit. Roman's massive chest and arms flex and bend while Logan tearsapart his butt cheeks. In the end Roman and Logan lay down watcheach other jerk off and shoot.

Scene 2: Jake Deckard, Aaron Action

Jake Deckard emerges and finds Aaron Action grinding down a largemetal structure. As Jake approaches from behind, Aaron puts downhis tools, strips off his gloves and dives in for a kiss. Both of thesemen are hairy and muscular and the camera follows them as theyattack each other with kisses. Aaron goes quickly for Jake's hairystomach and arms and strips him out of his clothes. As these twomaul each other, their clothes drop away. In the shadows the menattack each other, worshiping hairy chests. Aaron pushes Jake into acorner and pulls his pants to his ankles to get access to his ass. Theyswitch sides and Jake dives in to eat Aaron's hole. When Jake turnsaround and his erection is in Aaron's face, he swallows it. Jake isanxious to get some dick down his throat and he goes for it. Aftermore cock sucking and more ass-eating, Jake lifts Aaron's legs intothe air and plunges in first with his tongue and then with his cock.Aaron's hairy hole opens up and Jake thrusts inside. Jake takes histime and works up to pretty heavy fuck, turning Aaron on his side andhitting him from the front. When Jake lays back, Aaron climbs on topand takes control. Jake's dick slips up and down into the hairy hole.Aaron shoots while riding on top of Jake and as he climbs off, Jakeblows his load while they make out.

Scene 3: Antonio Biaggi, Jack Ryan, Billy Berlin

Billy Berlin and Jack Ryan are already going at it when we find themoccupying the now infamous 4th floor. Jack has a nice fat cock andBilly is quick to whip it out and suck it down. Billy nurses the head andworks the whole length of it as Jack sits back and allows himself to beserviced. When Billy takes the massive rod up his butt he moans withexcitement. Jack pounds his hole with Billy on his back. WhenAntonio Biaggi enters and whips his massive cock out, Billy, who isstill getting fucked by Jack, swallows the mammoth cock eagerly. Aftera deep dick sucking Antonio and Jack switch places and Billy takesAntonio's massive cock up his already loose hole. As Antonio poundsaway, Jack gets his dick serviced and shoots. As Jack leaves, Antoniopumps harder and harder filling Billy with all 11 inches. Antoniohumps Billy, spitting on his own dick to lube it up before shoving itback in. Antonio than lays on his back with his huge dick stickingstraight up as Billy lowers his ass onto it. This time Billy and Antoniotake turns doing the work. Billy's ass gets quite a workout, taking thatmassive dick easily to the balls. When Billy lays back and lets Antoniopenetrate him from the front, it pushes him over the edge and bothguys shoot, covering Billy's chest.

Scene 4: Logan McCree

Logan McCree is alone lubing up the gears in the elevator room whenhe gets distracted by his own cock. As Logan strips and strokes, hegrabs lube off the elevator gears and uses it to play with his dick andhis ass. Logan pumps his cock as he strips down to nothing. Histattooed body and his long, thick dick glows in the light. When hebegins to play with his ass, he pulls it apart and sticks his greasyfingers deep inside. Logan gets lost in his own head as he strokes hisdick and fingers himself until he explodes all over the elevatormechanism.

Scene 5: Steve Cruz, Scott Tanner

In what could be a game of cops and robbers, Steve Cruz is thrownagainst the wall and handcuffed. He is left alone for a minute in thecorner when Scott Tanner returns to force him down on his dick.Steve loves the aggression and dives throat-first down onto Scott'shuge dick. Scott's sunglasses catch the view perfectly as Steveswallows and spits on the length of Scott's fat cock. When Scott dragshim upstairs, Steve goes back down, swallowing Scott to the balls.Scott sits and lets Steve climb on top, forcing his butt open. Steverides up and down, eagerly working the entire shaft. Steve thenbends over for another round and Scott shoves in deep. With Steve'sdick rock hard Scott pounds away splitting Steve's butt into pieces.For a final round, Steve lays on his back with his legs in the air andlets Scott use his hole. Steve cums while getting fucked and Scottclimbs on top to blow all over Steve's hairy chest.

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