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Spank Ending

Touch: Corner
"Wow, hello!"
"Is this where you wrestle?"
"Do you really throw your cape to the audience?"
Touch: Bicep, Forearm
"You must be the most popular pro wrestler here"
"What are those on your forearms?"
Touch: Mid-Chest
"I'm curious what's under your tights..."
Touch: Crotch
"I love your big and beefy body, stud."
"I want your hard cock!"
Touch: Cock
"Aim straight at my face man!"


Fuck Ending

"Wow, Hello"
"OMG aren't you"
"Is this where you wrestle"
"Can I see what's under that mask"
"Do you throw your cape to the audience"
Touch: Arms
"Most popular wrestler here"
"Under tights"
"Big and beefy body"
"Rock Hard Cock"
Touch: Cock
"Aim straight at my face man!"

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