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Lucas Kazan Out In Tuscany

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Director Lucas Kazan and exec producer Kristen Bjorn have concocted a sumptuous epic of penis, paisans and pasta. Filmed in sun-kissed Italy, the lushly produced fucktacular Out in Tuscany will have you moaning and grunting in Italian tongues.

Sexy tourist Federico Bulsara wanders into town wearing his high-and-tight Daisy Dukes and immediately catches the dreamy eye of stunning Vilem Cage. Vilem spies Federico’s plump ween peeking through his pant leg and seems to indicate interest but, alas, Federico strolls on.

Federico happens upon a picnic basket in the middle of an open field and is soon accosted by its owners, a mouth-watering, crotch-stiffening farmboy duo (punky hunk Erik Lenn, wearing a bandana, and impossibly gorgeous young Adonis Sasha Byazrov, who’s just about the prettiest thing I’ve ever whacked off to).

Bandana Boy yanks off Federico’s tight shorts to reveal his down-turned dick, which cranes up into position as it stiffens, all the easier for Bandana Boy to swallow it. At the same time, Federico samples Adonis Boy’s ample uncut offering. Federico eventually gets a dual facial, but these tasty hotties aren’t quite finished playing with each other yet...

Back at the farm, four horny men get it on indoors. Handsome salt-and-peppered daddy Antonio Armani sucks on young Farmer Boy Slava Petrovich’s uncut purple helmet head until it pulses wildly as it stretches the tight crown of foreskin around it and then spits out a thick wad of goo onto Antonio’s face. Hot papa hunk Pietro Cattani sometimes seems more interested in the camera than in the cocks surrounding him, but he gets it on splendidly with scruffy-and-fuzzy daddy Antal Gellen.

Meanwhile, the threesome between Bandana Boy, Adonis Boy and Tourist Boy continues to heat up, this time in and around a jeep parked atop a scenic meadow. Sasha is blowing Federico as Erik makes love to Federico’s tight hole with his sliding tongue. Then Erik, sporting a mighty bone and swinging a meaty set of heavy low-hangers, plows Sasha right out in the open. Without hesitation, Federico walks behind Erik and completes the hottest daisy chain under the Italian sun!

After checking back with the men fucking indoors, we rejoin the boys out in the field. As Erik is slamming Sasha atop some adjacent stacks of hay, Federico watches from the jeep and beats off. Erik slides his tool in and out of Sasha’s tight smooth ass and makes the dreamy Adonis spurt a thick wad of boy cream hands-free while being fucked. (Very hot!) This delicious sight makes Federico bust a creamy nut in the jeep, which in turn prompts Erik to douse Sasha with a splattery shower of hot semen.

Elsewhere, two field hands (Milton Abdalla and Christiano Stefani, both finely sculpted and yummy with a spoon) rim and fuck outdoors up against a stone wall. Federico watches from his window.

Later inside, the sun has set but things have hardly cooled off. Federico wanders up to the attic and is surprised to find perfectly gorgeous Italian hunk Vilem Cage, the dreamboat who was ogling Federico’s exposed privates earlier that day in town. Now, Vilem’s giving himself a sponge bath. Okay, so it’s technically a washcloth bath; still, a salty hard-on by another name would taste just as sweet. Speaking of which, Federico approaches Vilem, peels off his tight, bulging boxer briefs and feasts on his magnificent curved apparatus, which is rock hard and uncut. After some silky blow job action, Vilem launches a thick stream of cream onto Federico’s throat. Then, Mister Perfection Vilem kneels and goes to town on Federico’s down-curved prod, resulting in more shooting sperm.

Finally, in bed, Federico rides Vilem’s penetrating poker and squirts out another steamy load while being pounded. And for good measure, Vilem gushes off yet another thick juicy spurt of delicious man goo. Who wants to go to Tuscany with me?

What else can I say? Whether you prefer manly men or smooth college studs (or if, like me, you savor the flavors of both) the scintillating, sinful delights of Out in Tuscany will hurtle you to a cock-throbbing, cum-drenched paradise again and again. Mangia!

-- Beef Stroganoff
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