Primal - Shafted Uncut - Scene 4: The Slammer (avi)

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Welcome to Cell Block A. The block of the big cocks..

Inside we have a Burly Bear rubbing his cock while checking out a pair of tits in a Newspaper but gets interrupted by a Prison Guard bringing in his new Cell Mate. After the Guard leaves, the new cell mate demands the top bunk. But they both get bored and soon start to jerk their respective cocks. But things start to get steamy when the new Cell Mate sticks his cock in a hole thats on the bed to feed the guy below. Unable to resist the drop of precum on his new cell mates cock, he soon starts to feed on it.

Their play time soon gets cut short because of the Peeping Prison Guard. But the prison guard isn't there to break it up, he is there to join in! I hope you enjoy the movie, I know I sure did.
2010-08-10 15:36:37
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