♺ TBW Summer 2012 Photosets part 3

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-19 |
Long overdue, here's my 3rd and final post of TBW (teens-boys-world) photo galleries that were released during the Summer. This time I'm uploading 4 galleries that were released over 5 weeks (as usual one gallery (the duo) was released in 2 parts over 2 weeks).

Guys - my ratio is a bit poor at the moment, so I *really* appreciate any seed bonus you can spare. If you can't spare any, that's fine (as it is if you don't think this torrent's hot enough to share some of your seed love), but in this case at least click the button to say "thanks" to show your appreciation. Better still - play the Fantasy TBW game (see below for the link).

If enough guys, at least, say thanks, I'll upload some more TBW material very soon (I have some more photosets (inc the much loved Ugo) as well as the latest videos).

Here's what you're getting this time:

Teodor - gallery 452 - Athlete - released 20 August 2012
Quincy - gallery 453 - Reckless - released 27 August 2012
Hillard & Martin - gallery 454 - Lover parts 1&2 - released 3 & 17 September 2012
Belen - gallery 455 - Naughty - released 10 September 2012

As gtru has an unfortunate "habit" of renaming uploaded images, the following descriptions will enable you to work out which pic set is which for those of you who only want to download certain sets:

Teodor - boy in front of the wooden and glass doors.

Quincy - boy in a tiled room.

Hillard & Martin - er you can work out which set this is, right? (Martin in case you're reading this, can I just say that you get sexier all the time and your ass is unmatched!)

Belen is the boy in the bedroom wearing "protection" - clearly he's expecting some rough games, lol.

As usual thanks to everyone who made this upload possible. This includes the studio (although, of course, they won't thank me for uploading this, but maybe they will like the fact that I encourage you to show them some love (and the numbers on your credit card) by signing up to their site - if we always get our porn free, then porn businesses such as TBW won't survive and the porn we end up getting will be a long way from the first rate material such as that produced by teens-boys-world). Thanks also to the beautiful and handsome boys for allowing us into their sexy world. And thanks also to gtru for allowing me and others to share great material like this.


The Fantasy TBW Game now has its own discussion thread in the forums. To play this sexy game and/or read other members' horny contributions, simply click here: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?topic=18206

It's guys like you who will make a success of this game, so please spare a few minutes to contribute your ideas. Also remember to click the "thumbs up" icon for your favorite posts, so we can see which ones are the hottest in most people's eyes.

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