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Fit Fighter In Leather Is Strangled, Gut Punched And Stabbed In The Gut By Huge Hunting Knife

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DescriptionFrom Best Deaths:

Two leather pants wearing guys are fighting in a club, they are alone and have a score to settle. They fight fairly, without weapons and without shirts. They use their martial arts skills to beat each other down. The weaker guy is eventually overpowered after multiple gut punches and blows. He is then pushed against the wall by his opponent and slowly strangled with one hand. The killer enjoys torturing his victim as he squirms and gasps for air. The killer breaks the rules they agreed on and draws a giant knife, a large hunting blade. He then rams it into the gut of the victim who reels in extreme pain as the blade rips through his taut body. The victim struggles and his shoe slips off as he claws his toes at the floor. His eyes are wide and his mouth gaping as the shock and pain begin to increase as the blade is twisted and turned in his gut. The killer keeps his hand tight around the victims throat and as the victim begins to fade, he lets go and steps away, leaving the scene. The dying victim slowly slips down the wall with the large blade still jutting out of his belly. He slowly dies, his eyes rolling and his limbs falling limp to the side. He lays sprawled and mangled, with a large bloodied blade sticking out of his body.

Length: 4:24

GutPunching, Stabbing, Strangulation


Athlete, Teen

Leather, Shirtless
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