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Adam Gut Punch

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DescriptionThis video is based on this custom video script that we followed to the best of our ability with some changes:

Scene 1: You and him are hanging out, and he keeps bragging about how strong he is. He asks you to test how strong his abs are, and you’re all to happy to oblige. You gutpunch him continually until he reaches his limit and asks you to stop. You ignore him and keep gutpunching him until he eventually passes out and collapses into a couch behind him.

Scene 2: He is still out from the beating you gave him, but you decide to start punching his stomach again. He eventually wakes up during this new beating, but is too weak to fight back so he does his best to handle your punches before he passes out again from the pain.

Scene 3: He is shirtless and flexing and showing off in your apartment. You get annoyed with him and shove him up against a wall and start gutpunching him. You use slower, but heavier punches and sometimes let your fist sink into his gut for full effect. (Can you show close-ups of his reactions to the punches as he grunts and groans, and maybe a few close-ups of the gutpunches?) Eventually he can’t take anymore and passes out, falling forward into your arms.

Scene 4: Lastly, we see him barely awake on his feet after his last beating. You hold him steady with one hand and then punch him, laying him out on a bed behind him. You continue the slower punches on him, watching him twitch and groan from each punch until eventually you give one last punch and hold your fist in his gut and watch him slowly go out cold with a sigh.
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