DT - Adam gets dirty

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1. DirtyTony - Adam gets dirty.mp4
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Description - Adam caught my eye early on, and when he showed up for his audition, he more than lived up to his pictures. He confessed to being sexually adventurous, and liking big things (yep, that instigated a big grin on my face). As he laid there telling me about his sexual exploits, I could tell he was angling to get some of this, and I was not going to disappoint. I stepped out from behind the camera, and got him eye level with my cock. He laid down so he could open his throat all the way, and took in a mouthful of my dick. His mouth felt so good, it only took a few moments for him to get me rock hard. He was eager to fill his throat with me and while he worked on stretching his throat muscles, I let my fingers do some walking down into his butt crack. Nice. I love it when my finger gets down there and they arch their back to get more of it. I pressed the back of his head to see if he could take more of me. He did pretty well. Took more of me than most before his gag reflex kicked in. I lubed his hole and laid back to let him do some more sucking before I went in for his hole. Then he jumped onto all fours and lubed up for me. Hot. He backed onto my cock and worked his way down slowly, then I took control and pulled his ass the rest of the way down. It had been a while since he had a cock like mine, I could tell. He was nice and tight, but once I was in balls deep, he was ready for total surrender to my raw dick. I let him fuck himself a while before I took full control. Then I wrapped my arms around him and drove all the way past his second ring. He bucked for a moment, but he took it all. I started working his prostate over good before I laid back and had him straddle me. He took it like a champ. Then I rolled him onto his back so I could start pounding him good. I folded one of his legs over and went in sideways. He moaned for more the whole way. Then I putt him on his stomach so I could drill his ass. Whenever my dick popped out, he guided me back in for more. Finally I threw him on his back and folded his legs up. Within moments, I was edging close. He held his cheeks open for me. Then at the last moment, I pulled out and sprayed his face with my cum load. I think I covered almost his entire face with my jiz.             

For more detail see screenshot. 

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