Indy Muscle Hunk Jobber Wrestling Collection Pack 10

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DescriptionYoung muscled hunks get squashed, humiliated, exposed or dominated in the ring in front of a live audience.  These studs know how to fill out their trunks only to be worked over by a larger or meaner dude.  Sometimes these hunks get helplessly pinned in vulnerable positions with their legs wide open or get their trunks pulled, exposing their bare bottom or under briefs.  Lots of straight guys being hoisted up by their crotches, bent over backward across another dude's knee, wedgies and other wonderful displays of masculinity and dominance.  No nudity (except a few scenes with trunk-pulls, revealing some sexy muscular wrestler butt), just blissful humiliation of muscular young dudes for our enjoyment.

8-14-15 Nick Stanley vs Brad Andrews.mp4 mp4 393.11 MB
8-15-15 Nick Stanley vs Brad Andrews.mp4 mp4 393.95 MB
Bo Dallas vs. Titus O'Neil  Raw, June 23, 2014.mp4 mp4 71.77 MB
Brian Cage vs Chris Dickinson.mp4 mp4 311.97 MB
Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil  SmackDown, April 4, 2014.mp4 mp4 68.37 MB
Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil  SmackDown, August 15, 2014.mp4 mp4 70.27 MB
Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil  WWE Superstars, June 12, 2014.mp4 mp4 41.47 MB
ECCW - 2012 01 27 - Scotty Mac vs. Gorgeous Michelle Starr.mp4 mp4 642.00 MB
Generation Genesis vs Bruce Santee  Nick Fame.mp4 mp4 384.37 MB
Milad Akbar.mp4 mp4 155.34 MB
Monster Tarver + Jeff Boom vs. The Savage (Eddie Graves + Teddy Stigma) Ronin 6 5 9 15.mp4 mp4 366.29 MB
Ryback vs. The Miz  Raw, Aug. 17, 2015.mp4 mp4 67.76 MB
Titus O'Neil Finisher - Clash Of The Titus.mp4 mp4 3.47 MB
Titus O'Neil vs Dolph Ziggler - Smackdown 8 15 14.mp4 mp4 138.77 MB
VanHammer vs Evan Karagious.mp4 mp4 36.36 MB
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WILL FERRARA vs ROMANTIC TOUCH - Aftershock Tour July 17th Las Vegas.mp4 mp4 166.47 MB
WWE NXT  Alex Riley vs. Titus O'Neil.mp4 mp4 68.20 MB

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