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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-02-23 |
If you like meaty frenchies and czechs... this one´s for you!!

Starring: Ritchy Segely, Tavish Szabad, Eric Flower, Garcia Fecske, Rick Bauer, Ted Kabel, Jack Mecs, Tim Brensen, Isidore Nadas, Larry Packa, Paris Granat, Erik Lenn, Rossi Fabab, Mack Safrany

Categories: Europeans, Horsehung, Muscle Men, Hunks, Twinks - Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Athletes - Locker Room, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Orgy, Pierced Body Parts, Rimming, Threeways

No need to go to Florence to experience the David statue. He's brought to life in modern replica Flower. As a bonus, this ravishing man fucks like a beast in heat. The standout of a cast of beauties at a boxing gym, he dominates the scorching final scene, sparring with bald, tough looking Lenn, and George Clooney lookalike Safrany. They find a fourth for sex in curly haired Fabab in the locker room. Safrany can't keep his hands off the muscle god's ass as he disrobes. Flower takes it in stride, lying face down on the massage table so Safrany can knead his firm buns. Flower turns over, and Safrany mouth massages his man muscle. Flower gives his masseur a rigorous missionary fuck while Lenn fucks Fabab. They trade partners, Safrany riding Lenn's cock and Flower missionary fucking Fabab then turning him over. With the other three surrounding him, Fabab spews on himself. Flower cum coats his right shoulder and Safrany his left. Lenn shoots a huge pool leaving Fabab drenched in cum and smiling. Wiry, macho Szabad boxes with adorable stud Fecske in the opening scene. They dick duel before Fecske faces the mirror and spreads his meaty buns. Fecske sits on Szabad's cock, his own staff at full salute, hands gripping the bench for balance as he grinds. He stops and lets Szabad ram upward into him. Fecske stands, hands on hips like a colossus, bubble butt in stunning profile. Szabad sucks his rigid cock and is rewarded with a gooey pearl necklace. With twink cutie Brensen refereeing, slender Nadas wrestles muscular Bauer. Brensen stops the fight, ostensibly for a break but with lust in his eyes. Nadas face fucks Bauer, and there is a good close-up of Brensen rimming ass and pulling Nadas's foreskin back to lick on the throbbing head. The three-way sucking and rimming feast is followed by more fuck partner switching. Bauer rims Brensen's hole then fucks him doggy style, Nadas taking over for a sideways fuck, twisting Brensen's body like a pretzel. Handsome Kabel emerges from the shower as Mecs and Packa arrive from judo practice, corner him and kiss him into submission. Mecs buries his tool in Kabel's cute butt while Packa enjoys a vigorous cock sucking from Kabel. He bends backward, holding his hips and ass, pumping his cock into Kabel's mouth. Mecs spreads his knees wide to sink his cock deeper inside. Kabel leans over the bench and sucks on Mecs's cock giving Packa an easy target, which he attacks with a driving force. Returning for another scene, Szabad fills Granat's hole from behind with the same intensity as in his coupling with Fecske. This man is a heavy-duty fucker. He pulls out and reinserts his hard pole repeatedly, fitting it expertly between Granat's firm cheeks. Segely missionary fucks Granat on the machine, and Szabad pokes Segely's hole for an awesome group plowing. Their cocks pound like tightly fitted drills on a fleshy drill press.

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