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Christian Fitt Full Collection (Michael Fitt's Brother)

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DescriptionChristian Fitt is the hottest up and coming fitness model. At the young age of 19, Christian is taking the internet by storm. His cocky demeanor, good looks, and flawless physic makes this stud an unstoppable force.

A freshman in college with a football scholarship, this jock loves sports and is passionate about fitness.
With his new legion of fans behind him, Christian Fitt is ready to unleash his presence right alone side his brother Michael Fitt.


I saw how much you guys loved the 13 clips I uploaded a while back so I decided to download all of Christian Fitt's clips (including webcam shows) for you guys to enjoy (yes, there is overlap with the previous torrent). Note that the file names are the ones copied exactly from the server and may not reflect the true title from the website.

Just so you know, Christian has been inactive since the end of 2011 and has not produced any new videos. From memory it was because he had sustained an injury and had moved elsewhere; something like that.

Also, bonus clips featuring the model "Matt" have been included. Seed bonus is greatly appreciated.

PS - There is no full nudity; closest you'll get is in "chris water pour" and "chris strippin part 2".

Videos List:
Webcam/Chris nov 11_2010.mov 62.50 MB
chris bar squats.mov 4.13 MB
Chris Dips and Such.mov 4.35 MB
chris fireman.mov 10.48 MB
chris fog up.mov 8.30 MB
Chris Hoodie Curls.mov 9.44 MB
chris muscle show off.mov 13.19 MB
Chris muscle tour-3.mov 13.13 MB
Chris PITS.mov 6.64 MB
chris punching bag Fred.mov 4.97 MB
chris quads.mov 12.09 MB
chris sexy strip sunglasses-6.mov 8.11 MB
Chris singlet push ups.mov 9.73 MB
chris squats.mov 10.11 MB
Chris Strippin Part 1.mov 16.70 MB
chris strippin part 2.mov 7.21 MB
Chris Triceps in garage.mov 6.44 MB
Chris underwear double curls.mov 8.54 MB
Chris Underwear Show.mov 8.01 MB
chris water pour.mov 9.53 MB
chris water shoulderpress.mov 10.17 MB
chris weight implied.mov 7.33 MB
chrisfootball.mov 4.75 MB
Christian Fitt Getting Pumped.mov 6.18 MB
Christian strip 1.mov 28.01 MB
Curls.mov 8.77 MB
Dressy.mov 10.43 MB
Flexshow.mov 8.23 MB
Getting Wet.mov 20.83 MB
hard bench.mov 11.53 MB
Matt (Bonus)/chris and matt flex on bed.mov 7.42 MB
Matt (Bonus)/matt abs.mov 2.89 MB
Matt (Bonus)/Matt CURLS8_26_10.mov 6.76 MB
Matt (Bonus)/matt incline 8_30_10.mov 7.08 MB
Matt (Bonus)/Matt sexy strip MED.mov 5.02 MB
Matt (Bonus)/Matt singlet.mov 5.01 MB
MIkeChrisCalvinDuo.mov 9.62 MB
MM Better ass Chris-2.mov 7.42 MB
MM flex off chris.mov 8.45 MB
MM Shower CHRIS.mov 11.94 MB
MM Underwear Chris.mov 6.76 MB
Relaxing Part 1.mov 16.65 MB
relaxing part 2.mov 23.15 MB
Shower.mov 16.10 MB
singlet.mov 25.33 MB
The best.mov 20.10 MB
Webcam/chris april 12 2011.mov 37.03 MB
Webcam/chris april 28 2011.mov 43.98 MB
Webcam/Chris Dec 16_10 2.mov 43.98 MB
Webcam/chris dec 22_10.mov 45.49 MB
Webcam/chris feb 10_2011.mov 53.18 MB
Webcam/Chris Feb24_2011.mov 43.61 MB
Webcam/chris jan 18_2011.mov 46.45 MB
Webcam/chris Jan 25_2011.mov 40.52 MB
Webcam/chris Jan 6_2011.mov 48.95 MB
Webcam/Chris July 28 2011.mov 44.40 MB
Webcam/Chris july 7 2012.mov 53.88 MB
Webcam/chris june 7 2011.mov 45.77 MB
Webcam/Chris March 15 2011.mov 44.47 MB
Webcam/Chris March 24 2011.mov 47.36 MB
Webcam/chris may 17 2011.mov 49.54 MB
Better Ass.mov 5.74 MB
Webcam/Chris oct 27,2010 2.mov 57.70 MB
Webcam/chris sept 23_10.mov 50.83 MB
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