Frat House Bash [2002]

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DescriptionCast:  Adrian Bradshaw, Leslie Manzel, Soto Donovan, Daniel Paxton, Ted Lauter, Tony Magera, Roberto Giorgio, Jack Laurel, Sergio Foster, Alexandru Cuza, Eddie Shulz, Jean Guttenberg, Ralph Rohner

Director:  Csaba Borbely

Country:  Hungary

Length: 1 hr 42 min

Year: 2002

Studio :  Fraternity Studios, Pacific Sun Entertainment


Not alot of frathouse shenanigans here, but there's plenty of big-dicked throat and butthole bashing. This red-hot production from Fraternity Studios is teeming with tasty Hungarian hunks who've gathered for an unforgettable birthday bash.

The party kicks off with a five-man suck-and-gush that soon dwindles to a three-way sandwich fuck, during which two humpers assume carefully balanced yoga-like positions on the sofa. There's a particular sitting-Buddha-like piledriver bit where the top crouches to plow down on the bottom's arse, held aloft, then the top rotates a full 180° to continue plowing the raised hole from its underside, his cock clearly levered under to its extreme. Talk about a crank stress test!

Next, a ravenous cocksucker services three strapping hung lads in a row, then gives up his hairy booty to each of them.

If you drool as sloppily and uncontrollably over heavenly beauty Roberto Giorgio as I do, then you'll love the sight of the muscled Adonis taking a seat on two adjacent cocks in repeated succession. By the end of this scene, all three bodacious muscle-fucks have topped and bottomed for each other. We close with a romantic suck-and-poke duo, creamed off with a juicy mutual eruption of man lava.

The photography is bright and crisp, though the limited camera angles lack overall flair. Specifically, the redundantly roaming camera and especially the pan-backs from cutaways are a bit amateurish. The focus ought to more rigidly be on the sweaty tangle of flesh.

Dialogue is inconsequential, especially since the poorly translated foreign speech is further mangled by the even-more-poorly typed English subtitles. But you won't give a toss at what these hotties are saying, not when they've got fat uncut cocks lodged deep down their throats and planted firmly up their pretty cabooses.

Not surprisingly, the "frathouse" moniker is utterly irrelevant, as there isn't a single Greek letter or even a rowdy pledge-hazing "ookie cookie" moment to be spotted anywhere. Still, a roused cock by any other name would surge as mightily and spew as effusively.

Boner alert! These youthful European sexaholics
truly put the "hung" in Hungarian.
-Beef Stroganoff

These boys are a bloody good reason to join the European Union - they travel, somebody has to put them up.  Tweleve years and I still haven't washed those sheets (deep sighing).

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