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Remember those old Buckshot videopacs? The ones that took several old film loops from the late seventies and put them into one video? The ones with butch stars like Bruno and Rod Mitchell? "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales" seems to be a tribute to those great old flicks, both in its division into four vignettes (we've defined that word for you before -- if you don't remember, look it up) and in its focus on lusty, all-out sex between macho, naturally hairy men. Considering the directors, you could hardly expect a twink production. The allusions to the old videopacs even extend to having each segment begin with an inter-title listing the title, cast and credits.
The first episode is called "Sweat," and opens with Dean Coulter and Matt McGrath in a locker room. Athletic fetishists, get ready! You'll all remember studly, beefy Dean from his Titan Media flicks. He has a little mustache here. Matt is something of a giant in comparison, at least eight inches taller, maybe more, unusually tall for a porn performer. Matt is less thickly built than Dean, but still muscular, and VERY hairy, maybe he was named for his thick "mat" of chest hair. He even has hair on his back (and a Prince Albert in his nice-sized dick). Dean goes to town on him, eating his ass and deep-throating him with lots of slurping and gagging noises. (We also see that one of them has brought a porno magazine to the gym. It's lying on the floor in the background. Now THAT'S an icebreaker if we've ever seen one: porno in the gym bag. You could read it while you're on the Stairmaster!) Matt eats Dean's luscious ass, and Dean buries his face in Matt's fur-lined crack. These guys really seem to be into each other, especially Dean. They even do a little 69 rimming routine. We get to see Matt putting on his condom before fucking (three cheers for eroticizing safer sex). Then hairy Matt gives Dean the fucking he's been wanting. There's some intense ballplay interspersed with the fucking. Matt squirts his load onto Dean's adoring face, and Dean shoots a perfectly round blob of cum onto his hand. Dean's cum is so white it looks like cold cream.
Vignette No. 2 is "Back Yard Buddies." (You know, even these titles sound like old seventies porn.) Mark Everett and R.J. Parker are making out on a nice park bench in somebody's backyard. They have medium builds, beards and are moderately hairy -- actually, they're a little hard to tell apart. (Unlike the first scene, which had no musical soundtrack, this scene has loud techno-dance-ish music in the background. Actually, more like the foreground, it's pretty loud (one more quality reminiscent of those old silent seventies flicks with cheesy disco soundtracks). So the two make out and exchange blowjobs. R.J. eats Mark's thoroughly hairy butt and then fucks him on the park bench and up against the gardening shed. A nice big load oozes out of Mark and drips to the ground as he's bent over being fucked. R.J.'s whole body goes into trembling rigors as he comes on Mark's hairy ass.
Next, big slab-o'-furry-beef Eric Evans meets a smaller slab-of-less-furry-beef, Brent Banes. Eric's been in the porn biz many years, but unlike a lot of stars who begin to look haggard after a couple of years, Eric just looks better and better. Brent isn't classically handsome, but he has a kind of square-jawed, rugged straight-boy face that goes well with his muscular body. He looks a little bit like Vin Diesel. They're both decked out in leather harnesses and they're in a black room with a big black cube in the middle at an appropriate height for fucking (although it seems a little hard for our tastes). Brent is wearing a funny chastity belt. It's a kind of shiny metal codpiece, which Eric uses a key to open so that he can start sucking Brent's stout but thick meat. There are close-ups of the tip of Eric's tongue darting in and out of Brent's gaping piss hole. Eric's chaps come down so Brent can give him a highly enthusiastic blowjob. Like scene No. 1, this scene has no music, just slurping and moaning and a little sex talk. Quite realistic. Eric gives a long rimming to Brent's puckered hole; Brent sucks Eric some more while feeling up Eric's big muscles. (You know, that's something often missing in porn. They get these guys with fantastic bodies, but nobody ever touches each other. How can they resist?) Eric gets his own hole rimmed and finger-fucked, and then he slips on a rubber and fucks Brent, who's very expressive about his enjoyment. Brent continues to feel up Eric's body during the fuck. Both come modestly.
"Hard at Work" features Jason Branch and Blake Harper playing with their tools, so to speak, in some kind of workroom. We're not quite sure what they were doing, but it involves a staple gun and a roll of wire. It looks like they're going to put hangers on some pictures, appropriate enough for gay boys. Robert Black is watching them through the little glass window in the door. He's standing outside whacking his meat. We hope this isn't a high-school woodshop. Robert has a few days growth of beard and a huge fat tool of his own. He's also way shorter than the other two. Jason and Blake make out and finally spot Robert the spy. Naturally, they bring him in with them. After feeling up Robert's nice body, he repays them by spitting on Jason's chest. Why, that ingrate! We suspect he's going to pay for that. His hands are tied together, and he watches Blake and Jason have sex for a while, but can't touch himself. Now THERE'S an appropriate punishment. Jason sucks Blake and finger-fucks him, then slips his big dick in. Blake, one of the industry's finest bottoms, actively impales himself on Jason's schlong, while casting lusty, meaningful glances at Robert (as if to say, "Don't you wish this was you?"). After a fairly long fuck, Robert is freed from his bonds to be on the bottom of a fuck-sandwich (Jason is the meat in the middle). Blake fucks Jason who fucks Robert. We just love versatility in our men. Then Blake fucks Robert for a while. Jason and Blake are both such expert fuckers -- they're just a pleasure to watch (and probably even more fun to do it with). Robert shoots a small pool of cum on his tummy while being fucked, and then Blake and Jason have a rare simultaneous orgasm all over his chest.
If you like this kind of muscular, hairy man, then you'll enjoy "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales" as much as your Emperor did. What's even more remarkable is that this is the first effort from Raging Stallion. Much of the credit for its success goes to videographers Lester Moore and Leif Gobo. The photography is excellent. Most shots encompass the entire bodies of both men, and there's a minimum of long, boring close-ups. It's a real pleasure to be able to see the faces and big muscles of the performers while they're in action. And the action is down and dirty. It doesn't have that staged feel to it that some productions do, and all the performers are enthusiastic and hunky. Except for scene No. 2, there's no music, and the natural slurping and moaning adds a lot to the realism of each scene. And there were a lot more than just four "tight tales" here. Nine to be exact. (Har har. Just a little imperial humor there.)
The DVD includes the full-length feature; a blooper with Brent Banes and Eric Evans; a photo gallery from "SexPack Two: A Kinky Twist"; multi-language main menus (English, French, German, Spanish); full-motion chapter selections (and sub-menu scene jumps); and no regional coding.
A VHS + DVD Review by The Porn Emperor

"SexPack Two: A Kinky Twist," Raging Stallion is the follow-up to "SexPack One: Four Tight Tales." It's a quartet of sexual tales, many with unexpected turns, three of which are pretty dandy.
"SexPack Two: A Kinky Twist" opens with "Two American Booties," finding Tom Vaccaro and Dean Coulter playing lovers who have a drink at the end of a long day and then have their way with the other. Dean still gets my vote as the butchest, manliest bottom around, and he's absolutely on fire here. Dean takes Tom's dick and salutes it. It's a power headjob. Both men are increasingly vocal -- Tom emanating his moans of pleasure and Dean tearing into a bite of "dinner." After Dean has gagged on enough cock, Tom, on his back, crams his head into Dean's ass area. Dean is like a ride at an amusement park, always in action, going this way and that. His back drips with sweat as Tom unfurls his tongue. Afterwards, Dean has a firm seat in Tom's lap and absorbs his lover's hose like it's a suppository. This is a passionate, but almost barbaric scene, one that doesn't feel directed. These two bang away in a chair and then move to the bigger confines of their bed. As juicy and furry as Tom is, though, the scene really thrives on the ever-sturdy, seven-wonders-of-the-world ass and charisma of Dean.
In "Cop and Robber," Frank Parker is in a locker room late one night and finds a jock to sniff. Savoring the smell of it, he begins whacking. He is really getting into the sensation when cop Joe Stack bursts in. The badass cop admonishes Frank and then cuffs and punishes him. Joe decides to give Frank a taste of the real thing and pops his dick in Frank's throat. As Joe torments him verbally, Frank near-chokes on Joe's dick, all the while pre-cum and saliva dripping out of his mouth. Later, Joe pushes Frank to the floor and makes him worship his boot while Joe steps on the boy's ass, spreading it open. Frank gets fucked sitting down on Stack, taking his cock easily up his chute. Abruptly, and surprisingly, the scene changes and Frank starts boning Joe. Joe loves the sensation up his behind and demands more. Frank withdraws, picks up the nightstick and heaves it up Joe. The camera now moves to long-shot, the sight of the muscular Stack with a nightstick up his tight ass and a jock in his own mouth while he is jacking is scandalous. The surprise isn't that Stack bottoms, it's how carnivorous he is. Frank fucks him some more before both drop loads in the locker room. After Frank blows, he runs off with the officer's clothes. These two really know how to please each other.
The third scene, "Marking the Boy," is with Robert Black getting a tattoo, and is naked and hard as a rock as the tattoo artist does the work. The camera loves Robert and his cock and he eventually reaches orgasm as the arm work continues. It's apparently a first, a bondage tattoo sequence.
The concluder is the most intense, with a tint of leather and sadomasochism. "Ring Studs" teams Michael Corey and Bryce Pierce, with his penis full of piercings. Standing next to each other, they join their nipple-clamps together, and then they both strap the attaching chains to their matching Prince Alberts. Both are fully erect and all tied up in each other -- literally. As they stand, Corey grabs Pierce's buttocks and spreads them, Pierce's rose-petal opening up and getting loosened. "Ring Studs" features some lovely deep-throating and some mouth-watering rimming in addition to its harder edges. Leatherman Pierce has a tattooed, hunky man's frame, and he plops down on Corey much the way Coulter tackled Vaccaro's lap, gliding up and down on it. Later, missionary-style, their various chains and leather gear making them look almost ensnared in the same web -- Corey really ups the ante. The scenes of his cock ramming in, plopping out, then soaring in again into the delighted Pierce are sumptuous.
"SexPack Two: A Kinky Twist" is one of Raging Stallion's best efforts, offering a "sexpack" of sordid little vignettes.
The DVD version also includes slide-show galleries and a preview of "SexPack Three: Lewd Developments," a section dedicated with several excellent music selections from J.D. Slater, and easy-to-navigate menus (presented in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish).
A VHS + DVD Review by Max Southern

Strike a pose! SexPack Three: Lewd Developments" is everything a good porn video should be with handsome manly-man models and a sense of humor that's slightly off-kilter. With kooky titles like "Darkroom Dicks Exposed!" and a cast, each raunchier than the last, the third "SexPack" installment provides some wet blows and hot fucks.
The first scene, "Hairy Situations," features Tom Vacarro, Jeff Allen and Austin Masters getting down and dirty. All three men are beautiful hairy beasts. Austin Masters is new and improved here with gray fur everywhere and muscles to match; Tom, of course, is slinging around that now-famous cock; and tightly-built fur-ball Jeff Allen is as cock-hungry as they get. The three men trade blows, Tom is cock-hungrier than ever here, and then Tom fucks Jeff every which way but loose in various positions -- sit, missionary and bent-over -- before all three toss off nice money-shots.
In "Darkroom Dicks Exposed!," Lance Gear and Mark Evrett review nude photos in the red light of a photographer's darkroom. The sight of all those cocks and asses make Mark drop to his knees to suck Lance's upturned cock. Lances returns the favor and throws in a rim and a pounding fuck, too. This scene features two perfectly matched performers with seemingly genuine chemistry -- Lance can't get enough of Mark's fur-covered ass. Lance yanks out a big load and then Mark follows with an impressive albeit smaller shot.
The third scene, "Manual Focus," has a kinkier bent. As the scene opens, Marko is wearing a clear penis-pump and is bent over taking pictures of it with what appears to be one of those trendy Polaroid I-Zone cameras. After a few snapshots, Marko removes the pump and sits down on a big black dildo. This sequence is pretty hot as Marko is watching himself in a floor-length mirror and the interplay with his eyes, swollen cock, butt, dildo and mirror is interesting. Marko eventually shoots his load. Freeze frame!
Finally, "The Layout" features the gorgeous and muscle-bound Bryce Pierce and boy-next-door Billy Knight (as well as a shameless self-promotion "Raging Stallion Studios" banner on the wall). Anyway, this is an opposites-attract pairing that's really works. The tall and muscular Bryce dwarfs the smooth and somewhat boyish Billy (except in the dick department, Billy has a baseball bat of a cock). The men trade blows and then Bryce fucks the daylights out of Billy atop a leather-covered pedestal. Billy spurts out a gusher as Bryce is still drilling and then Bryce pulls out and dumps his load on Billy's tummy.
"SexPack Three: Lewd Developments" is a tight little video that accomplishes everything it sets out to do. It's downright sexy and raunchy from beginning to end. The stylistic touches are nice (stark soundstages with nice shadows and light) and the funky 70s-inspired music seems to be paying homage to the Bullet and COLT loops of yesteryear. These men are definitely ready for their close-ups.
Special DVD features: Digitally remastered, Dolby stereo sound, easy-to-navigate menus, full-motion chapter index, slide-show gallery and previews of other Raging Stallion titles.
A VHS + DVD Review by Butch Harris
Raging Stallion's "SexPack" series is synonymous with virile men and erotic scenarios, this, the fourth in the series has an eager and horny half-dozen men.
The first episode, "Stallion Fuck," stars Nate Summers, a butch brunet. When we first see Summers, he is making use of a dildo, pushing and easing his ass onto it. His butt squeezes as it gently slides down the shaft. Nate also mouths a bigger dildo and forces it down his throat, all the while fingering his own ass. The toyplay lasts a long time until Buck Philips joins him. The two men look alike and have similar frames -- they share a smoldering, open-mouthed kiss. Nate hungrily feeds himself on Buck's randy prick, before he opens his ass as he reclines in a sling. It's a nice fuck, with dual positions missionary and from behind. Buck's wiggly ass pumping away is nice to watch. After some heated pounding, Buck cums on Nate's tush and then helps Nate pump out his own load.
"Wild Ink" stars Bryce Pierce and Eddie Moreno. It, too, has a harder edge. Both men prove to be ravenous cock-consumers, savoring each other's oozing dicks. Each of the two gets his ass used as well. Moreno has a seat, à la Nate Summers, on a gigantic dildo and hoists his ass up and down, with assistance from Bryce. Soon after, Moreno plunges his manhood into sling-bound Pierce. Pierce's dick, for those who don't know, has about a dozen piercings, and he yanks it fiercely until he explodes with Eddie's meat well up him.
In "Training Hard," Dean Coulter is back. His videos are rare -- in fact, he's been doing only one or so a year. He remains a muscle bottom extraordinaire, and he and beefcake Chris Steele are nicely matched, and this scene is a bit rougher than Coulter's other "SexPack" appearances. This is a fantasy that takes place while Dean is working out with trainer, Chris Steele. He imagines himself hooded, in chains, with Chris lightly punching him. After he's returned to reality, he dreams of Chris using his wandering tongue up his ass. Then he imagines choking on Chris' shaft, pre-cum and spit running out of his mouth. After Chris eats more of Dean's ass, a most inviting meal, he rams his big one up Coulter. This experienced top and experienced bottom work up some major perspiration. Dean's ass looks even more sumptuous getting poked like a ripe melon. They move to the gym equipment, where Chris reclines on a bench and Dean sits atop his mound. The scene has four explosive cum-shots. Chris pulls out of Dean's ass, cums on the cheeks and eats it off, and then later they blow on each other. The scene also features a solo splash-shot by the sharp-shooting Steele, again lapped up.
This particular video is well-made and videographed by Kent Taylor. The camera is crazy over close-ups of balls banging on asses mid-penetration. "SexPack Four: Porn Noir" is a bit lengthier than the others and shorter on action, but the sweaty sex makes it worth your time.
The DVD version also include a slide-show gallery featuring Dean and preview gallery from "SexPack Five: Dirty Deeds" and a preview of other Raging Stallion releases ("SexPacks," "Raiders of the Lost Arse," etc.) and easy-to-navigate menus (presented in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish).
A VHS + DVD Review by Max Southern

Yes, "dirty" is a perfect word to describe the goings on in "SexPack Five: Dirty Deeds" from Raging Stallion. Other than getting thrown in a vat of chocolate, there is virtually no dirty tactic left out of this video. Directors Chris Ward and J.D. Slater, as usual, have found a way to make all of those slightly scary deeds seem incredibly hot. Each scene is a stroke of genius on some level or another, and each scene, even if you aren't into the fetishes explored or the guys showcased, has an undeniable raw sexuality that makes it so imminently watchable it's hard to take your eyes off the screen.
Scene 1: "Fed XXX" -- Actually, the first scene is rather tame in a way. The guys are wildly energetic, but there are no real fetishes explored. Michael Soldier, a tall slightly bearded man, plays a deliveryman and Buck Philips is there to receive his package. Buck is amazingly handsome, with a chest of perfect hair and definition, with a quiet smoldering passion about his five-o'-clock-shadowed face. It doesn't take much dialogue for Buck to start wagging his dick in Michael's face, nor for Michael to suck it.
Michael is a total cockwhore; he can't get enough. Buck forces it down his throat, but that's unnecessary, Michael would be taking it all anyway, bobbing his head so furiously he risks whiplash to enjoy himself this much. Buck soundly loves it, but this part of the scene belongs to Michael and his incredibly sexy moaning and he wets his entire insatiable face to please this glorious dick.
Even when Buck bends over him to prepare his ass, which means a difficult sucking position, he still churns away amazingly. When Michael does get fucked, Buck starts with an immediately forceful pounding, really hammering into him as a definition of the act.
Buck's fuck is absolutely masterful, a really powerful meaningful anal whomp. Watch for the moment when Buck, standing behind a bent over Michael, throws his leg up so Michael can catch it and stands on one leg, which naturally leads to the toes on the other sucked, without a loss of momentum. That's intensity! Michael eventually rides atop the dick, which doesn't stop Buck from being the overachiever he had been moments before in an easier topping position, and then he fucks him doggy-style again, hanging onto the ceiling for leverage! I kept wondering, as this excellence stretched into 20 or so minutes, how Buck could go this long with this much energy and how Michael could take it.
Superheroes? Superstars? Something like that. The scene, though vanilla in everything but attitude, really sets a tone for the rest of the video, which somehow manages to build on it.
Scene 2: "Cock Stuffer" -- I've seen the main act of this scene performed before, but never for this extended a time and never with such determination. But, let's get there first. The players in this scene are Matt McGrath, a tall very hairy guy with a big bushy goatee, and Joe Stack, by far the biggest man in porn you can still call "cute," with his adorably friendly face but massive muscular build and shaven gray hair.
Matt has his dick pierced and Joe tugs at it forcefully as he throws his entire body into eating Matt's balls. No, that's not fair. He's not eating, he's devouring them. He slaps them, he chews them, and he pulls them. There is nothing he can think of to do to Matt's balls that he doesn't do, and nothing Matt doesn't mind. This guy is totally impervious to pain. And, man, is it hot!
Sweat pours down Joe's face as he slams his face and hands around this guy's balls. If you're still wondering why those clunky black boots are such a popular item of gay attire, when you see them tied to Matt's huge balls, you'll remember why. Joe dumps a ton of weights into the boots, and still Matt takes it all like a good soldier.
After a little more ball torture (which is somehow sensual rather than frightening), the cock-stuffing comes in. Matt takes a long stainless steel rod and slides it in his dick. He doesn't flinch. He starts slowly, but then picks up speed and teases the whole cock with it. He slides it all the way in as Joe's hard dick with its own piercing can be seen on the side of the screen furiously being jacked in excitement.
"That's fuckin' incredible," Joe coos at one point and he ain't kidding. Joe not only strokes Matt's dick with the rod inserted, but he blows it too in the easy highlight of the scene. Expert Joe gets his mouth all the way down the dick with the sound inserted! How many dangers does that act contain? But, the payoff of seeing it is worth any squeamishness you are supposed to feel. At the end of the scene, Joe fucks Matt rather gratuitously (anything would be easy after the cock stuffing display) -- of course the rod is still in Matt's dick -- and then Joe finishes by stuffing his own face into Matt's crotch to inhale the cum he just spewed there.
Now, a few things make this scene so incredibly special. First is the camerawork itself,altering between color and black-and-white, and shot from a dazzling array of interesting positions. Second is the pure enjoyment a dependable pro like Joe Stack gets from seeing this done up close. The impressed look on his face isn't acting, I hope. Third? Well, the fact that Matt McGrath discovered he could pull off this feat and wants to share it with all of us.
Scene 3: "Joe Stack's Photo Shoot" --
There isn't actually anything hardcore here. It's just a fun tagalong to a photo shoot with Joe, who somehow looks even more divine than he did in the last scene. He's a little hairier, he looks even more buff, and he's wearing a tool belt, tight jeans, hardhat and sunglasses, posing next to a motorcycle. My head was spinning from the number of fantasies supplied!
The scene starts with Joe peeing for the camera. It's like a garden hose on full blast for an hour. Who has that much urine? How the hell much did he drink? Yet, he pulls it off with a cuddly little smile, like an impish child impressed with his new trick. Then, he jacks off while still photos are taken of him and eventually reclines on the bike to finish the deed. Joe comes off throughout as fun, charming and likable, not to mention sexy as all get out.
Scene 4: "Initiation" --
Pairing Robert Black and Bryce Pierce is pure heaven in this scene. Robert takes on the quiet role of Buck Philips and Matt McGrath, solidly performing with his fat cock, tight toned body and beard that looks like someone took marker to his face. He starts the scene solo, his balls tied up tight in a big cockring, which forces the balls and the cock to be big, plump and red.
Soon enough, Bryce enters the room. He's absolutely gorgeous, with his severe stiff hair and clipped sideburns, oodles of muscle, wearing boots that go almost to his knees. His face is very handsome and contains really big eyes. He has to open very wide to fit in all of Robert's engorged dick, but does so to the base of it. He gives a blowjob very much in line with Michael's from the first scene, but a little calmer and more sensual.
His main technique is to move his whole head with the dick inside it and Robert seems to love that. When Robert goes to orally say thank you, we find the piercing fetish in full view. Not only does Bryce have both ears pierced, both nipples pierced, the belly button pierced, but also his entire cock. There's one at the base of the balls and more than a few prettying up the dick, all the way up. Robert manages to mind these little pieces of physical pleasurement for a damn fine blowjob.
Bryce then eats out of Robert's ass, but does it slowly and tenderly, which really works for the chemistry these two have merged for this scene. Bryce uses his slightly bearded face, his chin, his nose, the whole face, with big full laps up and down the entire route of the ass. Of course, those dick pins might get in the way of a fuck, so it's Robert who gets that chore.
Bryce has a dignified tattoo stretching all the way down his back right into his asshole, and Robert plants himself at the bottom of it comfortably. Robert starts off with the same subtle energy the rest of the scene has achieved, but eventually does speed up to get Bryce really going. At first, Bryce seems to be the one in titters of lust, but when Robert starts pounding away harder, it's he who lights up the scene, without so much as a moan. He's a very quietly powerful fucker. Once the anal action is done, Bryce ends up in nipple-clamps and a gag, with his hands tied behind his back.
Robert, making sure to take full advantage of all those piercings, jacks Bryce slowly and teasingly. It's hard to tell if Bryce is in extreme pain or extreme ecstasy, but no matter, it looks great. Robert has the fancier shot at the end.
The scenes in this video, with the exception of Joe's solo, are very long. The length is not wasted, for sure. Every minute seems to bring a change to the scene and that's why I took up so much space detailing what happens. Moreover, since the scenes are so masterfully presented, the length seems a natural extension and display of the models' absolute joy in their lust.
These guys really put themselves through the paces to please their partners first and then the camera second. Directors Ward and Slater take care of the latter with clever direction, knowing editing and excellent lighting. They worry about finding the emotions as long as the models provide them. And in all cases in this video, the models certainly deliver those goods.
A Video Review by Brent Blue

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