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Falcon - Hot Property

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Hot Property : Jake Steel, Landon Conrad
Landon Conrad hires photographer Jake Steel to shoot some pix of the hot property he’s trying to unload. But after a few snapshots throughout the residence, the real estate agent and the shutterbug stop to develop a more intimate and erotic picture of their own. Finding themselves in the master bedroom the two men quickly get to work. Jake’s lips and mouth travel hungrily up and down Landon’s muscled torso, tasting his sweet flesh and nibbling his jujube tits. Then he lands onto Landon’s erect cock and swallows it down in continuous gulps. Before long, they fall onto the bed and Landon gets freaky in the sheets as he sucks the photographer’s hefty tripod before rimming the buried aperture between his asscheeks. Jake mounts Landon, slides down onto his pole and rides him hard. They twist into different positions as Landon continues fucking Jake, the excitement and thrill accelerating with every thrust until they both shoot their loads.

Hot Property : Roman Heart, Rafael Alencar
Roman Heart opens the front door to find the movers have arrived. Studly Rafael Alencar gets started packing and getting the heavy boxes ready to be picked up. The work is strenuous so Roman suggests Rafael take a break. He offers the Latin stallion a massage to soothe his muscles but Rafael knows which muscle the horny homeowner means. The two men quickly melt in each other’s embrace and start kissing. Roman is soon down on his knees sucking Rafael’s swollen dick, swallowing every inch of uncut meat down his throat, almost gagging on its thickness and length. Rafael continues facefucking Roman hard, then gives the guy a break so he can return the gesture and suck his cock. Next he eats out Roman’s hole, licking and slurping the puckered cleft. Ready for more, Rafael crashes through Roman’s back door and delivers the goods, drilling him in a variety of positions before they lose their loads one after the other.

Hot Property : Dylan Roberts, John Magnum
John Magnum takes prospective buyer Dylan Roberts through the house, showcasing its many features including the large kitchen with its top-notch appliances and marble countertops. Dylan likes the house but is showing more interest in the big-muscled realtor. All it takes is a mischievous grin to signal their unspoken desires and two men get busy cooking up some sexual mischief. They kiss and get naked and John soon has Dylan down on the counter so he can feast on his dick. They then switch roles so Dylan can begin fellating John’s cock and rimming his ass. John follows up by plowing Dylan’s manhole, sliding his dick in and out with furious thrusts. Dylan balances himself on the counters, his ass hanging in mid-air allowing John to continue fucking him harder and deeper. He whimpers and pleads for more as he jerks himself off and cums and John finally pulls out to add his own powerful load to the mix.

Hot Property : Landon Conrad, Brad Star
Landon Conrad’s scored big time as Brad Star eagerly snatches up the hot property. As is his custom, Landon suggests to the new homeowner that they break in the house with a celebratory suck-n-fuck. Brad welcomes the idea and they start to party hearty. Landon goes down on Brad’s horsedick, making the big man swoon and coo. The randy realtor sucks cock and eats ass like the pro he is while Brad responds by fingering and playing with his ass. Brad gets his turn to nurse on Landon’s dick and he savors every inch of manmeat as it slides through his clamped lips. Landon then straddles Brad, screws himself onto his stiff staff and begins to bounce up and down. His moans and groans grow louder and faster as Brad continues fucking him in different poses until both men reach their boiling point and erupt with two hefty loads.

Hot Property : Jake Steel
Jake Steel is a tall drink of water with a sinewy, finely muscled body. He knows he’s hot stuff and just can’t keep his hands off himself. He digs deep inside his jeans and begins to play with his cock. He strokes and pulls on his big dick, feeling it get stronger and harder. Laying on his back with one hand still jerking his dick, he tickles and teases his asshole. The sensations grow more and more intense and he’s practically moanin’ for a bonin’. With no one around to relieve the tension, Jake grabs a big black dildo and shoves it up his butt. Working both his dick and his ass, the ambidextrous stud gets himself into such a frenzied state that he finally has to let go and cum.

Hot Property : Brad Star
Brad Star superstar, you know who you are! The good-lookin’ young stud is so fine and this solo shower scene shows him at his best. After getting himself all wet, Brad soaps up, concentrating on his long stiff cock, his big dangling balls and his sweet sweet ass. He quickly works himself into a lather as he strokes, jerks and manhandles his meaty manbits with gusto. Every tug, every squeeze has him panting hard and the labored breathing quickly intensifies as his hands slide up and down his dick shaft. The non-stop dick-pounding action accelerates until Brad can no longer hold back and he finally shoots a big load of cum.

Hot Property : Rafael Alencar
Rafael Alencar is the ideal Latin lover — seductive, tempting and irresistible. He’s undeniably handsome and the proud owner of a smooth bubblebutt and a big uncut cock … what’s not to like? Rafael slow-dances through this solo jack-off scene in measured movements as he touches and massages every inch of his flesh; his dick looms large and dangerous, almost like a club ready to smack someone. Every movement, every gesture is made to tease and tickle. Rafael’s clenched fist slides up and down his swollen dick and he strokes it tighter and faster until he finally surrenders to the pleasure and cums.

Hot Property : Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts is a ball of boundless energy. He starts his day off stretching and working off the tension in his body. Feeling all loosened up and relaxed, he begins to masturbate. He grasps his dick and begins to massage it to hardness. With every stroke his fleshy foreskin slides up and down, covering and uncovering his dick head. Laying on his back, Dylan continues to jack off while he plays with his nipples and fingers his asshole. He quickly loses himself in the sheer ecstasy of the moment; he’s drowning in waves of pleasure. Dylan jerks his cock faster and faster and finally squeezes out a wad of cum.

Hot Property : John Magnum
John Magnum retreats to the sauna to unwind. His muscled body looks powerful and sexy as he gives himself a sponge bath. John drags the wet washrag all over his body, across his hairy chest, down his back, up and down his thighs, then all over his smooth round butt cheeks. Sitting down at last, he grips his dick and begins stroking it to its firm erect state. As he continues beating his meat vigorously, John spreads his legs high apart and plants his feet against the door frame. The feelings of satisfaction quickly intensify; his calf muscles tense and bulge indicating that he’s nearing climax; and then John finally busts his nut.
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