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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-16 |
Studio: NakedFratHouse
Title: “Frisbee Fun”
Starring: Japhy Ryder & Adam Slater
Release Date: 15/01/2011

HERE, CATCH! Today we've got sexy scholar Japhy back on the scene to play Frisbee with twinkish volleyball master Adam Slater and their undeniable chemistry nearly sets Tony's basement on fire! It starts off innocently enough tossing the old Frisbee back and forth with the dog on a spectacular sunny San Diego day at a park nearby the FratHouse. These two hotties really work up a sweat running back and forth and pretend they're just going back to the basement to partake in less strenuous activities. Not a moment passes after they plop down on the sofa before Japhy and Adam catch the sparkle in the others in the eye and instantly mash their mouths together. Japhy fumbles with Adam's shirt as they lock lips, but succeeds in peeling it off and tossing it aside so he has direct access to suck on Adam's little sexy nipples. They both grind against each other feeling the other's throbbing clothed bulge as Adam pushes Japhy back upright, tears off his shirt and starts kissing his entire smooth chest. Not stopping there, Adam helps Japhy lay completely back on the sofa and unzips his shorts, excavating a juicy and thick hard penis that he jerks for a bit while continuing to suck on Japhy's bottom lip before he heads down south and deep throats that sexy fat cock, bobbing his mouth on it like a buoy during the change of tides. Japhy's eyes keep rolling back in his head while Adam goes to town like a champion food eater, until Japhy decides it's time to show off a little bit. Not only does Japhy suck a mean dick, he also brought a thick red dildo along for the ride. Which he really takes pleasure thrusting into Adam's tight pink rosebud to stretch out the petals a bit while swallowing his engorged meat all the way to the balls. Finally it's time for some fucking, as Japhy pushes Adam down on all fours and wedges his bulky fuck rod in the tightest hole he's ever experienced, gently pushing in and pulling out until building up the momentum of broken jackhammer that can't be turned off. Adam screams out in ecstasy as Japhy reams the hell out of his hairy hallway, plunging in as far as he can and quickly ripping all 7.5 inch thick inches out to the soundtrack of intense moans. Adam's punished hole can only take so much, so he sits Japhy backward and positions himself so that big beautiful dick glides snugly inside Adam's tight sugar walls as he descends downward and the involuntary cries begin again. As Adam's rocking abdominal rhythm drags Japhy to the brink of spilling his seed up inside that strangling soft vortex of pleasure, Japhy tugs himself out, stands up and fires blast after blast of scorching hot semen directly into Adam's ravenous mouth. Adam is right behind him launching his own pearly man juice all over his smooth torso.

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