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L'Elisir d'Amore aka Baciami

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With director Lucas Kazan you can always be sure of beautiful men in beautiful surroundings, and in "L'Elisir D'Amore," based on the Italian opera by composer Gaetano Donizetti -- "L'Elsir D'Amore" ("The Elixir of Love"), 1831 -- Kazan plants his concentration in the context of the story -- obsessive love -- and dispenses with a lot of the surroundings in order to focus on the men themselves. This makes for moments of breathtaking human beauty almost overwhelming, a theme so central to the plot that you wonder if perhaps Kazan isn't writing his own story at times.

Over the credits, there seems to be a romance between Lucas Foz, a smooth lean youth with dark features and a smoldering set of eyes, and Filippo Romano, a massive man with muscles forever and a few tattoos here and there. They kiss on the beach and seem to be enjoying each other, but as soon as the credits end, we find this isn't reality. In that horrid place, we find Lucas quite the nerd (because of a shirt buttoned to the top and glasses, neither of which hide his majestic handsomeness) who is afraid to talk to strapping Filippo and who has developed a rather weird obsession with him.

Lucas, who worries constantly that Filippo is in love with his pal Giorgio Salieri, and who is horned-up to the limit by these thoughts, goes to visit a sex club. Bathed in bluish hues, the set is merely a never-ending set of prison bars. There is something of a heavenly soft quality to the place, quite odd for a sex club, but perfect for the romantic notions going on inside Lucas' head. On one side of the bars is gigantic Vilem Cage, with his perfectly square pecs, and on the other is somewhat twinkish adorable Michele Luppo. Lucas watches as Michele slowly pops Vilem's massive curving boner out of his pants and starts licking it. How is he going to suck something so big? We soon find out, and it turns out that little Michele has a pair of overachieving lips and a big open mouth. Pulsing piano music drives the emotion of the scene, giving it another touch of the unique seediness -- and romanticism. Vilem gets a little rough forcing Michele to take his cock through the bars, but Michele keeps right up with him. Michele then whirls Vilem around so he can eat from his ass. Watch the little touch of Vilem stroking the bars of the cage like a cock as Michele teases him by very slowly taking tongue to ass. When Vilem cums for the camera, the massive shot is quite a release. Michele, who has a long uncut cock, then switches places with Vilem so the latter can blow him. This lasts mere seconds before Michele has cum and then it's on to the fucking. Vilem, who had bowed to Michele's frisky nature, is now fully in charge, starting the doggy-fuck full-throttle and never losing pace. Vilem shoves his cock right to the back of Michele's ass from the start and never misses a thrust back there. What makes it so deliciously nasty is that Michele can handle it as well as he does. Michele cums being fucked and then Vilem cums by rubbing his cock against the underside of Michele's ass.

Lucas had gotten excited by watching this, and then supremely sexy Federico Bulsara, a brunet with about the most perfect facial features of any Kazan model, not to mention a body deserving of his Italian heritage, cruises him. Lucas refuses to look at him, so Federico tears off his glasses and starts to unbutton his shirt, diving unexpectedly for a few kisses, all of which Lucas rebuffs. This creates a mood that although sex is about to happen, there will be no emotion to it. Federico, who creates quite an interesting character through this short intro, finally gets Lucas out of his clothes and goes to blow him. He starts by gingerly licking on Lucas' cock and balls, and we watch Lucas' face go from his staunch position of not enjoying this (in character) to reveling in its dirtiness. Lucas grabs the bars as Federico finally swallows whole his cock. Federico is a sensational oralist, lathering spit all over Lucas' cock and alternating deep swallows of cock with teasing licks and nibbles. The sensational light dances over their shining bodies as the scene surges. Once the oral section you hoped would never end finally does, it's right off to the fucking, with Federico plugging Lucas doggy. Lucas' ripe ass takes all Federico has to give. You can see how into it Lucas is, registering total pleasure on his face as Federico rather calmly fucks him. Federico pulls out to cum on Lucas' ass and then Lucas cums. However, the scene isn't over, for with a completely handless entry, Lucas fucks Federico. In a very tough sideways position, which manages to show off the cock better, not to mention the magnificent asscheeks on Federico, Lucas takes over the scene. He's a bit more squirrelly and forceful with his fucking, and pummels Federico with all the pent-up energy of one in the throws of unrequited love. After a while, Federico climbs up the bars of the set and lowers himself onto Lucas, the two of them alternating action. For a while, Lucas will thrust upward into Federico's waiting ass and then, when tired, Federico will do a bouncing act. It takes two guys totally in the throes of the moment to be able to pull this off, and they do so spectacularly. Federico cums and then bolts the scene, leaving Lucas to drop a huge load all by himself.

Lucas still wants Filippo, and it hurts badly. He's obsessed with what Filippo and Giorgio, a tall smashingly handsome blond, are doing. Are they lovers? If so, are they passionate? In his mind, he sees the two of them at the entrance to a villa kissing with excitement and lust. But wait, what if their love isn't quite so romantic, what if it's angry? The scene reverses and starts again, this time with Filippo grabbing onto Giorgio and forcing his face all over his body. The mood is now aggressive and then they move inside where Filippo faux-fucks Giorgio with a force that we hope will carry through to the real thing. Filippo comes up with this unique choppy almost spastic hip-rolling movement that has Giorgio about to cum already. Filippo then parks his meaty hand on Giorgio's cock and strokes it. Will he suck it? The tension leading to the moment where he finally even licks it is unbearably sexy. Kazan could finish the scene here and have created something as sexy as anything hardcore surrounding it. However, Filippo starts with a lick and ends up greedily blowing the whole cock. He drizzles spit all over it, puckers his lips and deep-throats the smooth curving piece. Filippo, turning sensuality into an art form, gives a great blowjob and gets Giorgio to cum before letting out a pretty big one of his own on Giorgio's leg. The fucking returns, for real this time. Giorgio is flat on the bed with Filippo managing to turn those earlier movements into something real. With an amber lighting design surrounding their afternoon workout, Filippo has Giorgio in spasms of ecstasy as he pummels him with rather simplistic thrusts designed to impress more than hurt. After a little while, Filippo cums again, followed by Giorgio.

Lucas is brought back to reality and heads to the beach where he makes eye contact with swoon-inducing handsome Daniele Castaldo, a tinged-blond boy with a body of marble. Sitting under a palm tree on the beach, Daniele gives Lucas a one-man show. He touches all over his face and body, diving his hand inside his tight bathing suit, but not yet revealing his cock. This man clearly understands the camera as his audience, and plays to it beautifully. The scene suddenly changes to a lush forest where Daniele shows us his incredibly pillowy butt. The cheeks are so tight you ache to stick something in between them. Finally, he shows us his uncut cock and then his big white cum-shot.

Lucas is jealous about some of Filippo and Giorgio's friends, who join the main pair doing nothing in Lucas' mind but "smoking and drinking and being stupid." Do they fool around? Suddenly, Lucas' imagination takes off in another obsessive jaunt as he sees friends Luca Ferri, a somewhat dangerous type with a bandana on his head, and Mattia Saleni, a brunet who defines the word "cute," have sex. Luca blows Mattia, and the mood of the scene is a little more carnal and less thoughtfully designed than the scenes around it. It's a good blowjob, though Mattia does a lot of slighting thrusting upwards to make it more exciting. Eventually, Luca grabs hold of Mattia and jacks him to a rather vocally intense climax. Luca then parks himself on Mattia's cock, making sure it's literally fully in there before they start riding. Mattia, flat on the bed, turns out to be a hellion of a spitfire, shoving upwards with an amazing force to fuck Luca wonderfully.

Lucas is on his last day of his Italian vacation and is very anxious about leaving Filippo. So, he goes to a beach psychic who gives him a mysterious elixir. He admits it makes him "dizzy but bolder" and he sees Filippo standing on the beach. So, the brave Lucas bobs and weaves over to his beloved. Filippo merely tosses off the glasses, grabs onto Lucas' bathing suit and plants demanding kisses on him. Could he have been noticing him all along? Lucas responds with all his pent-up passion and the two roll around on the beach making out for a blissful eternity. Their kissing is everything the prologue promised, human lust at its most basic and attractive. I kid you not in saying that this could easily be watched as an entire scene in itself. As the waves crash behind them, they begin to explore more of each other, with Lucas finally falling to his stomach and blowing Filippo. Lucas delivers a whopper of a blowjob, licking, sucking, heading, using every trick he can think of as the scene takes its time to watch his thoughtful work. Lucas also achieves the deepest deep-throat we've seen so far, which fits into the plot as if nothing previously in his mind could compare with this moment. These two go at it so long that night falls on their deserted beach, but they still continue. The evening glow touches their bodies in new ways, but their action continues unabated. Filippo does his pretend fuck routine and then they stare at each other as they stroke each other, all before Lucas goes back to his blowing. He continues his fulfilling work before Filippo finally gives Lucas what he's been wanting and fucks him. They start missionary, with Lucas arching his ass up off the ground to help Filippo, as if he can't wait to get every last inch of his beloved. They switch almost instantly to Lucas riding on top of Filippo, which is strangely awkward at times. They finally settle on a sideways position that works best. This way, they can kiss and touch while Filippo smoothly and generously fucks Lucas. Lucas is rock-hard and beating off the entire time Filippo lustily yet lovingly plugs him. After lots of hard work from both of them, Lucas achieves a hard-sought cum-shot and Filippo has a good liquidy mess on Lucas' inner thigh. Lucas tells us in narration that he flew home the next day and though he never saw Filippo again, he also never wore his glasses either. The beast has been awakened.

In the hands of someone less archly romantic than Lucas Kazan, this gripping story may have turned into something cheesy and trite. But, with Kazan's sense of romanticism in full tilt, "L'Elisir D'Amore" is a sumptuous investigation of passion, set against small lovely villages and full of men worth lusting after (shot on location in Italy in the cities of Tuscany and Sicily). Sure, the last scene will inevitably find Lucas getting Filippo, but getting there is what is important and we spend a great deal of time watching Lucas Foz tripping over his thoughts as he works out his feelings. Lucky for the viewer that his thoughts are all sexual and the men around him are all predatory fucking animals who can't wait to live out his fantasies. All of the performers understand the direction here, and they all play as lusty beings to the camera, providing six simply stunning sex scenes. There are no false moves, no wasted moments, no bows to convention here. Instead, there is just porn as perfect as it can be in the mold of romantic wanting sexual yearning.

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