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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-20 |
FUCK HOLES 2 continues Max Sohl's obsession with anonymous pump & dump action. Max loves men who crave cum in their guts so much they lube up, leave their doors open and wait ass-up for any and all men who need to dump a load. Some of the scenes in FUCK HOLES 2 result from real ads on real hook-up sites. Other scenes are balls-to-the-wall T.I.M. gangbang fuck fests. All of them have one thing in common: a hole desperate to be spermed.

Featuring some of my favorite public-access cunt boys: Treasure Island Media exclusives CHRISTIAN, IAN JAY and JAY ROSS. Also displaying their wanton manslut talents are DICK DAMONSON, MARCELO MASKO and introducing T.I.M.'s newest pig-slut TAYLOR MEANS who spends an entire day as an anonymous hotel cumdump. KURT KAISER, FRANCO DAX, ERIC WOLFE, LIGEE, and MARC SHORT are among the load-donors - -and many more fuckers.

Scene 1: SNAKE CHARMER - JAVIER, CAESAR B., LIGEE, NICK ROBERTS, MARC SHORT. JAVIER was one of the aggressive top men in Max Sohl's original FUCK HOLES. In this bottoms-up sling-breeding, JAVIER gets a chance to demonstrate his born-in-the-bone hunger for cock and cum. The topmen load-wranglers for JAVIER's sperm-starvin' guts include mega-hung LIGEE, CAESAR, NICK ROBERTS, and one of T.I.M.s most-requested studmen, MARC SHORT. There's a whole lotta merciless ass-pounding until each stud gets his load sucked out of his dick by JAVIER's world-class fuckhole.

Scene 2: HOTEL CUMDUMP - TAYLOR MEANS, KURT WOOD, CUMDUMPER, SCOTT WEAVER, ZACHARY BLACKWELL, SEAN, MICHAEL. MAX truly loves the real deal. His porn is great partly because he manages to get out there and shoot what's really going on. So when 24-year-old TAYLOR MEANS begged him to whore out his ass, MAX put an ad on a hook-up site and this is the result. It's real, it's crude, and it's over-the-top. Now, I know you've fucked men like TAYLOR MEANS. He doesn't give a fuck what you look like, he doesn't give a fuck whether you fuck him gentle or rough. He wants your dick in him and he wants your load. For over 6 hours, boyish TAYLOR obediently gave up his perfect li'l ass for every man who walked through the door. He doesn't see most of their faces - they just strip, pump, dump, and split. A true anonymous pump & dumper, by the fuckin' book! These are hotspots from a six-hour fuck marathon. I'm asking MAX if he might release all six hours, unedited. From what I've seen, it'd be fuckin' worth it!

Scene 3: CITY HOLE - CHRISTIAN and ERIC WOLFE. T.I.M.exclusive CHRISTIAN isn't used to begging. When you look like he does and have a fuckhole that's a worldwide legend you don't have to work hard to get what you want. But he begged and whimpered when we hooked him up with ERIC WOLFE (Built to Fuck, Damon Blows America 9, Fearless). In this meaty one-on-one under the city lights of Manhattan, ERIC pigfucks CHRISTIAN, reveling in doing what a man with a cock this big can do. And he can do a fuckin' lot! This is a truly fine fuck connection. ERIC plows CHRISTIAN deep and deeper with that 10" man-breedin' equipment of his, until CHRISTIAN pleads to feel a hot load of sperm shooting deep inside him.

Scene 4: 3-LOADS - JAY ROSS, JUSTIN, JIZZ GUY, RIPPEDSTUDX. JAY ROSS is the real deal, a true fuckslut. This guy talks with his mouth, sure. But he most definitely truly communicates with his very talented ass. And his favorite way to spend an afternoon is to offer up that ass for the pleasurin' of some random cock. Like most T.I.M.men, JAY's all-time favorite lube is warm, fresh cum. He loves feeling one man after another sliding in deep, using another guy's slick fuckjuice for their own selfish pleasure. In this scene, three studs blast messes of DNA into JAY's hole. The little blonde boy with the fine fuckable ass must've ached the next day from this dick-walloping.

Scene 5: SELFISH BREEDER - IAN JAY and BRANDON. Topman BRANDON is a selfish fucker. You've met the type. A submissive man's hole is there for one reason and one reason only: to satisfy BRANDON's cock. Open up, take every inch, take the seed deep. And then BRANDON the man-seeder is outta there! MAX gave IAN JAY to BRANDON, and that studman ate him alive. BRANDON doesn't hesitate to tear up IAN's fine boyish butt and seed it good. Afterward, IAN was so excited by having been used and abused that he had to jerk off - and gulp down his own sperm.

Scene 6: 2-FUCK HOLES - DICK DAMONSON, MARCELO MASKO, FRANCO DAX, KURT KAISER, RIPPEDSTUDX, and ERIC WOLFE. Sometimes one fuckhole just ain't enough for a bunch of topmen. So we teamed up versatile MARCELO MASKO and total sub DICK DAMONSON (an ex-marine, by the way - DICK has learned the best way to serve his country: one man at a time). Every top in the room - KURT KAISER, RIPPEDSTUDX, FRANCO DAX, and ERIC WOLFE are like ravenous breed-ready bulls. They go back 'n' forth, using both bottom's in every possible way. Both hungry fuckholes most definitely leave with everyone's fresh spooge seeping from their cracks.

Bonus Scene 1: 4-Minute Breeding-JAY ROSS AND CAESAR B. Here, quick and to the point, is exactly what an anonymous pump & dump is all about. How to use and juice a fuckhole in record time. Sometimes a man just wants to get that job done.

Bonus Scene 2: IAN JAY TAKES A LOAD - IAN JAY and MARCO RIVAS. This scene has a "classic" porn feel to it. New York top man MARCO RIVAS pumps poor li'l IAN JAY every which way, pumping the kid's mouth and ass raw. No theatrics here. Just pure and simple manfucking. At one point MARCO pulls out for a second and IAN literally begs him to get it back inside him! That's real hunger.

MAX SOHL has taken on the noble task of documenting and celebrating the pure lust-driven world of anonymous hard and dirty pump 'n' dump fucking. This has nothing to do with nice, considerate dudes, but is about rude, raw and raunchy cum-spurtin' soul-fucking. One way or another, this is what we're all about. Some men are born to give, some men are born to take. You'll see 'em all right here in FUCKHOLES 2. Burn that candle, brother. That's what you were born for.
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