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This has some very hot guys in it, as well as hot sex. However, the description on the DVD cover would imply that it�s an all-out orgy throughout, (as does the free XXX preview you can watch on �amgbrasil.com�). But, it starts out with guys paired together sucking cock, mostly one-on-one, and then ends with an orgy.

This movie begins with cover boy Marcelo Mastro standing under an outside shower, rubbing all over his body. He bends over, spreading his butt cheeks while the water runs off of his naked body and between his cheeks. He almost loses his balance when he stands up, but then proceeds to rub over his delicious body and his cock, and then strokes his cock a bit, before being joined by Renzo Castelli, who comes from off camera. Marcelo has apparently enticed Renzo so much to join him, and he drops to his knees to service this hot man�s cock. Shortly after this, Rick Ferraz joins them. Renzo seems to be in heaven now, as he has two cocks to alternately suck, all the while the water is still running off of both guys bodies. Renzo rubs his hands all over Rick�s body, while Rick and Marcelo stroke their own cocks. Rick shoots first, followed by Marcelo, as it hits his neck and chest. Renzo gazes into Rick�s eyes, even when Marcelo shoots his hot wad on his body, and then we see in the background two naked guys by the pool watching these three boys.

The two guys that were in the background are Peterson Corr�a and Oliver Lima. We now watch them kissing and stroking their own cocks, followed by more kissing and attention to each other�s nipples. Oliver slides down off the pool ledge and goes down on Peterson�s rather large, thick, and uncut cock. Peterson spouts off something in Portuguese, as he pushes Oliver�s head down on his dick, and then he lightly slaps Oliver on the back and face. He also spits on Oliver a few times, and is apparently telling Oliver how to suck his cock and also what to do. Oliver jumps up so he can lie on the side of the pool on his stomach, which allows Peterson easy access to his ass. Peterson begins biting his butt cheeks, followed by spitting into his crack, and then fingering his hole. Next, Oliver comes down off of the ledge, positioned in front of Peterson, as Peterson licks and kisses his back. But then, Peterson grabs Oliver�s hips out of the water so his ass is in Peterson�s face. Peterson tongues and eats his ass, and then lowers Oliver into the water, where he can tease his butt with his cock. Peterson now turns Oliver to his side, where he can kiss and suck on Oliver�s nipples, and then he lifts him up and places him on the ledge, (where we see two guys sitting on a bench in the background; Nick Novaes and Victor Santos), he continues to suck and spit on his nipples, while Oliver strokes his own cock. Peterson now begins feeding Oliver his fingers, beginning with one finger, and then alternating between two, three and four fingers. Peterson cups his hands like some movies do when they�re feeding the other guy cum, but neither guy has done that yet.

Nick Novaes and Victor Santos are now shown sitting with legs intertwined, while stroking their own cocks and watching Peterson and Oliver. Victor then leans over to Nick and kisses him passionately, followed by Nick dropping his head down on Victor�s thick and uncut cock, followed by then dropping to his knees to keep sucking Victor. Victor seems eager to return the favor, so he breaks free and walks towards the plants where Nick stands and Victor drops to his knees so Victor can taste his cock. Victor sucks his soft dick briefly, before the orgy begins.

Peterson and Oliver are still hot and heavy for each other, as the other 5 men join their group. But, Peterson leaves Oliver to stand behind Renzo, lifts him up in the air and back down, and then turns him around to begin fucking. Rick is in the background fucking Nick, while Marcelo is in the foreground preparing to fuck Oliver. We see some very nice underneath fucking shots from each group of partners, (especially of Marcelo). I�d have to say Peterson is a very forceful top, when he�s pounding Renzo�s ass, pulling out all the way, and shoving it back in, and then just fucking the shit out of him, (but Oliver soon replaces him for a short period). Next, Victor has mounted Peterson, who�s lying on his back on the side of the pool. They continue to swap sex partners throughout, before ending up with Victor leaning backwards on the pool's edge, while the other six guys jack their dicks and shoot their loads all over his body. Peterson cums first, and then they almost cum in the order of how they stand, (a half circle formed around Victor). After the last guy shoots is face, three of them beat Victor�s face with their cocks, and then pick Victor up and toss him into the pool, and then they all jump in.

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