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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-04 |
SanDiegoBoy - West Coast Barebackers

The West Coast is where all the bareback non-stop action is!

Studio: San Diego Boy Productions
Audio: Live Sound
Director: B.B. Bruce

Starring: Joey Rico, Kevin Reed, Tim Hunt, Leo Miller, Jonathan Cole, Trey Kennedy, Nick Salenas, Ricky Nova, Jake Martinez


Ricky Nova & Tim Hunt
Ricky & Tim are both sexy studs with perfect muscular bodies.
Tim is an exhibitionist who is no stranger to fucking ass,
while Ricky is a newbie who is eager to test drive Tim's nice cock.
This pair has great chemistry! Lots of kissing and four-play before Ricky hops on Tim's throbbing boner.
Our boy Ricky may not be used to getting fucked, but you'd never guess that,
the way he takes Tim's raw cock like a pro! Ricky's moans and groans of pleasure
tell me we have a future power bottom in the making. After lots of passionate fucking,
both Ricky and Tim climax explosive loads of hot cum over their sweaty hard bodies. Mmmm, that's hot....


Jake Martinez & Nick Salenas
Choosing a club to go to, two of our SD Boys, Jake Martinez and Nick Salenas,
figure they still have time to fool around before they go dancing.
These two hot and horny boys strip quickly and get down to some bareback riding lessons.
Jake is bottoming today and Nick sure enjoys the action. Rocking on Nick's hard cock,
Jake finds his stride and shows some of rhythmic moves he enjoys; these two make fine dance partners.

Jake, coming off Nick's hot cock, lies on his back for some missionary thrusting by his partner.
Alternating between long and short strides, both moan as Nick's dick is massaging Jake's prostate.
Eager for the sensation to intensify, Jake bounces up to meet Nick's downward play.
This bottom definitely has some dance moves in him; he arches his back in order
to feel every inch of Nick's dance pole. As the camera pans under the two, we see
deep penetrating action; lost in each other, this couple is moaning and groaning as one.

Flipping over to doggie, Jake continues to set the pace, as he rocks back onto
Nick's awaiting cock; they watch each other and smile. Within just a few minutes,
Jake's frenzied motion has him almost hopping off the bed. Nick continues to pull
back hard on his bottom's hips. These two are really in a pumping rhythm and it looks
like nothing is going to stop the music. Taking a moment to catch their breaths, they move to the shower.

With the shower spraying down onto Nick, Jake bends down to suck his partner to firmness.
Quickly responding to Jake's warm, wet mouth, Nick's cock reenters Jake's eager bottom.
These two really have some nice moves; once again they bump together in order to
pound down on each other. Both needing to brace themselves against the shower walls,
they tighten their grip as Nick rocks Jake's world. Getting closer to cumming, the boys move back to the bed.

Side by side, Nick and Jake masturbate as their bodies touch and they kiss.
Nick unloads first as he truly fires one off, straight into the air.
Jake continues to stroke for a few more minutes, then oozes his sweet work onto his shaft and hands.
The two smile and kiss each other again; after all those steps, I hope they can keep up with the beat at the club.


Leo Miller
Oh, Leo had to go there; we are going to really enjoy this SDBoy!
Where does it begin? Where else, but in the shower, with Leo "dropping the soap."
Not dropping it in the "correct" direction to show us his ass, Leo diligently
picks up the slippery bar and drops it "again," in the "correct" direction. Filming such mistakes has its rewards; a perfect bubble butt.

Nice, very nice: lean body, round ass, trimmed pubic hair and he's uncut.
Leo towels himself off and says he is, "warm, clean and ready for the day."
In this case, the day starts back in bed with a wank and a smile. I ask him about the
sensitive parts of his body; stroking is dick, he says, "my ass."
"Anything playing with my ass arouses me, including a thick dildo."

With a nice build, he tries to work out daily; I think he could be
considered a twink moving toward a jock. I've got gay porn on in the background
to help him achieve his goal; he's starting to get flush and a "deer in headlights"
look comes over him. About his jack off habits, "twice a day, including right after
I go to bed because it puts me to sleep real quick." And for an ideal man, he smiles and
says, "tall, dark and handsome;" ah youth. "Oh, and he has to top me," Leo interjects.
I'm so glad someone gets to pound that bubbly ass.

On his knees, I zoom in to his luscious six to six and a half inch dick.
Asking him to present his ass, I go close and have him finger himself, twice.
A true bottom, he says once he is bent over a chair, while standing, he gets
satisfaction by the top cumming. "Sometimes, I don't even need to cum, as long as he cums inside me."

Lying back down, he works his cock until his hole begs for attention; he works
in a thick dildo, as he jerks. "It feels amazing, but really tight," is his answer
about the feel of the toy. Stroking faster and with more focus, Leo manages to take it all in.
He maneuvers it in and out, like a real boy would.

Getting closer, he pulls out the dildo and relies on his own two hands;
one hand on his dick and the other in his hole. But for the final hurdle to
the finish, he asks if he could, "suck my cock?" "Sure," I answer; did I tell
you I love filming these SDBoys? Taking my cock in his mouth, his beautiful lips
engulf most of my shaft; he begins to stroke himself as well. Within moments, two long,
creamy streams bust forth. I'm so glad I was here to help him deliver.


Johnathan Cole & Trey Kennedy
Looking to party before he goes out, Trey wants to see if Jonathan has what it
takes to keep him entertained. Jonathan, ready for a little bash himself,
takes Trey up on his offer. These two twink SDBoys, can really let loose when it comes to a good soirée.

The two kiss deeply, as they feel each other up and out. Comfortable with
one another, both Trey and Jonathan take turns blowing. Jonathan tastes the
first meat, but Trey stays on Jonathan's to harden him up for fucking;
Jonathan will be the top, Trey the bottom. As they whisper and laugh, they focus
in on sucking and kissing; within minutes both are rock hard. "Ah, suck my dick,"
Jonathan says, Trey happily complies. Jonathan, going down on Trey, pays special
attention to the balls and head. As Jonathan moves atop Trey and sucks, a smile
comes over his face, as he buries his face in Trey's ass. The intense sucking and
licking of Trey's hole, has him panting and moaning; Jonathan remarks,
"you like me eating your ass, don't you?" Trey moans, "yeah" as he grabs on to Jonathan's arms and his toes curl.

Going inside Trey, Jonathan rocks back and forth while he strokes Trey's dick.
Jonathan then lies flat on the bed so that Trey may ride him. With soft moans and pants,
we can tell these two boys have found a fun rhythm. Both are fully flush
in the face and watch each other's reaction to the fucking.


Kevin Reed & Joey Rico
After a good workout at the gym, Kevin and Joey head back to their bed for more exercise.
"Let's burn some extra calories," suggests Kevin. Joey agrees with a kiss and caress;
rolling into an embrace, they play with each other's dicks. I think their
SDBoys video is going to help all of us burn some calories.

Kevin goes down on his workout partner's dicks and then continues to caress
and kiss him all over. Joey takes over and sucks Kevin's cock; "oh fuck"
says Kevin, as he is watching his partner enjoy the oral affection. Lying on
top of each other, they kiss and touch, and then Joey goes atop to ride Kevin's cock.
Balls deep from the start, they seem very adept at their workout.
As Joey watches Kevin's reaction to his rocking, Kevin moans, "oh fuck;"
Joey's dick wags in delight. Feeling his partner deep within him, Joey also says,
"Oh fuck yeah" as he continues the pleasurable motion.

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