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Tag-team Wrestling Beau & Shane vs Tony Cosenti & Ricky Martinez

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Nasty Style Triumph or Comeuppance?

Trash-talking prettyboys Beau and Shane have quickly emerged as BGE's resident tag team specialists, while last time Ricky and Tony teamed, the advantage of numbers didn't save them from a 1-on-2 beating by Bulldog Barzini. "This is gonna be the easiest match yet," Beau boasts, daring to slap both babyfaces before the bell. But two quick near-pin backslides and he runs to tag out. Shane runs into two hiplocks, and it's outside to regroup. Suddenly serious, the heels remember they're heels, and break out the cheating double teams: Ricky worked in the corner, Tony attacked on the apron, leading to sequential rocking rowboat submissions to pins. Once again in control, the heels gleefully show off their skills with mirror-image slams and matching gut busters. But Ricky and Tony are full of surprises, and an easy victory clouds when they humble the hunks with two humiliatingly exposing split spladles! With one round apiece, the match blows wide open. Inside and outside the ring mat mayhem!
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