Monster Cub - Hunter Scott & Ray Deluca Our Little Secret [monstercub com]

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Ray has been dating my roommate for about 5 months. Every time he comes by I catch him checking me out, and every time I think he's really trying to find an excuse to get a taste of my cock. So it was a bit of a surprise when he showed up at my apartment unannounced one afternoon. He said that my roommate and him were going to dinner, but my roommate didn't mention anything and it was only 3pm. So I told him to wait with me on the couch and tease him a bit. I noticed he was getting a chub in his shorts so I decided to test the water. I threw the remote down on the floor and he dove down to pick it up. I whipped out my dick and when he turned around to give me the remote, he froze. I convince him to give it a taste and he more than happily obliges. After he slobbered on my meat for a bit, I got him on all fours, lubed up, and ready for daddy. He took my cock like a champion and begged me for my load. I managed to splatter his hole, but only about 10 seconds before his boyfriend, my roommate, came home!

Actors: Hunter Scott & Ray Deluca
Released: January 2020
Video Format: MP4
Size: 454.3 mb
Duration: 18 minutes

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