♺ TIM - Knocked Out and Jerked Off - Vol 1 (mp4)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-04-11 |
Scene 1: Seth, 27 y.o.
Sometimes I go to a tiny dive bar near the Greyhound station. That's where I met Seth. He was alone, drinking cheap beer. I overheard him telling the bartender that he didn't have enough money to pay for the beer he'd just ordered. I paid for the beer, struck up a conversation and told him about my "video project."  He said he needed the bucks. He'd never done anything with a dude, but so long as he wasn't conscious during it, he was fine. He had a beautiful cock that got nice and hard as I played with it through his pants. He didn't come, but I got a great hard-on out of him and really enjoyed his fine young torso.

Scene 2: Bill, 21 y.o.
Bill is the janitor for the building where I live. He's a friendly young guy, and he and I often greet each other in the halls of the building. He loves women and he loves gambling, so he's always--always!--broke. One day I mentioned my "project," and he surprised me by immediately saying he'd give it a try. "Anything to bring a little party money in, man!" I bought him some cheap brew, he popped a couple of the KO-pills, and I got to play with what turned out to be one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen! After some easy jacking, his dick spewed a great big load of cum while he was still sound asleep. 

Scene 3: BRANT, 30 y.o.
I saw Brant playing basketball on the corner lot with his pals. I sat and watched and overheard him bitching about how broke he was. After the game broke up, I intercepted him and shared some brew with him. I made my pitch, and after a little hesitation, he gave in and agreed to it.  We went to a sleazy motel and, after he drank some hooch and took a few of the knock-out pills, he was sleeping like a baby.  I had great fun playing with him while he dozed. And unlike Seth, I was able to jack Brant to completion: he shot a big load of straight-guy juice. 

Scene 4: Corey, 20 y.o.
I met this young military man through a mutual friend. My friend told me he had a buddy who was in town, broke and looking to pick up an easy buck or two.  So I got in touch with him, explained how things went, and he said he'd be willing to give it a try. I loved running my hands over his hairy chest and his hairy legs while he slept. And his cock is fuckin' beautiful. While he was totally unaware of what was happening, I played with his dick and almost immediately it spouted a geyser of sperm, all over his belly and my hand. This one was fuckin' horny!

Scene 5: Lyle, 23 y.o.
Lyle likes to skateboard in a park near my house. He kept taking a break in the shade of a tree where he had some beer stashed. When I noticed he'd run out I wandered over and made my pitch.  A hot day, more booze, a cool room and some cold cash... He didn't even hesitate.  I bet your wet dreams were never like this!

-- Jack Miller

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