♺ Frey Vs Bolt (Gut Punching)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-05-18 |
This match is all about Bolt... and his ABS!! For first part of this video, we take a close examination of the magnificence of Bolts abs at work. Flexing, working out, straining and popping, we get up close and gritty with all the definition in Bolt's core. He's taking an extended workout on his ab day, and we decided to follow along and film it all! After he's worked his abs to exhaustion and they're as defined as ever, Frey comes marching in, ready to offer his favorite pointers on how to really make the abs pop. Knowing Frey, I'm sure you've guessed his ultimate ab workout plan, pain! To grow the abs stronger you have to tear them down and rebuild, and the best way to tear down the abs, the hardest most violent ab punches you can throw. Enjoy the rest of the video as Bolt and Frey take turns having at each other's abs. Who walks out the ultimate ab champion? The man who doesn't puke first. Find out who ends up blowing chunks at the end of the video today!
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