Secrets of a Wrestler 2 - Slam

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DescriptionStarring: Brian Wells, Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Fred Goldsmith, Jack Laurel, Jonathan Collins, Leslie Manzel, Luciano Endino, Nick Reiner, Rick Perry, Sergio Foster

Coach Foster continues to lead the gang in "Secrets of a Wrestler: Vol. 2: Slam," with a few cast changes. After a short workout session, some of the guys head off for the showers, and some locker room horseplay between Claudio Antonelli and gorgeous brunet Rick Perry leads to a heavy make-out session, with teammates Fernando Nielsen and Justin Stewart watching. Perry's seduction of Antonelli includes some fervent groping and tonguing, and Nielsen and Stewart jump ahead of their pals, with Stewart avidly sucking Nielsen's massive member. Perry services Antonelli's thick meat in a manner that can only be described as worshipful -- it is a real erotic thrill to watch this stud suck dick. Equally hot is watching as the massively built Nielsen sits on Perry's cock and rides it, his huge erection waving in the air. Antonelli slides into Stewart from behind as the action continues. The pairings change up, and Perry fucks Stewart while Nielsen bends over to take Antonelli's uncut monster. Big stud Nielsen shoots first, spurting all over his abs, then Antonelli blows a big load that coats Nielsen's big pecs. Then Perry very loudly spills his load, followed by Stewart.
Dark and handsome Luciano Endino and hairy stud Eric Maestro are the next to leave the gym, and head off to the showers to clean up. They discuss their wrestling training, but it isn't long before their minds turn to other things, and Endino pops a huge boner that can't be ignored. The two hunks trade blowjobs, then Endino finger-fucks Maestro's hairy butthole before he fucks him, first standing up, then on the shower floor. Endino shows no mercy -- he really pounds the smaller stud's ass. When Endino shoots his load, again, in the standing fuck position, he slaps it around a little all over Maestro's ass. Then Maestro shoots, his sticky cum clinging stubbornly to his fist.
In the next scene, handsome Leslie Manzel and hot stud Brian Wells get hot and heavy with each other in a trophy room while Fred Goldsmith and young stud pup Nick Reiner ogle the action. Both couples do some pretty passionate kissing, then their clothes come off and the action heats up. An amazingly energetic four-way suck, with Nielsen and Manzel gobbling up Wells' cock follows. Then Nielsen and Manzel get fucked by Reiner and Wells respectively. Reiner reaches around and grabs Nielsen's hot cock while he's fucking him. Then Reiner reclines on a desk and Manzel rides his cock hard, while swallowing Nielsen's meat. Nielsen and Manzel continue to energetically bottom, while tops Reiner and Wells fuck them non-stop. Manzel even gets into Nielsen's ass himself, with Wells sliding into Manzel for a hot sandwich-fuck. The sexual energy in this scene is off the charts. Wells shoots on Manzel's ass while Manzel continues to plow Nielsen, and then Nielsen strokes his thick meat to a creamy finish. Manzel pulls out of Nielsen's ass and cums, rubbing the cum into Nielsen's crotch with the head of his dick. Finally, Reiner shoots, leaving a trail of jism all over Nielsen's rounded pecs.
Back in the gym, coach Foster gets a bulge in his shorts watching pumped-up stud Jonathan Collins pin brunet Jack Laurel. He releases his cock from the confines of his uniform, and Collins and Laurel do a side-by-side blowjob on it. Then Foster returns the favor, taking turns sucking both Collins and Laurel. His raging erection never flags as he services the two studs. Laurel gets in the middle, and Collins fucks his face as Foster fucks his ass savagely. Then Laurel sits on Collins' dick and rides it for all it is worth, his cock rock-hard and bouncing. Laurel's ass continues to get a workout, first taking Collins, then Foster sideways. Cum-shots are accompanied by almost musical moans and groans, as Collins and Foster shoot on Laurel, and then Laurel adds his own load to the slime covering his torso.
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