♺ Alley Boys (1996) Catalina C1R DVD

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Contains DVD (iso) and mp4.

director Taylor Hudson (Chi Chi LaRue)

Adam Rom
Eduardo (cuban)
Eric Marx
Jake Holloway
Kurt Houston
Matthew Easton
Sam Crockett
Steve O'Donnell
Tony Cummings

Every city has one; it's a dark place, far from the traffic and businesses. The air is thick with the scent of man-sex, and there's always some hot guys waiting around to get off. Every night around this time, it starts - slow at first, just Alley Boys staring back and forth and giving that look, that hungry look. They get closer and closer, groping and rubbing, making the wet spots on their jeans get bigger and bigger. Then it happens - one guy slides down the length of his partner, gliding his tongue over a tight muscled chest, stopping only to taste the glistening sweat. Finally he's sucking that cock, the sweet taste of young, hard dick filling his mouth.

Soon others have joined in, all groping and feeling their way into the center of the man-sex-action. No one is really sure whose piece they've got in their mouth, and they don't really care, 'cause a dick's a dick, and the bigger and harder the better. There's no talking, just moans of ecstasy and pleasure as mouths and tongues explore the bodies of other hard-cocked men, licking shafts and heads, tickling low-hanging ball sacks, and darting in and out of tight, juicy man-holes.

In the corner, one guy finally shoots a huge load all over his buddy's face. Then another big, juicy dude lets loose a long, deep sigh as his man-juice spews from the head of his cock, up and over his hand, down to the ground and the chest of that boy who's been eating his ass. Soon everyone has taken their turn getting off, and a heap of exhausted, naked, sweaty men lay in the center of the ground. One by one, they slowly get up, pulling their jeans back up from around their ankles, and give a quick nod, the one that means, "Yeah, that was great. See you tomorrow - same time, same place."

Director Chi Chi LaRue takes us on a non-stop joy ride from the opening frame right up until the last cock shoots its wad! You'll find them in every city across the globe, Alley Boys who come out once the sun goes down.
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