Catalina - Leo & Lance (The Good Times Are Here)

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Leo & Lance
The Good Times Are Here
distributor Catalina Video released 1983 length 95
distributor Catalina Video released 2004 length 97 note Catalina Video Direct DVD Straight transfer to DVD of the original feature film. Good quality picture and sound. The picture is somewhat cropped at the top. Optional bonus footage: Scene 1 from Cat Men Do with Steve Rambo, Michael Cody and Cole Youngblood (Duration 17 minutes). Cum Shot Review. Photo Gallery. Trailers (4)
distributor Channel 1 Releasing released 2008 length 97 note Catalina / Channel 1 Releasing DVD The Channel 1 website does not give any information whatsoever if they actually remastered the movie for this edition or that it's a repackaged / re-authored product with the same digital master as used for the 2004 Catalina Video release. The original subtitle The Good Times Are Here is deleted on this release.
Leo & Lance
Channel 1 Releasing released 2008 length 97 note The Channel 1 website does not give any information whatsoever if they actually remastered the movie for this edition or that it's a repackaged / re-authored product with the same digital master as used for the 2004 Catalina Video release. The original subtitle The Good Times Are Here is deleted on this release.
category General Hardcore
studio Laguna Pacific
rating out of 4 overall:****
produced ?
type Shot on film
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director William Higgins
music Shadow
producer William Higgins
suprv. editor Richard Hunter
Aaron Gage
Bobby Madison
Brandon Walker (80s)
Cal Barry
Eric Ryan
Gary Tucker
Johanne Scott
Lance (80s)
Leo Ford
Micky McCoy
Rick St.Pierre
Rob Montessa
Steve Lyons (80s)
Tim Richards
source: Gay Erotic Video Index
The transfer to video is perfect. The bodies are beautiful if not pumped up. There is no overall story but some letters are used to tie things together although it looks like the original intentions was for separate loops. There is a touch of inconsistency in production values when hair styles change mid scene, names change and spoken lines are not very convincing. Cum shots are lengthened by showing multiple camera angles of the same event and stretching things out in slow motion.
"Leo & Lance" Studflix Vol. 2 No. 3 1983 pg. 50 (Advertisement)
John Roberts. "At the Movies" Studflix Vol. 2 No. 4 1984 pg. 32 (Essay)
John W. Rowberry. Gay Video: A Guide to Erotica. : Mark-One, 1986 pg. 74
"Leo Ford Collection" Hot Male Review Vol. 2 No. 3 Jan. 1986 pg. 83 (Advertisement)
scenes /
loops /
source: Gay Erotic Video Index
1. Leo Ford solo
In mountainside woods, Leo Ford stops to strip down and stroke his fleshy log besides vestige snow drifts. Lance is walking in the same area and sees the jerker just as Leo spills his white stuff. Lance teases Leo with a snow ball and they exchange missiles. Lance warms his hand on Leo's hot dick.
found in compilation Sex in the Great Outdoors 1
found in compilation The Best of Leo Ford

2. Leo Ford OrgAbRrg, Lance (80s) OgrAtRgr
Leo and Lance head back to an A-frame house and begin to make love besides a burning fireplace. They continue in a bedroom in the house peak, taking their time getting all their clothes off before Leo takes Lance into his mouth. Kneeling over Lance, Leo feeds him cock. The two 69 and Lance rips off the white briefs that haven't been removed yet from Leo. Leo rims Lance and then Leo is pulled down to the bed to get rimmed himself. Lance lies back down to let Leo ride cock and Leo's own hard dick bounces on Lance's rippled abs. They switch to spoon fucking and back before Lance stands and delivers his juice on Leo's face.
This is perhaps one of the best filmed love scenes in gay porn and lasts for 14 minutes. There is no rush to fuck, no attempt to edit out natural fumbling and Leo lets out a real "Ouch!" /grimace/laugh when big cock forces its way inside his ass.
found in compilation Blond Spunk Punks
found in compilation Catalina Blonds
found in compilation The Best of Leo Ford

3. Leo Ford nonsex, Bobby Madison nonsex, Steve Lyons (80s) OgAbRr, Johanne Scott OrAtRg
Leo heads down the road and stops at Bobby Madison's house. Bobby shares some letters from a 'Mike' about getting an apartment. Johanne Scott walks down a highway into town and sees a 'For Rent' sign in Steve Lyons' window. Steve has just woken up and is still in the shower so he answers the door wet and in shorts that aren't zipped up. Johanne says he is modeling and is willing to do anything to get the apartment. Evidently Steve takes him up on that and it turns out 'anything' is topping Steve. Steve sucks Johanne standing, gets fucked by Johanne on the couch, rimmed by Johanne while crouched on a table and fucked again. Johanne comes while kneeling with his balls in Steve's mouth and Steve jerks himself off right after that. The 'For Rent' sign comes down.

4. Brandon Walker (80s), Micky McCoy, Leo Ford nonsex, Bobby Madison nonsex
Leo Ford reads a letter that says 'Greg' has found a new roommate.
Brandon Walker is 'fixing' a lamp when, out the window of his apartment, he spies Micky McCoy stealing a bike. The smaller, slightly whiny, guy 'catches' the bigger one and drags him inside. In an editing leap of faith, Micky is suddenly naked on his back and Brandon is kneeling over him pulling trouser trout out to shove in a captive face. To the accompaniment of cockateels, Micky is soon into it eagerly throating at cock and pulling at pants. Brandon is on his back pulling Micky's head down his shaft, while Micky mumbles pleas when Brandon threatens to call the police and promises to fuck Micky. Micky bends over for Brandon, now with a hat on again, to shove dick up ass while Micky's erection waves forlornly in the air. The fucking continues face down and then with Micky riding saddle. With dick up his hole, Micky comes on Brandon's stomach. Brandon manages to get himself off with Micky's meat hanging over his face. In the 'afterglow' the two kid about the events but Micky is pissed when Brandon admits the bike wasn't really his, it was left by a previous tenant.

5. Cal Barry OgrAbRr, Eric Ryan OgAbt, Rick St.Pierre OrgAtRg
Leo Ford reads a letter from 'Bill' about how he got busted for marijuana.
Eric Ryan and Cal Barry are enjoying the marijuana buzz when they are arrested and hauled off to jail. They find another guy (Rick St.Pierre) in their cell, arrested for being on the beach in the nude and now wrapped only in a blanket. Cal and then Eric go down on the Rick's uncut meat and Rick sucks Cal. Rick rims Cal to warm things up while Eric's dick throbs at attention near by, eager for the plunge into Cal dark hole. Eric samples Rick's ass hole too before they lay Cal down on the blanket for a missionary fuck. With Eric buried inside Cal and the two of them in a lip lock, Rick takes advantage of Eric's bent over ass and fucks the fucker. Rick helps standing Eric get his nuts off and still holding Eric's balls, his cum joins Eric's on Cal's white bubble butt. Cal turns over and cums on his own stomach
This scene sticks out like a sore thumb because the three characters are all muscular and mature and the set is Spartan compared to the others.

6. Aaron Gage solo
Leo reads from the letter that 'Bill' wants $250 to get out of jail, then he and Bobby head out for food.
Meanwhile Aaron Gage not able to hitch a ride along the highway so he heads up the nearby hill. At the top he strips his jean jacket and Mickey Mouse T-shirt off. He pulls down his underwearless jeans, just far enough to stroke his dick off, warmed by the bright sunshine. Filmed in eye to eyeball close-ups but only a modest amount of man juice.

7. Aaron Gage OgrAb, Bobby Madison OrAtRr, Leo Ford OgAtRg
Back at the roadside Aaron tries hitching a ride again. Leo and Bobby pick him up and they stop by the roadside for a toke up the mountainside. Aaron pulls a camera out of nowhere and film shifts to still shots of the three of them naked and in sexual poses. The films picks up again with Bobby standing between the other two who are sucking and rimming him. They decide to go back to the cabin to get warm before the fire.
Before the fireplace, the first three-way is with Aaron on his side in the middle and Leo's inseminator pounding away at Aaron's ass, coming completely out and back in for a long time. Next, Aaron is on his back with his legs raised for Bobby's entry while Leo straddles Aaron's head. Then Leo has another go at Aaron while Bobby helps hold the parted legs up. Leo pulls out and leaves a big load on Aaron's thighs and Bobby does the same. Leo sucks on Aaron's smooth balls to help help Aaron get off. Leo licks up the mess and then straddles Aaron and pulls off another load.
found in compilation The Best of Leo Ford

8. Aaron Gage OgrAb, Gary Tucker OgrAt, Rob Montessa OrgAb, Tim Richards OrgAt
Aaron Gage wakes up from a nap under the trees. Hiking along he finds Rick Montessa naked on a sunny outcrop wanking himself and trying to suck his own wiener. Rick registers no reaction as Aaron walks up to join him. Aaron sucks and licks Rick's cock, chest and face and then stands to let Rick suck. Rick gets on all fours and gets fuck for everyone to see for miles.
Gary Tucker and Tim Richards are on another outcrop, taking pictures of the fucking. Gary starts sucking the petite Tim while Tim continues taking pictures.
Aaron and Rick get down from the rocks and Rob lays back on a blanket. With Aaron out of the picture Gary and Tim stride naked up to Rob's prone form and again Rob reacts like they had been there all the time. The two caress the well built Rob and within seconds Gary is straddling Rob's face and Tim has his cock buried in Rob's ass. Tim kneels back in a hurry but can't keep himself from coming. He quickly gets back to fucking Rick.
Aaron returns to find the three going at it and the action shifts to Gary fucking Aaron who sucks the other two. Tim takes a turn at Aaron's ass. Positions switch confusingly but end up with Rob on his back, muscles taught as he strains a flood of come over his chest and neck while Tim fucks him. For a finale Tim and Aaron shower Rob with cum as Gary plays with the mess on Rob's satisfied skin.
found in compilation Sex in the Great Outdoors 2

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
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