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[Roped Studs] Neill - Parts 4 to 6

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DescriptionPart 4 Nothing looks better than a lean, well-built muscle boy flexing against tight ropes and Neill does not disappoint. Rope man J.J. must get his hangs on those muscles, stroking his boys abs and back at the same time. But we all know J.J. He doesn¡¯t just like to appreciate a good body, he wants to torture it. So after squeezing Neill¡¯s lovely pink nipples, he attached two nasty clamps on them. Then he turns to Neill¡¯s penis, placing an even nastier clamp right on his cock head, then squeezing it hard. Then he blindfolds and tape gags his stud and leaves him to struggle in darkness. Now its time to rope that cock and balls and have some real fun.
Part 5 We flip Neill over onto his stomach and rope him down to the X-cross, showing off that absolutely amazing ass ¨C not to mention his muscular legs and back ¨C to perfection. He¡¯s a gorgeous boy, with the body of an Abercrombie model. Rope man J.J. can¡¯t keep his hands off such a beautiful piece of man-meat, squeezing those amazing butt cheeks and leg and back muscles before pulling out his split-head spanker. Neill grits his teeth as the first blow leaves deep, red welts on both globes of ass flesh. Soon the muscle boy¡¯s back and ass are layered with whip marks, each blow eliciting a deeper moan of pain. Then J.J. switches to the flogger.
Part 6 College boy top Cole has become a little too cocky for his own good, so we decide to show him who¡¯s boss. Big, dumb muscle bottom Neill is literally suspended directly above Cole, who is tied down on a horizontal bench. Then rope man Anthony forces both boys to suck each other¡¯s cocks ¨C Neill from above, Cole from below. It¡¯s 69ing in midair! Cole gets rock hard in minutes. As a reward, Anthony releases Cole¡¯s hands ¨C and orders him to work Neill¡¯s cock with both his mouth and his hands.
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