AFTER SCHOOL SEX [Boiling Point Productions]

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Director: Jaro Hanus  (as Zach Wood)
Release Date: 24 October 2003 (USA)
CAST:  Michael Chapman, Samuel Crecry, Lubomir Dvorak, Ross Fiala, Garth Fox,
Mirko Polakov, Miky Sem, Lukás Vaculík

Remember the good old days of college? Drinking, fucking and attending the occasional class, those were the days. And for Andrew and Billy, those days are now. They walk home together every day after class, darting into out of the way spots for a little fooling around but saving the full-on fucking for when they get back home. They like starting out with long, slow blowjobs before Andrew straddles Billy's cock and rides it like he is being graded on his performance.
As for football players Randy and Peter, they like to get their workouts out of the way before they practice their moves. Randy is a stunner with his olive skin, jet-black hair and bulging muscles. Peter seems plain at first look but strangely, once his pants are down, he suddenly seems much more attractive! Randy seems to agree, chowing down on Peter's gorgeous peter with big league focus and intensity. Peter's cock looks even prettier when it's pounding in and out of Randy's lightly furred ass.
Paul and Michael like to go on nature walks after school (must be botany majors). Anyway, once they get out in the boonies, the two like to shove their jeans down around their ankles and study each other's fat, uncut boners. They switch off and Michael eagerly slurps down Paul's cock before Michael lays him down on the grass and just plunders hid tiny hole with his huge rock hard dick. Michael pulls his slimy cock out and nuts all over Paul's little ass while Paul cums as Michael is nibbling on his nuts. An amazing load, really, that shoots up at least two and a half feet straight up in the air to splash him in the chest and neck.
But wait, there's more, as two more gorgeous young things show up to fuck and suck in the great outdoors. Ross is a blonde hottie with a tanned, lean body with a light dusting of golden hair in all the right places while Michael is a brunette stud that acts like he'd be happy to suck dick for hours before they flip flop fuck, one right after the other.

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