The Violation 1 Seized - Director's Cut (2001) Falcon Jocks DVD

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DVD (iso) and mp4

director Chi Chi LaRue

Alec Martinez
Antonio Vega
Colby Taylor
Jackson Price
Lance Gear
Logan Reed
Robert Balint
Roland Dane
Scott Austin
Tanner Hayes - Non-sexual role

Exclusive Colby Taylor's idyllic romance with Jackson Price is shattered by his partner's shameless infidelity. Deception and misunderstandings; confusion and doubt occur. Throw in a chance run-in with some criminals on the lam, some over-zealous police detectives and you have an action feature chock full of intrigue and non-stop sex, including an intense fisting/punchfucking scene between Lance Gear and Exclusive Scott Austin. Also starring Exclusives Robert Ballint and Roland Dane; plus Tanner Hayes, Alec Martinez, Logan Reed and Antonio Vega. Contains controversial footage.

1. Colby Taylor, Jackson Price

2. Colby Taylor solo

3. Jackson Price, Alec Martinez

4. Logan Reed, Robert Balint, Roland Dane, Antonio Vega

5. Lance Gear, Scott Austin (contains fisting)
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