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William Higgins - CFNM - Airport Security 2, Pt 3 - David Kadera & Lubos Liborcik

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1. William Higgins - CFNM  - Airport Security 2, Pt.3 - David Kadera & Lubos Liborcik.mp4
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Description - David Kadera and Lubos Liborcik are two great looking guys, with fabulous bodies. They came in for a great CFNM scene – Airport Security 2. The scene starts with one security guard who sits down and calls for the next person to be inspected. Another guard then brings in a handcuffed Lubos, followed by a similarly cuffed David. They are made to sit down and watch as the secuity guards check their luggage. It seems that they have found some suspicious drugs and want to investigate further. Lubos is made to stand, blindfolded in the corner whilst the guards focus on David. They remove his shirt and start to torment him, gagging him with their black rubber gloves and playing with his chest and biting his nipples. Then one guard grabs David’s crotch before pulling his pants down. So David is just in his underwear and the guard grabs his crotch again and goes down on her knees to bite his cock thru the undies. David moans as his cock feels the pressure of her teeth. The pull David’s undies down, and roughly handle his cock and balls, including with a night stick. David moans as his balls are pulled on. The guards then bend him over the table and start working on his ass as well, spanking it. A close inspection shows a condom hangin out of David’s ass. The pull on the condom and eventually it comes out of his ass, and it contains a small bottle, with suspicious contents. The guards decide that his hole must be investigated further and fingers start to examine it, followed by a night stick which is forced into David’s hole. It is fucked in and out, with David moaning as he feels the pain. The guards then stand David in the corner, so they can check on Lubos. They follow the same process with Lubos, stripping him and torturing him somewhat, including spanking his big cock. The guards then bring David over, in his blindfold and push him down on his knees. They force him to suck on Lubos’ cock, pushing his head deep onto that dick. Then one of the guards loses all sense of propriety and starts to suck both the cocks in turn. At the same time the other guard is trying to make the guys kiss each other. This doesn’t work so the guards move the guys to another room for more inventive action. David is chained to the wall while the girls attend to Lubos. One of the girls wears a strap on and fucks Lubos in the ass while the other one torments his face with her feet. Then he is made to suck on the strap on while his ass is stretched by a big black dildo. As that dildo continues to work Lubos’ hole David is brought over and he gets fucked by the strap on. When the girls have tired of tormenting both guys they stand them up and make them wank. David soon blows a nice creamy load followed by Lubos, who squirts over David’s leg. The guards then release the guys, naked, and then kiss each other. This is a really good scene, with everyone doing very well. It is great to see two such studly guys used and abused by the girls.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 


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