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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-20 |
Studio: DirtyTony
Title: “Max Bukakke”
Starring: Max Morgan, Rufio Wilde, Trent Atkins, Ryler Jackson, Ryan Lynch, Clayton Archer
Release Date: 12/12/2011

Max Morgan has one of those earnest smiles, with an easy disposition that reassures me he's eager to please. I'm certian this teacher's pet gets head-of-class status with just a flash of those sparkling green eyes. Today, however, the garage-band boys have come over to school Max on a little more than book learning. The laid back Rufio Wilde, along with jock Trent Atkins, bad-ass Ryler Jackson, trash-talking Ryan Lynch, and pretty boy Clayton Archer, lounge on the staircase during my inital interview with Max. These boys have a few lessons of their own to share. Each of these horny devils is ready to give Max a load of homework. A wet-hot, jizzy, cum-filled load, that is. Max tries to prove his brain worthy by lecturing on the history of Bukkake, but these horndogs just don't care. They're ready to manhandle Max, and immediately toss him to the floor of the garage to assume the position of master cocksucker. Max takes to his knees with the natural ease of a scholar. But soon, Max realizes that there's more cock on this test than his studies prepared him for! The boys don't have any patience for Max's lack of preparedness, and the verbal assaults quickly ensue. A dickslap to the face lets Max know the boys mean business. Their greedy fucksticks crowd in for the wet attention of Max's slippery lips. Max proves he can make the grade by cramming study partners Ryan and Clayton's massive volumes into his mouth at the same time. Max fist-jerks both Ryler and Clayton for this exam, while deep-throating Ryan. With each ball's deep gag of enthusiasm from Max, his classmates are pushed further over the edge until, one by one, they deliver their final presentations all over his face. Ever the task master, Ryler Jackson makes sure that Max gets every last drop into his mouth, including the cum that has previously landed onto Max's soiled jeans! This is what being spoon-fed your eductaion is all about. After slurping all the boys dry, Max finally proves he's earned his gold star by lapping up his own cum. With his grin spreading from cheek to sticky cheek, Max has obviously found his favorite subject.

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