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CorbinFisher: Tom & Dawson (Tom’s First Time)

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DescriptionWhen I first met Tom, you would have had a hard time convincing me this moment would ever come! Tom is the masculine, athletic, popular, alpha-male type, and he definitely didn’t seem all that interested in the idea at first. The more I got to know him, though, the more apparent it was Tom’s a totally laid-back, easygoing guy and might actually be willing to take things further with us; he’s open to new experiences and confident enough in himself to try new things – he is, after all, the football jock that agreed to take a shot at joining the cheerleading squad to, “throw girls in to the air”, and ended up being so good at it he got a cheerleading scholarship! If we could get him to try this new experience and take a shot at some guy/guy fun, I had no doubt he’d excel at this, too!

Seeing this buff ex-footballer in action with Olivia, showing off that intense sexual energy of his, just made me all the more sure we absolutely had to see him in some action with a guy. Sure enough, despite his initial reservations, Tom’s easygoing yet confident demeanor eventually had him deciding he’d give it a shot – thanks in no small part to his spending some time hanging out with Dawson, and Dawson’s way of making new guys feel at ease!

Since Dawson and Tom were getting along and Tom’s being comfortable with Dawson helped get things to the point where Tom was willing to get in to some action with another guy for the very first time, it only made sense we pair Tom and Dawson up together; these two do not disappoint!

Dawson leans over and kisses Tom. Tom shows no hesitation about rubbing Dawson’s leg and crotch as they kiss. Once the shirts are off, Tom kisses Dawson’s amazing chest. Dawson kisses and licks Tom’s torso.

Tom lies down and Dawson goes to work on his feet. Tom rubs his crotch as he watches Dawson worship his toes. All this foot attention is getting Tom more turned on than he bargained for!

Dawson pulls Tom’s underwear up, sucking and kissing his nuts. He goes down on Tom’s stiff cock. Dawson rubs their cocks together, slapping his dick against Tom’s.

After another round of blowing Tom, Dawson sits on Tom’s face and tells him to start licking. Tom rims Dawson’s ass. True to form, Tom has fully committed himself to this! It’s an entirely new and different experience, but he decided he’d try it out and once he’s in the midst of things he gets fully in to the action! Tom is rock-hard as he gets Dawson’s ass ready to get fucked.

Dawson feeds Tom his cock. “How do you like that dick in your mouth?” Tom’s mouth is full but he mumbles that he does. Dawson lubes up Tom’s cock and sits on it. He slowly slides down all the way onto it.

Tom rubs Dawson’s leg as he fills Dawson’s ass with his dick. Tom thrusts up into Dawson. Dawson’s cock sticks straight out as he rides Tom.

Dawson moves over to the headboard so Tom can fuck him from behind. Tom slides his cock in and out of Dawson’s ass. He pounds Dawson faster and faster. Dawson moves to the edge of the bed.

Tom drills his cock down into Dawson. Tom pulls out and shove his cock slowly back in, before ramming his cock back into Dawson’s ass hard and quick. Dawson strokes his dick as Tom nails him.

Dawson shoots a load that lands all the way up on his chest. Tom keeps pounding away. He pulls out and Dawson swings around to take Tom’s load in his mouth! Dawson sucks Tom’s dick dry. “Yeah, clean it off for me,” Tom tells him.

Tom and Dawson kiss. Dawson goes back down on Tom’s cock again, and Tom tells Dawson he feels amazing. They head for the shower. They talk about how his first time went. Tom hints that next time they meet up, the shoe might be on the other foot.

Let’s hope so!
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