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Italian Job 1 & 2

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DescriptionItalian Job 1:

If itÂ’s never occurred to you what a complete and utter slut young Connor Levi is, then nowÂ’s the time to re-evaluate your perception. Faced with the vision of hunky Rudy Bodlak taking a dip in the pool during a summertime trip to Italy, the ever-rampant Brit boy just canÂ’t resist the urge to pull on his dick in voyeuristic appreciation. Not that anyone could possibly blame the guy. Bodlak, after all, is built like a Greek god, with a magnificent cock and sac to match such an analogy. Who in their right mind wouldnÂ’t want to wank given such circumstances? But, of course, as we all know, a boy of LeviÂ’s disposition isnÂ’t ever gonna be content with a furtive hand-job. Nor is a fellow like Bodlak going to turn down the offer of a twinkÂ’s pert ass to fuck. As such itÂ’s very much a marriage made in heaven, as the two chaps commence a heavy session of poolside cock-sucking and ass-rimming thatÂ’ll have you jerking on your own rod in no time at all. DonÂ’t nut too soon though. What follows is a truly terrific coupling that sees Bodlak give his twink-buddy the kind of raw, uncompromising buggering that a boy like Levi is crying out for, eagerly cementing the bottom as one of the hottest fucks around in the process. A reputation only enhanced yet further when he laps up BodlakÂ’s wad as part of the post-fuck jinks, feasting on the hunkÂ’s jizz as if it were honey. No question, this is as fuckinÂ’ hot as it gets.

Who could visit Venice and be unmoved by the raw romance of this amazing city? Not Tim Walker and Brad Fitt, that’s for sure – having experienced the delights of the pearl of the Adriatic and enjoyed the pleasures of a fine Italian red wine together, the two boys decide to sign the day off by savouring a little carnal knowledge. And who the fuck can blame them? Beginning with a gentle smooch, that very quickly unfolds into something much more passionate, with Fitt sucking his mate off over the table! Indeed, it’s clear from the start of their encounter that this particular piece of dining furniture is going to be put to some very good use in this scene, as is highlighted when the lads engage in a superb session of 69-ing right across its length! And needless to say it also features as the basis for the ensuing fuck, when Fitt finally forces his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Walker’s pucker during what proves to be a very energetic, almost primeval session of open-air fornication. The delicate line between pleasure and pain is clearly etched on every inch of Walker’s face throughout. What’s more, there’s no disguising Fitt’s relief when he finally spews all over his mate’s butt-hole, or indeed any denying the chemistry between both guys in the lingering final kiss. Has sex in the sun – be it in Italy or elsewhere – ever been hotter?

Is it just the Italian air or do Brad Fitt and Rudy Bodlak wake up feeling this horny every morning? Truth is it’s probably a little bit of both – but there’s no denying that both lads are as rampant as fuck in this truly unforgettable scene! The ever-spritely Fitt quickly kicks proceedings off by falling to his knees to give his buff mate’s meaty shaft a clam-tight suck on their villa’s balcony – a move that Bodlak is only too eager and willing to replicate in return. That said, it’s clear early on that the muscular stud is eager for a hard piece of Fitt’s pert ass; and having rimmed the fellow’s hungry little pucker he’s soon cradling the twink against the railings and giving his mate the kind of no-holds-barred fucking that the beauty deserves. What follows is an absolutely terrific open-air coupling that’ll have you jerking on your dick like a being possessed, with Bodlak ably cementing his role as one of the top dogs in the biz at the (happy) expense of Fitt, who rides that handsome, upturned knob like a bitch on heat! By the time Bodlak has quite literally buggered the lad in every possible position, Fitt’s ass is gaping wide open; and it’s only right and proper that the stud cums all over the now-overworked hole and then pushes the spunk deep inside. Then Fitt, now dripping with jizz, tosses himself off by means of a spectacular cum-volley. If all this doesn’t cream you over the edge (several times!), then what the fuck will?

Adrian Smallwood loves his music and dreams of being a singer. But, as quickly becomes apparent when he realises that Zac ToddÂ’s in the room, he doesnÂ’t love it quite as much as he loves getting his cock sucked! Well letÂ’s face it, thatÂ’s the only reasonable explanation that you can come to given the manner with which he tosses his music-player aside in the opening couple of minutes of this scorching little number. Still, whilst the ladÂ’s singing voice is certainly not the worst that youÂ’ve probably ever heard, weÂ’ve a reasonable suspicion that itÂ’s not the part of him that youÂ’re keen to see exercised! As such, the immediate revelation of hard cocks from both lads will almost certainly be greeted with no small sense of relief from you, our ever-horny and demanding fans; and suffice it to say that weÂ’re extremely confident that what follows will not disappoint. Both Todd and Smallwood are clearly well up for some intimate play, feasting on each otherÂ’s dicks top-to-toe, before Smallwood eventually moves his attention to his mateÂ’s balls and ass-hole. ItÂ’s a signal, of course, that both guys are more than eager and ready to copulate for your pleasure; and before you know it ToddÂ’s getting his gaping love-chute stretched in a succession of positions. ItÂ’s no wonder then that heÂ’s soon literally getting the spunk banged out of him; before Smallwood calls it a wrap by spurting all over his palÂ’s expectant face!

Italian Job 2:

Never one to refrain from indulging his exhibitionist tendencies, young blond-boy, Connor Levi, decides to make the most of his vacation in Italy by catching the rays au naturel – a choice that always ran the risk of attracting those of a voyeuristic tendency, namely Timmy Taylor! Oddly enough, however, Taylor’s approach is arguably somewhat puritanical, covering Levi’s exposed modesty (somewhat ironically) with a fig leaf – much to the twink’s obvious chagrin. It’s a mood that doesn’t last long, however, we’re pleased to report. Taylor’s charm is such that he’s quickly able to talk Levi into a much more intimate encounter; and before the youngster knows it his older companion’s lips are very firmly wrapped around his cock. Cue a somewhat intimate, oil-primed session of dick-rubbing between the boys, which is clearly more than enough to get Levi heated up and yearning for Taylor’s shaft – both down his throat and (soon afterwards) between his pert little bum-cheeks. What follows is a terrific, unrestrained fuck-fest that sees Levi’s butt-hole stretched to the max on the sun-lounger by Taylor’s badly swollen knob; climaxing in Taylor rupturing his tight little nads all over the bottom’s comely face, before Levi spews his load all over the fabric below them. By the time this smart young couple are engaging in one final, cum-laded kiss, there’s every chance you’ll have blown your own gooey wad!

As pretty much everyone who’s seen the guy in action already knows, young blond-bombshell Tim Walker is one of the biggest cock sluts in the Czech Republic. A reputation that he continues to uphold when he hits the beaches of northern Italy and encounters the hunky, tattooed form of Rudy Bodlak. Fact is, the dick-crazed dude can’t wait to go back to Bodlak’s private villa, where he immediately pounces on the stud’s gorgeous ramrod – diving under the water and demonstrating that his oral skills aren’t just constrained to dry land! What follows is a truly stupendous session of cock-worship, which leaves Bodlak quite literally gagging to give the boy’s ass-hole the kind of unrestrained pounding that it’s clearly crying out for – and, more importantly, deserves! A brief session of rimming completed, and Bodlak’s out for the kill – forcing his meaty tool deep inside Walker’s love-chute and then promptly proceeding to fuck the lad like a being possessed. No question about it, this is a passionate, almost animalistic act of unbridled fornication, with Bodlak totally dominating proceedings and quite literally leaving Walker’s pucker wrecked in the process. By the time the handsome hunk spurts his wad over the boy’s hole you’re gonna have spurted on several occasions; but Walker’s own climax is equally hot, and the sight of Bodlak feeding the lad’s mouth with jizz may surely warrant one final nutting!

Be they playing around together on the beach or cavorting in the pool (using a collection of dildos as water toys), this group of horny bastards know exactly how to have a real good time. Not that that will surprise any our fans given the roll-call involved – Rudy Bodlak, Brad Fitt, Damian Dickey, Tim Walker, Timmy Taylor and Connor Levi. But what might come as something of an eye-opener (or should that be ass-opener?) is the manner with which much of the first half of this filthy little escapade is filmed, as director John Smith adopts a somewhat kinky, underwater vision of cock-sucking and butt-fucking, the like of which few will have ever witnessed before. It’s experimental in every sense; but matters soon gain a much more conventional aspect as the gang’s quest for cock and ass gains an increasingly feverish hold on everyone concerned. Suffice it to say that if the sight of Dickey fucking Fitt fucking Levi, being sucked off by Walker (etc) doesn’t do it for you then (with all respect) we suspect you’re in the wrong biz entirely. These lads really are at the top of their game, and there’s no question in our minds that you guys are gonna be banging out load after load in appreciation of the unrivalled perversion that unfolds. Needless to say, it’s Fitt and Levi – two of our hottest bottoms – who serve as the main focus of all that pent-up male energy; and it’s only fitting that they act as cum-dumps when the white stuff starts to blow (of which there’s fucking loads)! It all leaves the boys coated with goo, but clearly mega satisfied! A feeling you’re certain to share!

Ari Bow and everybody’s favourite fuck-buddy, Benjamin Dunn, head into the woods with a blanket, but you can rest assured that they’re not planning to have a picnic. No, they’re much too interested in engaging in some sweaty, hardcore action in the Italian sunshine to be bothered with something as mundane as food – and, rest assured, they don’t disappoint. Not that you’d ever expect them to, of course. With their fine, slim frames, meaty cocks and low-hanging balls, both these boys are everything you’d hope for and expect from the STAXUS crew; and by the time Bow’s down on his knees giving Dunn’s oversized knob the slurping it surely deserves we reckon there’s every excellent chance that you’ll be feverishly tugging on your own cock in appreciation! But whilst the engaging top-and-tail suck-fest that follows is a veritable feast for the eyes – not to mention the crotch! – it’s the subsequent Dunn-on-Bow fuck that really catches the imagination. And no small wonder. These lads are literally on fire as they grind together against a tree, eventually culminating in a very gooey, sticky climax that any pair of lads would be proud of. No question about it, this is the perfect backdrop for a classy, high-climax wank that’ll surely leave your own dick worked to the max and your balls well and truly drained of jizz!

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