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As his fans must have already guessed, Blake Harper is Satan. Mortals can call him forth from Hell by reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards into a mirror at midnight. Fooling around with a spell he doesn't really think will work, Jeremy Tucker does precisely that. When the Devil appears and intones, "You summoned me?," Tucker and two buddies present for the incantation, Scott Lyons and Hans Ebson, quake with fright and surprise. "Do not trifle with the forces of darkness," Satan warns them, sensing that something unserious has been going on.

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The men are granted wishes in exchange for their souls. Tucker asks for wealth, Ebson opts for requited love, and Lyons "Mr. Peanut Dick" requests a bigger penis. In three successive sex scenes, we see Lyons enjoying his new club-shaped member, Ebson seducing his straight roommate (Gregg Rockwell) with the aid of a love potion, and Tucker partying with a hustler (Gabe Rivers) he has brought back to his brand-new opulent digs. Then, a year later, when the time comes to give the Devil his due, the trio is whisked away to a big black bed in an infernal antechamber where they are made to orgy with the Prince of Darkness who, it turns out, loves to get fucked.

The writer/director who chooses to be known as Bud Light has talents in common with the award-winning Wash West (Naked Highway, Animus), who knows how to make sex and humor interact. Here he assembles a small, select cast and exploits the strengths of each performer. Gregg Rockwell, who actually manages something like an acting performance, may be better than he's ever been. Scott Lyons's delight in his new appendage is simultaneously hot as hell and funny as hell. Looking great in Mephistophelean whiskers, Blake Harper, whose majestic deadpan proves his versatility doesn't stop at sex, seems diabolically turned on. There's an hilarious non-sexual performance by porn journalist Mickey Skee as Jesus Christ; the closing kicker is a happy blasphemous joke. Taken on its own modest terms, Devil Is a Bottom approaches perfection.
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