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X-Fights Collection 2

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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Description_X-Fights 18-m2-Casey Cutler vs Danny Wiseman-27_17
_X-Fights 18-m-Dana Smith vs Billy Adams-42_21
_X-Fights 19-m3-Wade Cutler vs Rod Duart-32_17
_X-Fights 20-CaseyCutler vs Bud Orton-44_57
_X-Fights 20-m1-Danny Wiseman vs Dick the Prick-36_22
_X-Fights 23-m1-Shane McCall vs Jeff Jordan-15_48
_X-Fights 24-m3-Chad Weston vs Dino Serra-33_18
_X-fights 26-Doug Warren vs Brandon Aldrich-37_53
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