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Dreamboy Skaterboy

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Description    Spike is a street kid... buff, tough, rough. He's out to win a European skateboard contest. Two guys stand between him and skater infamy. Straight Kevin... a fit, homophobic, hardcore skater with bad attitude. And Fuzz... Spike's dirty sk8 m8 with a cock that's never in his boxers. They're all headed for Amsterdam and a heap of trouble! Shoplift bust, warehouse gangbang, cockring chaos, and two-into-one does go.. Max Lincoln's gang of punky Skater Boys get stoned and boned against the stark industrial backdrop to a Drum 'n' Bass and Hard House soundtrack. Fuzz comes out on top... Spike's mastered the backside flip, but Kevin turns a final switch that leaves the boys stunned!

    "SkaterBoy" doesn't show any actual skateboarding, but the title doesn't lie. The story is about the boys who own the boards, the roughish, tattooed, pierced, danger-loving young men of Europe who slide down cocks probably more easily than they would a concrete playground. Director Max Lincoln once again finds the best twinks Europe has to offer - and some of the most well-hung - led by the amazing pair of James Alexander and Darian Hawke, who glide through the proceedings with unending ability and sexual appetite.

    Tall handsome James Alexander is our narrator, with cute spikey hair and pierced navel, not to mention a suspicious plant tattooed on his ass. He starts off doing some exercises in his room, showing off his well-developed arms and abs. This makes him horny, so he undoes his pants and fishes out his boner. It's a thick uncut piece that he handles well with both hands. He gets more and more into himself as he goes along until flipping over to show off his tattooed ass and hole stretched enough to allow some fingers to slip inside. He works very hard to achieve a high-flying shot.

    James goes off to meet his skating mate Darian Hawke, a mouthwatering guy with lighter hair but the same forceful sexual attitude. They encounter meanie Reece Richards, a straight bully who calls them names. They trot off to an undie emporium where they are caught shoplifting by manager Sherman Ash, a peppy little brunet, who calls pale blond cop Ben Taylor. Naturally, Ben has to undress and frisk them, putting a big smile on Sherman's face. Darian spots a gigantic curved hard dick that Ben takes to immediately upon seeing it. He goes back and forth on Darian and James until he orders Sherman to come over too. Ben turns the three around so he can play in their asses before demanding that all three flop down in front of his cock and suck it. Darian is his preferred sucker, and it's no wonder since Darian has an unstoppable deep-throat that dazzles. James has a winning talent, using his hand to corkscrew around the dick as he's sucking. Ben fucks James, who has shown us his hole and now gets to show what it can do. It can take a large cock, and with lots of spunk. Ben then moves to Darian, who throws himself way backward into the action. It's then Sherman's turn, the least exciting bottom, but with the most well-traveled ass. Darian steps behind Ben and makes it a man-in-the-middle, with Darian providing a comfortable powerful fuck. Ben rides James, smoothly bouncing, as Sherman sits on Darian. Cum goes flying all over the room from all four, except for the load that ends up in Darian's eager mouth.

    The pals head off to Amsterdam, where they can't afford to stay. But, "that wasn't as much of a problem" as they expected, picked by long-faced blond Erwin Van den Broek just outside the train station. They go home with him and soon Erwin is massaging their bodies and sucking them. He gulps them down, blowing with almost the facility of Darian. Once his jaw latches onto a cock, it's hard to get him to stop. Darian rims Erwin, sucking James alone now. Darian soon slithers into Erwin's ass and his topping is very strong. He also makes sure to show off his body as he's doing it. The boys switch places and James offers some excellent fucking as well. After Erwin takes it from Darian again, he gets double-fucked by the English lads! Both smack at him ungently, but he handles them with moaning excitement. They keep at him until he cums, and then Darian has another impressive blast.

    James and Darian head off to a marijuana bar (we're in Amsterdam, don't forget), and they giggle for a bit before heading home with the proprietor, bald eyebrow-pierced Aaron Jones. At his pad, they find his roomie, a spikey-haired kid called Roadkill, played by Brace Levitt. "Why don't you.dump you load," Brace says suggestively while sitting on a toilet. So, Aaron takes Darian and Brace gets James. They suck in those positions, and Aaron does his best to equal what Erwin was able to do on Darian's massiveness. The guys all switch positions and Darian once again steals the scene from everyone, though Brace isn't so bad himself. The fucking starts with Aaron doing bouncy on Darian, who of course pushes hard at him so as not to be idle. James fucks Brace's incredibly tight ass, which doesn't remain that way for long with James' slicing fuck. The bottoms eventually face each other, bent over doggy by the English friends, but then Aaron is laid on a skateboard, rolling back and forth on Darian's cock. This allows Darian's free hands to help in his blowjob of Brace, while bottom boy Aaron gets to suck James. Darian is replaced in Aaron's ass by James, who gives another wonderful fuck. Darian has his third eye-popping shot in as many scenes, most of it sucked up clean by Aaron.

    Aaron takes them to a relatively empty bar, populated only by a muscular bartender and two Italian youths, Stefan Andersen and Christian Astor (never identified from each other), both handsome and lean. Aaron eventually ends up with the bartender, while James and Darian each take an Italian. Darian gets the one with the sunburst nipple tattoo, which Darian nibbles happily before sucking his new friend with his super talent. The bartender does impressive work on Aaron and James and his new friend make out and suck each other on the dance floor. The quartet of Brits and Italians meet on the dance floor and Aaron joins them to suck two cocks at once. Darian fucks his Italian, sweatily poking at him with the full fatness of his dick. Aaron gets it from James, who obviously didn't tire of fucking him from the last scene. James is particularly inspired, perhaps by the funky music and swirling lighting. James pulls out so the second Italian can fuck Aaron, and the guys are so horned up that the cum spills very quickly. Wait until you see the twin power blasts from James and Darian. It's the kind of thing you rewind and watch again.

    James and Darian head back to Roadkill's apartment, where they find Brace macking with ... wait for it ... Reece Richards, who taunted James and Darian for their sexuality as far back as England! James and Darian, taking the only break they do in the entire saga, sit and watch while Brace and Reece continue. Reece splays Brace on a box, biting his nipples with loads of oomph, enough to keep up the energy of the previous scenes. Brace blows first, having no problem with the full-tilt sucking and then Reece takes on Brace earnestly. They switch back and forth for a while, both guys impressing their two viewers with their skills. Brace is once again the bottom, riding with sprightly energy on Reece, who launches his butt up into the air so he's only on his feet and hands as he fucks. Reece seemingly sprints from insertion to cum-shot. James and Darian announce themselves, much to the ire of Reece.

    James has realized something on this odyssey, the last to know, and that's that he and Darian are destined to be more than best mates. So, they share the final scene, one of exquisite passion, mingled with the ferocious excitement of the non-falling-in-love scenes. They kiss with the utmost lust and Darian does his beloved nipple-sucking for a bit before taking his wet mouth and oodles of desire to James' dick. He has given a series of very excellent blowjobs, but the one he gives James is his best yet. James returns the favor, full his lapping pierced tongue and that helpful hand. They dry hump and kiss for a generous while before Darian lovingly rims the perky pink hole of his best bud. He then grinds ahead with a sideways fuck, James clearly enraptured by the action. It's nice to watch them kiss during the fuck, never losing pace. Darin then uses a more standard missionary, acing it as usual. Both cum, but after all the staggering shots they've so far displayed, it hardly matters what size their last shots are.

    Though it seems that James and Darian just have sex on the brain, this story is very cleverly constructed so that you want the guys to fall in love badly. In fact, other than the double-fuck of Erwin, they never touch during the story, making the finale extra special.

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