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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-01 |

... Like Honey

Treasure Island Media
released 2001
length 90      

Treasure Island Media

director Paul Morris

Chris McKenzie
Eli Horst
Eric (tim)
Gene (tim)
Jason (tim)
Jeremy (ti)
Jim (tim)
Marc Hamilton
Mick (tim)
Mike Nichols
Peter (tim)
Tom Shannon
Ty O'Brien

This one is about fucking a young man's silky sweet cumhole. It's about lapping up tasty cumloads any way you can get them — straight from a cock, out of an ass, licked up off a ... Well, you get the idea. The cast includes Mike Nichols, Marc Hamilton, Eli Horst, Tom Shannon, Chris McKenzie, some hot and hungry newcomers and the regular crew of the Treasure Island barebones-brigade.

I get a lot of mail and a lot of suggestions for videos. You guys aren't shy about telling me what you want to see. So I decided this was a good time to make a video that puts together a bunch of the most requested men, scenes, and action. The cast is a great mix of the kinds of men you've asked for: hairy men, smooth men, willing and hungry bottom-boys, older guys, regular guys, pornstars ... Now, I couldn't get all of your twisted ideas in here: that'll keep me busy for the next few years! ( I've got a great job! ). But just about everything you'll see in ". . . LIKE HONEY" is in there because it was asked for over and over. YOU guys decided who'd be paired with whom and what they'd do. So here we go:

The first half of the video is about opening up a hungry bottom's hole, working it until it's a wide-open gaping cum-hole. You guys loved watching ultimate bottom-boy Mick getting pumped raw by a fat oversized cock in PLOWED! and asked if I couldn't see to it that his hungry little hole got even more of a work-out. Well, if you saw what he got put through in PLOWED!, you know that out-doing that is a tall order!

But I did it, setting up a two-night fuck-fest to see just how open a young man's cumhole can get.

1. I pulled in Mike Nichols ( the horse-hung self-sucker from SWALLOW ... MORE ) to start loosening up little Mick's butthole. Mick tries to sit on Mike's big dick, but he's too tight. So Mike stands up, gives Mick a hit of poppers, and slowly slides his fat raw cock in deep.
To spice it up ( and because you guys wanted to see Mick's little hole licked clean after he takes Mike Nichol's load ), I added newcomer Jason ( aka "Bareback Man" or "BBMan" ) to the mix. Ruggedly handsome Jason has a fat cock with a truly wicked downward curve. He sits back and stuffs his dick down Mick's throat while Mick is getting deep-fucked by Mike Nichols. And when Mike has spewed his jizz, Jason rims the lad clean — and then climbs on and fucks the poor kid's cum-lubed hole some more. Jason shoots a thick pool of cum right onto Mick's well-used hole and then, using his fingers and his cock, massages his cumload deep into Mick's wide-open-for-business hole. And then ( ever the gentleman ), Jason licks the hole spic-n-span clean all over again.

2. For Mick's second consecutive evening of rawfucking, I paired him with the one guy that everyone seemed to want to see him get fucked by: Tom Shannon, the brutal fucking raw-top. This one is an animal-fuck, with Tom working Mick's hole 10 ways to Sunday. Since I knew that Tom would take Mick's hole to the limit — especially after Mick had been so totally trashed the night before — I had rimming-addict Jeremy warm that sore, raw hole up. Jeremy licks Mick's hole ( moaning with how perfect it is! ) then slides his nice long cock in and gently gives Mick a warm-up fuck.
What I didn't know at the time was that Jeremy couldn't control himself and spewed a load deep inside Mick's ass. You'll hear him moaning about how "sweet" the little honey-hole is — and when Tom Shannon slips his big fattie in, the cum begins to get worked out.
After some serious, macho fucking from Tom, Mick has to take a break ( the hole needed it! ) and Jeremy licks and sucks his own sperm off the gaping fuckhole. Then more Shannon stud-fucking until Tom shoots a big load deep, pulling out and spurting it on the hole ( yeah ... you guys wanted that, and we were all happy to oblige! ) before stuffing his cock back in. Then Jeremy, turned on all over again, shoots a second load right onto Tom's cock ( the camera work gets a little crazy here, since the guys were out of control with fucking lust ) and Tom slides it back in, mingling the two men's cum deep inside Mick's ass.
When he finally pulls out completely, thick white manjuice leaks out of the red-raw hole — and Jeremy jumps down to lick up every drop.

3. After all the fucking and hard-grunting action of the first two scenes, I change the pace. I got a lot of requests from guys who were curious to see what Tom Shannon is like normally, when he's off camera. Well I can't exactly show you that, but I did the next best thing. I had Eric, the ex-Colt model and master cocksucker from the gang-suck party in SWALLOW ... MORE come over and surprise Tom with a superlative blowjob. Tom shows up in his business suit ( yeah ... he has a day job! ) and gets treated to a total cockworship session.
The light is gentle — firelight, mostly — and these two seriously connect. Eric is totally absorbed in sucking off Tom's big dick, and you see it in his eyes. This is great, juicy REAL sex between a hung stud and a worshipful cocksucker. If you want to see what ecstasy looks like, check out Eric when he gets his taste of Tom's salty hot cumload.

4. This scene was a bit of an experiment for me. I took the most frequent requests for types of guys and for what you wanted to see them do and put it all together. The group is made up of a wild range of guys — totally varying in age, body type, look — and they have a hot, raw fuck-n-suck party.
Shot at the legendary "Sling" in San Francisco, this scene features porn legend Marc Hamilton, sex-pig Eli Horst ( you've seen him in vids from the mainstream studios ), a hot cum-sucking kid from Texas named Ty O'Brien ( he also answers to "Cumboy" ), Peter ( the cute long-haired hippy kid who got sucked off in BONES FOR CUMPUPPY ), and two total newcomers: Gene and Jim.
Right away, the guys get into cock-slurping, pit-licking, ball-sucking, kissing ... Ty is clearly the center of attention, not only because he was born to suck cock, but also because of his own big beautiful dick. Not to mention the fact that he loves getting raw-fucked. First one guy slips it to him. Then Marc Hamilton says "I want some of that", and takes his turn fucking Ty's slutty party-ass. Then big gruff macho Eli decides he wants a turn and rough-fucks Ty until the kid needs to take a break.
Since both Ty and Marc were hungry for the taste of hot man-loads, they decided that when the men were ready to cum the sperm would get shot straight into Ty's mouth — then Ty would swish the cum around and get a good taste before dribbling the whole thick and tasty wad into Marc's wide open mouth.

5. It turns out that there are a lot of fans of porn legend Chris McKenzie out there ( he came out of "porn retirement" to suck and swallow big dicks and big loads in SWALLOW ... MORE and PLOWED! ) and you wanted to see him perform a solo JO. He does, showing off his beautiful cock and balls and talking about his past cum-swallowing escapades. When he comes ( on a mirror ), he laps up his own load, then sits back and grins.
". . . LIKE HONEY" is 90 minutes long and covers the gamut of cum-hungry sex. Brutal fucking and hole-sperming, hungry cock-sucking, sucking up and swallowing cumloads, group action ... the whole tape is raw and real.
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