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"Bound for Glory" is a sort of introductory light fetish film, a tease of what S&M could be. Therefore, it's very non-threatening and uses the toys and rules of that subculture only minimally in spinning off its four scenes. I suspect somewhere deeper in this octet of men there are passions that are happy to delve further into the antics.

Swarthy beefcake Dominik Rider, brandishing a riding crop and little else, puts slave Mark Gilfone in a cage because he hasn't been pleasing the master well enough. After promising to do better, Mark is finally let free and totally at Dominik's disposal. Mark is slapped, swatted and then cuffed behind his back all before Dominik allows Mark to blow him. Mark does well by Dominik, though the master seems to have more fun sucking his slave, neither of them particularly hard however. Dominik infuses the scene with some life when he handily fucks Mark, pushing in deep and staying inside with little quick thrusts. There's not much master-slave interplay here, but Dominik seems to be having fun. After both cum, it seems Mark has apologized enough for his previous behavior.

Shaved-headed hottie Enrique Currero is introducing reedy twink Mike Daniels to this world, telling Mike, cuffed to a bar above his head, that he's "not gay or anything," but this all makes him happy. Paddling Mike even gets him hard. It does the same for the newbie slave too. Mike is untied, both get naked and Mike starts blowing Enrique, who sports a giant erection. The blowjob is very brief, as Enrique soon puts a giant leather mask on Mike and fucks him. Enrique is fairly punishing, seeming to find his energy in pulling Mike's leash and watching the encased face moan. Not that Mike minds, because even sporting the confining head gear, he rides Enrique with his own cock rock-solid.

Platinum blond Luke Cross, with a big compass tattooed on his torso, is rather whiny, in a cage because he doesn't clean well enough for his master, thick hairy Alexandre Carino. Don't worry, it's okay to beat your slaves in this context. If only Leona Helmsley had bothered to purchase leather drag for her maids, things might have turned out differently. Not much of a domestic, Luke soon realizes the only way to please Alexandre is trade Lysol for saliva and sucks Alexandre through the bars of his cage. He seems no more excited for this than polishing the leather, but Alexandre is ameliorated. Out of his cage, Luke has his ass smacked into redness by Alexandre between blowjobs. The guys 69 and then Alexandre fucks Luke. The action lacks a dynamic spirit, but big-dicked Alexandre is able to get his whole piece inside Luke's pale butt. A missionary fuck works better for both guys and has Luke cumming from his Prince Albert before Alexandre pulls out to finish.

I have to admit, it's pretty hard to find the finale drenched in S&M spirit when a giant leopard-print high heel shoe chair is in the room, but there's no accounting for design taste, I suppose. Wearing a bandana and a small beard, Jaysin Keys has a blindfolded brunet cutie Joey Fox blindfolded and confused. Apparently Jaysin has been trying to woo Joey, who has been oblivious to it. Kidnapping with a leash is one way to get someone's attention! "This is your idea of a date?" Joey asks. Apparently so, and Joey doesn't mind, because he drops his drawers and lets stocky Jaysin smack his ass with a riding crop. In fact, Joey likes it so much he's soon begging for it. "Give me your cooooock," he's soon insisting. Jaysin relents and lets Joey at his curving dick and Joey delivers the best blowjob of the movie. Jaysin returns by sucking Joey's slowly-growing dick and then finally fucks his pal. Unfortunately, Jaysin seems ill-at-ease topping, even sleepy. Joey tries to moan in heat, but it only covers so much.

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