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♺ Homo Erectus by Ian Hanks

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-08 |
Homo Erectus by Ian Hanks

- Is one of my absolute favorite artist/authors.  His erotic fiction tends to focus on hunk/twink relationships. His boys are not only beautiful, they have great personalities that often come through with subtle details of expression in the art.  Hanks has made an excellent series of short stories called "Aegean Tales", which I uploaded today, that focuses on relationships between boys and men in ancient Greece. He also has one complete story "Homo Erectus" that he posts free, that I'll re-post here without changes.

Ian Him self about this:

“Skimming through the huge piles of old sketches and drawings often makes me feel like an archaeologist of a sort. Some time ago a dug out an old comic I had done - oddly enough about prehistoric men.

I remember doing this some time around 2001, obviously inspired by the scientific name of prehistoric men "Homo Erectus" for quite a while. So I had produced a little scene of the clash of these rather potent men with a modern "Homo Sapiens".

This comic had been announced on the Gallery index for my GMPass sites for a while, but I finally found the time to give it a bit of basic colour and make it easier to read and enjoy.
I decided to keep the entire comic non-verbal as I am not a scholar of prehistoric linguistic theories. Please feel free to imagine or produce all sorts of meaningful grunts as you see fit for the story.
As I said the colouring job was rather basic. Usually the Homo Erectus would be rather furry chaps. All characters and creatures are entirely fictional ....”

I also included in this torrent free wallpapers from his site
Have fun, more to cum from him next.....

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