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Descriptionexy Nick Sucked and Stroked

Rich has handsome, sexy Nick tied spread eagle to a bed
and sucks and strokes his cock until his balls are tight in
their sack and his cock is standing rigid, tall and proud.  He
slowly stroked and sucked, gently working the head of his
cock, inching him towards the edge, continuously building
tension.  Straight Nick was so aroused he nestled his head
on Rich's shoulder in a touching, trusting embrace.  When
Rich finally allows relief, Nick tenses his body and shoots a
beautiful load high in the air, landing some on his eye.

Jim Made to Work for a Load

Scott has 25 year old straight guy Jim tied to the cold, steel
table like a slab of meat.  After slowly stroking his long cock
to erection, Scott puts a cock ring on him and continues
edging, pausing periodically to admire his work as Jim's cock
stands tall and proud.  Poor Jim continuously asks for
permission to cum but Scott refuses, telling to build a big
load.  When he's ready to allow an orgasm, Scott makes Jim
fuck his hand until he shoots.  But he forgot to ask for
permission so Scott let go and Jim shot a hands free load
while his big cock twitched and jerked.  Then Scott milked
him until he was writhing in discomfort, asking him to please
stop stroking.


Michael is 22 years old, straight, very cute and boyish,
unemployed and supporting himself making gay and
straight porn videos.  Rich ties him to the rack and slowly
edges his hard dick, toying with his balls and the head of
his cock, enjoying the feel of his smooth, firm, young
body.  Soon Michael is asking for permission to cum, but
Rich isn't ready, continuing his slow stroking of his rock
hard cock.  Then he's ready to Mike cum he gradually
increases the tempo of his strokes, forcing a thick, hot
load from the bound young stud.

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