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Bootlust the specialist

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DescriptionIt doesn't matter what vital information TROOPER EAGEN refuses to divulge or why he is determined to keep silent. You only need to know that every standard method of interrogation has failed to make him talk. Thumb screws didn't work. The rack had no effect. In desperation, EAGEN's captors now deliver him, still in full uniform, to

This Interrogator Of Last Resort works on his uncooperative victims ONE-ON-ONE, and no one knows for sure how he always seems to succeed at finding a man's breaking point..then bringing him to MELT DOWN! THE SPECIALIST WILL ONLY SAY THAT NO MATTER HOW TOUGH A MAN IS, OR HOW DETERMINED HE IS TO KEEP SILENT, every man has a weakness that can be found and exploited. THE SPECIALIST IS CONFIDENT HE HAS A KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK TROOPER EAGEN's LIPS.

The SPECIALIST stands for a moment at Trooper Eagen's booted feet. Because he intends to use all his powers to stimulate EAGEN's most tender and super sensitive body parts, he must make absolutely certain that this young officer's powerful body is securely strapped down to his Interrogation Table.

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