The Hole by Jet Set

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DescriptionCast:  Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Josh Hammer, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor, Sam Tyson, Anthony Holloway, Jeremy Tucker, Trent Atkins, Michael Knight, Kip Bravo, Lorenzo Vargas, Rex Everything, Damon Ivy

Director:  Wash West

Screenwriter:  Wash West

Non-Sexual:  T.J. Hart, Adam Killian

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 2003

Studio :  Jet Set Men

This is porno pastiche on the "scare the crap outta ya" Japanese Ringu films (and to a lesser extent, the American remake). West is a master storyteller, paying as much attention to script as to sex. It opens with Hammer and Lang recounting the legend of a videotape that when viewed will turn you gay within seven days. (In the original, you'd be dead within the week.)
Turns out Hammer and some buddies have already seen it (Huh? Did they rent it from some videostore?) during their stay at a hotel, and lo and behold, Hammer starts idolizing Liza and watching Lifetime before our very eyes. Hammer tries watching cheerleader porn to no avail, but LangÂ’s erotic go-going soon gets him standing to attention. They kiss (Hammer watched the tape; whatÂ’s LangÂ’s excuse?) and launch into the first of the filmÂ’s amazingly cum-stirring sex-scenes, as Hammer learns to swallow LangÂ’s wang like a good pussyboy. Having face-fucked his ex-straight-roommate Lang decides he wants a bash too, sucking HammerÂ’s pierced dong like a seasoned Hollywood hooker. Hammer gets his cherry popped over the kitchen table as LangÂ’s slow thrusts give way to piston-pumping pounding that sees both spew their juice over HammerÂ’s tattooed stomach.
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