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Dragon Media - Joe Gage Sex Files 15 - Weekend In Phenix City Federal Agents Vs Deep-South Corruption

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Description“Joe Gage Sex Files: Vol. #15:

Weekend in Phenix City”

(Dragon Media Corporation)

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Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


David Anthony ( http://twitter.com/DavidAnthonyXXX )
Joe Parker ( http://twitter.com/JoeParkerXXX )
Tyler Sweet ( http://twitter.com/TylerSweetXXX )
David Chase ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/c/e_stars/Chase_David )
Mike Tanner ( http://twitter.com/MikeTanner11 )
Guy Richter
Ross Bailey
Cam Kurtz ( http://twitter.com/Cam_Kurtz )

You may be thinking “What the hell are all of these hot studs doing in Alabama (that’s where Phenix City is),” but you won’t care once the action gets rolling, directed by the great Joe Gage. Interestingly, the whole thing is filmed in black-and- white.

Cute little room service waiter Tyler Sweet walks in on lawman David Anthony, who immediately orders the dude to strip off in search of a hidden wire, but the only thing Tyler is hiding is a boner in his pants. Although it’s clear that Tyler isn’t hiding anything, David goes down on his cock just to make sure. Tyler tries to do the same for David, but his monster cock is way too much for this twink’s mouth. The same is not true, however, for Tyler’s cute little bubble ass, which gets plumbed to its depths by the massive dick soon after. Watching David prong Tyler is so fucking hot — his big daddy dick almost splits the younger dude in half. In the end, David drops his load on Tyler’s waiting tongue, and some of it drips down his chin. Tyler sucks it again, getting the last drops of David’s cum as he jerks himself off, eventually feeding David his own sweet spunk.

Cam Kurtz offers David Chase a look at his jock, and of course David accepts. It turns into a jock party when David and Cam are joined by Ross Bailey, and all three are sporting the athletic gear. David and Cam offer up their thick cocks to be sucked, and Ross gets to work, wetting them down well. When Ross pulls his pouch down, his thick uncut cock is juicy as hell, and Cam gets a taste of it. Ross rides DavidÂ’s cock, plopping his furry hole right down on it while Cam watches, and then David gets on all-fours to give up his hole to Ross, who gives as good as he gets. Cam then moves in and does the same, sticking his cock deep inside David. When David shoots, both Cam and Ross move in close for a taste of the hot white stuff, and then they face each other and Ross opens up wide for CamÂ’s shot. Cam returns the favor, getting a blast of hot cum from Ross.

Wiry muscular stud Joe Parker and hunky daddy Guy Richter have a one-bed problem in their hotel room, but they get undressed anyway, making the best of the situation. Guy goes down on JoeÂ’s long cock, downing it to the balls, and Joe does the same for Guy. Then, Joe sits on GuyÂ’s meat, taking it deep. They flip, and Joe takes Guy missionary, fucking him hard until Guy shoots a load on his furry belly. Joe pulls out and shoots on GuyÂ’s face and mouth, and Guy licks his cock clean.

The finale is a hotel room orgy that really rocks. It starts off with all the guys feeling themselves and each other up through their pants, and then, when the pants come off, the cocksucking begins. Tyler and Joe each have two other guys on their cock at a time, and then Joe does a drool-worthy job of taking DavidÂ’s meat down his throat. Fucking in the scene is also amazing, with cute little Tyler once again doing a great bottoming act, this time for Joe, and the other two couples fucking right along side them. Cum-shots are the same, with all three couples reaching their peak in quick succession. ThereÂ’s so much cum in that room that the hotel maids in Alabama have to know whatÂ’s going on in there.

DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; trailers (“Armed Forces Physical,” “Suck Shack on Old County Road,” “Joe Gage Sex Files #14: Lunchtime Milking Club,” “Bryan Slater’s Wet Dream,” “Joe Gage Sex Files #13: Off-Duty Cops,” “Joe Gage Sex Files #11: Doctors and Dads,” “Men in the Sand,” “After the Heist,” “Joe Gage Sex Files #10: NYC Convention” and “Dirty Director”); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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