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Corbin Fisher Select - The Dean's List Challenge [1080p 720p] mp4

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DescriptionThis torrent includes Corbin Fisher's latest collection, The Dean's List Challenge, which features Dawson, Kellan, Rowan, Colt, and Kennedy. The collection is four videos, for which I am uploading both the 1080p and 720p versions of. I will post the descriptions below and you can pick and choose which videos and which resolutions you would like to download. Enjoy
Choosing the next member of CFÂ’s prestigious DeanÂ’s List is an awesome but difficult task. With so many hot guys on the roster that each bring their own set of tantalizing skills and delectable flavors, picking one never gets easier. So we decided to pair CF favorites Kennedy, Kellan, Rowan and Colt with one of our most capable top, Dawson, to see who rates as the fan favorite for our first ever DeanÂ’s List Challenge!

Rough, rugged, and masculine, Dawson takes turns having his way and dominating our most willing and horny young men! He fills them up, works them out, and everyone gets emptied out as cum covers faces, bodies, holes, and furniture! With all four studs being competitive in nature, everyone has their eyes on the prize- to provide their fans the best fuck they can give and earn their place as the next honoree!
Dawson Feeds Kennedy
KennedyÂ’s well earned the reputation as one of the best lays at CF. With his incredibly likeable personality and a sexual prowess that makes for some scorching hot videos, heÂ’s the submissive sweetheart of many menÂ’s dreams!

DawsonÂ’s reputation also precedes him. A super nice guy, until his clothes are off, he has no problem putting his dick right in a guyÂ’s face, pushing down on his head until heÂ’s balls deep in his mouth- while he looks down approvingly from above. In fact, he does just that with Kennedy- and Kennedy loves it! After choking on DawsonÂ’s cock till his eyes tear, Kennedy presents his ass and begs to be plowed.

With his head in the competition, he puts his ass to work like the power bottom he is, riding Dawson until heÂ’s caked cum all over himself- and not stopping until DawsonÂ’s load is smeared all over his face and mouth!
Dawson & Colt Get Sweaty
We all agreed that Colt was hot when we first met him, but heÂ’s become so scorchingly sexy that he given everyone he meets butterflies and months worth of fantasies! Yet his humble nature hasnÂ’t ebbed for a second. HeÂ’s still definitely a guy that is willing to go to all ends to please and show his gratitude when heÂ’s been pleased! WeÂ’ve seen him excel as in any position with an energy and passion that leaves us wanting more.

With a mouth full of dick he looks up at masculine Dawson for approval, and he sure gets it as Dawson moans his appreciation for blowing skills. Colt may whimper a bit when he finally gets Dawson inside him, but regardless of how rough and hard Dawson thrusts, ColtÂ’s bottom is hungry for more! Dawson canÂ’t get enough of his tight perky ass as he looks for different ways to own it. Muscles abound in this steamy locker room session and it comes to an epic end when Dawson scoops up his entire load from his ColtÂ’s abs- and drops it right into ColtÂ’s mouth to swallow!
Dawson & Rowan's Morning Fuck
With a boyish face, killer body, bad boy tattoos, a big uncut cock and stamina that doesnÂ’t quit, Rowan is a clear candidate to be in the running for DeanÂ’s List!

Rowan and Dawson take a romantic approach in their time together, with Dawson slowly kisses Rowan all over as RowanÂ’s erection visibly grows under his clothes. Sliding under the covers, Dawson blows Rowan and both men look so endearingly sexy.

Yet, as expected from these horny hunks, things heat up to a sizzling level as they get more turned on, and before long DawsonÂ’s drilling Rowan with an intensity that can be seen in both their expressions. ItÂ’s hard to tell who looks better naked, as both their carefully crafted muscles ripple, but itÂ’s definitely clear that they look great together! Rowan load shoots hard and fast and DawsonÂ’s isnÂ’t far behind!
Dawson Dicks Kellan
There are few things not to like about Kellan, but what he really has to offer our massive stud is that raw, natural sexual energy and sensuality heÂ’s known for. Although heÂ’s up for any type of horny pleasure and great as a top, when it comes to bottoming, KellanÂ’s talents truly shine.

Jumping right into a heated make-out session, Dawson heads down to KellanÂ’s perfect feet, licking and sucking on each toe, turning both of them on. By the time their dicks come out they are both rock hard. Kellan proves how much he loves the feel of cock- sucking on DawsonÂ’s dick like itÂ’s the last on earth! He eagerly bends over to get his salad tossed and fucked in all manners of hot positions until he canÂ’t hold his cum in anymore and fires off all over the place! Dawson knows exactly where he wants to unload though- He spreads KellanÂ’s cheeks apart and seeds him!
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